First Medical Marijuana Dispensary Scheduled To Open
March 21, 2017

First Medical Marijuana Dispensary Scheduled To Open

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Nicole Richter Nicole Richter / Updated on March 21, 2017

According to, Orlando is expected to open its first medical cannabis dispensary in early April.

While the state of Florida still has extremely strict rules in regards to medical marijuana, compared to other recreational states, the state is moving forward and will allow Orlando to open its first medical marijuana dispensary.

The dispensary is currently being constructed and according to Bruce Knox, Knox medical founder, “It will receive a modern look. We basically modeled it to look more like an Apple store than a cannabis dispensary.”

First dispensary

According to Knox, the dispensary will have a very inviting, clean environment for patients. “We want people to feel very safe, be warm and inviting, but also have a medical, sterile feel to it as well,” added Knox.

In agreement with current state laws, the dispensary will only be permitted to sell cannabis oil that contains less than eight-tenths of a percent of THC and greater than 10% of CBD. As of now, the state laws do not permit any business to sell cannabis to retail clients in the form of raw cannabis, flowers or in the form of a leaf.

While there still seems to be quite a few restrictions on what the dispensary can and cannot do, Orlando and Florida as a whole are taking a step in the right direction.

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