Five Smoke-Free Ways to Use Marijuana

When we say cannabis, you say… Joint! Over the hundreds of years that marijuana has been used, we have seen the same old tired and stereotypical references being mentioned. From the lazy stoner to that one guy who can never stop eating, even today cannabis and joints go hand in hand in many people’s minds.

But is that all marijuana is about? Well, actually – no – with tens of millions of Americans benefiting from marijuana, it turns out there is a multitude of ways you can enjoy the flower.

Whether you are trying to be more health conscious, can’t smoke for health reasons, or just would prefer not to light up – here are five smoke-free ways you can enjoy our favorite plant!

#1 Vaporizing

Vaping cannabis may sound a little strange if you’re new to the industry, but actually, it is the trend that is taking the cannabis market by storm. In fact, according to the business insider, ONE QUARTER of cannabis sales in California back in 2016 were for vaping cartridges!

As the world endeavors to become healthier, more and more people are opting for this low-cost, healthier alternative to sparking up a joint.

But what are the benefits of using a vaporizer? It turns out that the chemical compounds found within cannabis that we all know and love vaporize at a much lower temperature. So, after all these years, we now know that you don’t have to torch your herbs to a crisp to enjoy them!

With a less harsh effect on the throat and lungs, and no need to mix in other things such as tobacco, vaping is undoubtedly a healthier way to enjoy cannabis. Vaping is also fun; with a boatload of options on the market, you could go in for a budget vaporizer or splash out for a tech-savvy one – the possibilities are endless!

#2 Edibles

In 2018, there isn’t much you can eat without sprinkling in some cannabis. With cannabis restaurants popping up serving gourmet cannabis cuisine and coffee shops serving the finest cannabis-infused lattes, gone are the days of the small pot brownie!

Whether you dislike smoking or prefer to infuse cannabis into your favorite snack, edibles are an easy way to get creative with marijuana – and you can even make your own at home.

You’ve probably heard it all before, but always remember to start off small when using cannabis in food or drink. As marijuana has to go through the digestive process, it takes much longer to take effect when compared to smoking or vaping. Hang tight and let things happen before you stuff your face full of pot treats!

#3 Topicals

Believe it or not, not everyone who uses cannabis does it to get high. The psychoactive effects of marijuana are admittedly part of the appeal for many, but for those looking for the plant’s medicinal benefits alone, it’s not the most important thing.

Cannabis Topicals are a great alternative for those who are dealing with pain, swelling, or skin complaints and who aren’t looking to get blazed. Cannabis-infused lotions, balms, and other topicals offer a moisturizing and direct approach to ailments and can work fast to target specific areas.

Many people reach for topicals to help with things such as eczema, joint pain, post-workout relief, and arthritis, all without the psychoactive effects.

#4 Dabbing

Dabbing is perhaps one of the lesser talked about ways of enjoying cannabis. More driven towards seasoned smokers, it is a healthier way of getting a potent high.

The process of dabbing involves heating pure cannabis concentrates over a heated water pipe attachment. Good quality concentrates will taste cleaner, and they give off a vapor rather than smoke.

Although not necessarily ideal for beginners, dabbing is an experimental and interesting way of enjoying marijuana without smoking, and it certainly offers a healthier alternative!

#5 CBD Capsules

We’ve all heard of CBD capsules, but what about cannacaps? Cannabis capsules are what they say on the tin – ingestible cannabis oil that usually comes in a pill form and can be taken on their own or mixed with food.

Cannabis capsules offer a smoke-free alternative that will still get you high if that’s what you’re looking for! For those reaching for cannabis to help with health problems, this direct method can be beneficial as it hits the digestive area, meaning it can better work its magic if that’s where the issues arise.

Like with edibles, capsules do take longer to take effect, so start with the lowest dose and then work your way up over a long period to ensure you don’t get too much at once.

So, is Smoke-Free the Future of Cannabis?

Whether you are a smoker or not, joints and bongs will never die out – we love them too much! However, we realize these methods of smoking cannot be the only possibilities, so these five alternatives are a little healthier and also more versatile.

Whether medicating, using for recreational purposes or if you just fancy getting experimental, you can’t go wrong with any of today’s methods. Let us know below in the comments: What is your favorite smoke-free way to enjoy marijuana?