Detoxing Marijuana and THC from Your System

There are a lot of myths out there on the internet about the quickest way to clean your system and how to detox marijuana from your system, but we are here to tell you that there is no easy or quick way that guarantees you’ll be clean on a drug test. There are, however, some effective methods you can use to dilute the amount of THC from your system, causing a less likely chance that your drug test will come up positive.


Here Are Some Effective Ways to Detox Marijuana From Your System

Before you begin the process of detox, it is important to take into consideration whether or not you would be eligible for a drug test, and how often you will be required to participate in one. Some jobs require drug testing upon hiring, while others require regular or sometimes even spontaneous tests to ensure that their employees aren’t altering results with certain methods.

Second of all, it is important to know what type of drug test you will be required to take.

Here is a list of drug test types and their relative detection windows (not that these are for estimation purposes only):


Also be advised that if you are a much more regular pot consumer, all of these detection windows will lengthen, so plan accordingly if you are going to be detoxing.

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Dilute Your Urine aka The Dilution Method

This method is well known by the individuals presenting drug tests, and often times they try and account for people using various dilution methods by making you re-screen if your urine shows up too “watery.” Either way, it’s known (at least anecdotally) in many corners to be the fastest way to clean out your system, or at least one of the fastest ways.

Here Is an Useful Timeline of How You Could Get Away With the Dilution Method:

  1. Three days before your drug test, enhance the creatinine levels in your system by stocking up on red meats or creatinine supplements. This will help to cover up the suspicion that you may be diluting your urine for the test.
  2. Take 50-100 mg of vitamin B12, B2, or some sort of B-complex. This action will add color to your urine, again covering up dilution suspicions.
  3. After taking the supplements, consume a glass of water every 15 minutes. Be sure not to drink too much water, because this can cause you to get really sick or possibly even cause you to reach the point of water intoxication (which can be lethal).
  4. When you are taking the test, excrete a little urine into the toilet before peeing into your cup. This will help dilute levels of metabolites, leading to a more successful urine test.
  5. If your urine turns out to be too diluted for an accurate exam, they will have you reschedule your test, which you should try and schedule as far out as possible. During the period of waiting for the next test, do not consume any cannabis, otherwise you will have to start this entire process over again.


Scheduling Accordingly Can Be Your Best Route to Success:

If you want to guarantee success, the only method of doing so is scheduling your ganja intake accordingly. If you want to pass with flying colors, be sure to quit cannabis consumption at least 2-3 weeks prior to taking a test if you are a regular reefer consumer. By doing this, your chances of having THC still built up in your system is unlikely. If you have to take a one time test, purge off of marijuana and then start again once your employer has given you the news that you’ve passed.

Final Thoughts:

Even though marijuana detoxing is difficult, it is possible to accomplish with some thoughtful planning.
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It is important to remember that the consumption of cannabis products is the sole discretion of the consumer.