The Novel Tree Washington State | Review
January 3, 2017

The Novel Tree Washington State | Review

Medical Dispensary, High-Quality Strains, Edibles, Concentrates, Washington State
MarijuanaBreak Staff / Updated on January 3, 2017
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When you arrive at The Novel Tree, you’ll feel right at home. Their warm attitude and comforting service will definitely make you want to come back for more and more. We were so impressed by their service, we ranked The Novel Tree Lights #4 on our 5 Best Marijuana Dispensaries in Washington State

Unlike other dispensaries, this dispensary doesn’t just sell the stuff, it strives to explore new avenues that have developed due to marijuana legalization. They do this by offering medical marijuana consulting services for patients. The Novel Tree is a family owned business and you can really feel it the minute you walk through the door. In addition, their product is the biz! At The Novel Tree you’ll find pesticide free cannabis, with outdoor, indoor and greenhouse grown strains available. The quality of their buds are so important to them, that they do their best to get their flowers from locally trusted cultivators.

The decor is also something to talk about. They’ve combined  two energies; a ganja bar and a boutique style art gallery. The Novel Tree isn’t just fun to buy herb from, it’s also an exclusive location to admire local glass blowers.

The Novel Tree Highlights

  • As you walk in you’ll totally understand what we are talking about. You really get an awesome feeling from their store. They’ve got a wide variety and it is all quality! When we were there we noticed quite a nice selection of edibles, but we chose Grand Blue, which was on recommendation – It was amazing.
  • Not all dispensaries offer this, so this is a major advantage. At Novel Tree you’ll be able to have a conversation with a consultant who is doctor recommended. This really helps, especially if you are suffering from a specific condition and need quality meds.
  • The Novel Tree is a cash-only business but they do have an on-site ATM. Just don’t forget a valid ID. The location is great and you won’t have a problem finding parking.
  • Prices are affordable, you can pick up a gram for around $15. These prices include 9.5% Washington State Sales Tax. Not bad!

Update: We just saw that they are running grams for $8, so check out their website for the latest deals

Final Thoughts About The Novel Tree :

The Novel Tree is really a one-of-a-kind dispensary, providing a quality service for its locals and passer-throughs. It is a haven for medical patients and for those that just want a great experience, we truly recommend. They view herb as a healing experience, and they want others to become a part of that too- this is what we sincerely love about them. They’re also incredibly supportive of artists and strive to combine wholesome pesticide-free cannabis with beautiful, local glass work.

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