Edibles vs CBD Oil: Which Should You Be Using?

Comparing the two

With the cannabis industry booming, we are seeing an increase in the variety of cannabis-related products on offer. Whether you prefer to smoke your weed or use a capsule, there is now something for everyone.

The past decade has been a real game-changer for the cannabis industry. There has been a massive rise in the edibles market. As time has gone on, hundreds of cafes and restaurants have opened, offering a full cannabis-infused menu! Gone are the days of the pot brownie. Now you can get cannabis in a variety of forms- and people love it!

Likewise, CBD Oil sales are at an all-time high. More people are opting for a buzz-free route to health and wellbeing. As more research is being done into the health benefits of CBD (the famous cannabinoid from the cannabis plant), we are seeing an increase in CBD products as part of a healthy lifestyle. There is also an extra appeal to CBD as it takes away the risk of the often-unwanted psychoactive effects that come with THC.

So, when it comes to medicinal cannabis, what fairs better: Edibles or CBD Oil? Both are proven to aid significantly a variety of conditions, however, both work very differently and may benefit certain situations better than others. In this article, we are going to explore the benefits of both edibles and CBD Oil, to see which comes out on top!


Cannabis Edibles

Starting with perhaps the more controversial of the two, edibles are most commonly associated with a slow and drawn out high that tastes delicious and offers the health benefits of not smoking!
However, unlike CBD Oil which won’t get you high, edibles are known to cause an intense high that can be hard to dose and is often very long lasting.

Available in a vast variety of shapes and sizes, edibles are often considered an excellent sociable option and are often available in cafes and restaurants in the form of pizzas, cakes, salads and so many more! Not just your standard desserts.


Elite Medical Cannabis oil

Perhaps more preferred by those who are less interested in the psychoactive potential of cannabis, CBD oil has become a much sought-after option for many patients across the world. Offering the well-researched benefits of the CBD cannabinoid, with none of the high from THC or the health risks from smoking, CBD oil is a wonderful alternative for children, the elderly or patients who would prefer the health benefits alone.

As laws continue to adapt to the growing popularity of CBD, many places have begun allowing CBD to be consumed as a means of medicinal treatment. And CBD Oil is up there with one of the most popular options, along with CBD capsules, vapes and other alternative medicines.

Health Benefits of Edibles

While edibles offer a powerful high, this can be uncomfortable for some less experienced users. When dosed correctly, however, it can offer some amazing health benefits.

Choosing edibles eradicates any risks associated with smoking. This method of consumption can also be extra beneficial to certain conditions. Many sufferers of gastrointestinal diseases find edibles the most effective method of cannabis consumption, and there is a good reason!

Sufferers of Chron’s disease, have reported that consuming edibles, compared to any other methods, have provided the most effective results. Chron’s disease takes place within the gastrointestinal tract. And as luck would have it, this is the exact location that edibles end up after consumption. This leads to an almost direct and instant hit of healing cannabinoids.

As a result of this direct distribution of cannabinoids to the gastrointestinal tract, symptoms such as abdominal pain, vomiting, diarrhea, fatigue, and weight-loss can be quickly eased!

There are of course more generalized benefits of choosing to consume edibles over CBD Oil. Assuming the high is desired, the correct edibles can allow for a relaxed experience that can combat symptoms of insomnia, anxiety, depression, and stress. Moreover, the long-lasting nature of edibles means that you are getting a lot for your money!

Health Benefits of CBD Oil

Arguably one of the most popular methods of consumption, CBD Oil offers an extremely versatile, buzz-free alternative to THC-packed edibles, which are guaranteed to have a long-lasting effect on the user.

Perhaps one of the main appeals with CBD Oil is that it is acceptable for anyone to use. Its lack of THC means that conditions can be treated regardless of age, and depending on the form of oil is available in up to 50 states.

CBD Oil has been reported to treat a vast amount of conditions, some of which are listed below:

There are even more conditions that CBD is effective in treating and thus makes CBD Oil the go-to option for many people who are suffering.

Perhaps an obvious one, but the benefit of no THC means that CBD oil is a viable option for daily use, as it won’t debilitate the user.

The non-psychoactive cannabinoid (CBD) is beneficial for people looking to kick a bad habit. CBD oil is also great for those looking to handle symptoms of drug withdrawal. This may mainly be down to CBD’s ability to reduce anxiety, pain, and insomnia!

Final thoughts: which is best?

It is very tricky to try and pick one over the other, as both have extremely beneficial attributes! While some could argue that there is little to no difference, as both contain the highly therapeutic CBD, it is essential that we take into consideration the different ways both metabolize after consumption. Also, we cannot ignore the fact that one will often contain THC!

For those who prefer a high, edibles would be the obvious choice. For digestive conditions, this has proven to be a highly effective method of consumption when set against others. Perhaps CBD Oil is a more appropriate option for those who are suffering from mental health conditions where THC could increase the adverse effects.

Both certainly have benefits, and while CBD Oil is an excellent all-rounder option, many people will find themselves reaching for a good high-inducing treat! In the end, it is a personal choice, and both are guaranteed to deliver a high level of therapeutic properties!