The Green Solution – Westminster | Review
August 25, 2016

The Green Solution – Westminster | Review

MarijuanaBreak Staff / Updated on August 25, 2016
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The Green Solution is one of the most-awarded dispensaries in Colorado, offering an immense selection of marijuana, cannabis-infused products and accessories; with more to offer than any other dispensary in Denver. Their impressive inventory includes award-winning flowers, their very own NectarBee concentrates and edibles, a wide variety of accessories including bongs, oil rigs, and pipes, as well as hundreds of other products from well-known and trustworthy vendors. Have ease of mind shopping with The Green Solution, which features an incredible quality of marijuana because of the company’s close involvement with the product production, as well as an astounding full 30-day exchange policy if you are not satisfied. With competitive pricing and phenomenal quality, The Green Solution has one dozens of awards for their excellent products and service, which all comply with Colorado State cannabis laws and regulations. Some of the awards this local-loved dispensary has owned includes: 4 710 Cup Awards, 7 High Times Cannabis Cup honors and more than 20 The Hemp Connoisseur THC Championship Awards.

As one of the largest providers of high quality legal cannabis, their locations are perfectly located and easily accessible anywhere in the Denver Metro Area. The Green Solution takes pride in offering concierge-level customer service to their valued patients and patrons. Their stores provide medical patients and recreational customers a wide array of flower, edibles, drinks, hash oil concentrates, pre-rolled joints, all-natural blunts, tinctures, topical alternatives, rooted clones, seeds, and accessories. With eleven locations currently open in Denver, Aurora, Lakewood, Littleton, Northglenn, Edgewater, Westminster, and Silver Plume, the Green Solution is only a short trip away. Whether you are in Colorado for a brief visit or are a longtime local patient, choose to “Experience Cannabis” the authentic green way at The Green Solution.

See why customers rave about The Green Solution:

“Despite the almost-suburban setting, this location sticks to the same successful TGS mold, with a zig-zag bud bar full of display cases and a budtender that follows you like a magnet for quick and easy browsing. The selection is always impressive, with plenty of strains and enough edibles to satisfy all tastebuds. But hash-heads, beware: You’re in for some tough decisions here. The Green Solution on Federal carries an extensive lineup of concentrates, including bubble hash, wax, kief, shatter, jelly hash, sift and more. Already know what you want? Call ahead to take advantage of the pick-up windows in the reception room to avoid the wait.” – The Westword

2016 Fifth Annual High Times Colorado Cannabis Cup – April 19, 2016Best CBD Flower – 1st Place – RubiconBest CBD Concentrate – 1st Place – Desert Ruby Shatter by Nectar Bee™Best CBD Topical – 
2nd Place – Nectar Bee™

2015 Rooster Magazine THC ClassicBest Indica – 1st Place – Blackwater

2015 High Times World Cannabis CupBest CBD Hash: Shatter – 1st Place – Ruby Mass from Nectar Bee™Best CBD Edible – 
3rd Place – CBD Charger from Nectar Bee™Best Live Resin: Indica – 
3rd Place – Kong Stomper from Nectar Bee™

2015 High Times Cannabis CupPeople’s Choice Cup: Flower – 1st Place – Cindy White from The Green SolutionPeople’s Choice Cup: Hash – 
1st Place – Sour Diesel Shatter from The Green SolutionBest Booth – 3rd Place – The Green Solution

2015 The Hemp Connoisseur AwardsBest Tested Shatter – Angel OG from Nectar Bee™Best Tested Shatter – Rocky Mountain Fire from Nectar Bee™CBD Extracts – 3rd Place – Ruby Mass from Nectar Bee™Best Tested Wax/Budder – Kong Stomper from Nectar Bee™Best Solventless Extracts – Sour Diesel Rosin from Nectar Bee™

2014 High Times “Denver’s 6 Dankest of the Year”Chem OG from The Green Solution

2014 High Times Cannabis CupPeople’s Choice Cup: Flower – 1st Place – Presidential Kush from The Green SolutionPeople’s Choice Cup: Hash – 1st Place – Golden Goat Shatter from InfuzionzBest US Non-Solvent Hash – 2nd Place – Boss Ice Wax from InfuzionzBest US Indica 
- 3rd Place – MK Ultra from The Green SolutionBest US Sativa
 – 3rd Place – Twista from The Green SolutionBest Medical Hybrid
 – 3rd Place – Golden Goat from The Green Solution

2014 The Hemp Connoisseur AwardsIndica – 2nd Place – Phaser from The Green SolutionConcentrates – Best Tested – Blueberry Wax from InfuzionzConcentrates-H2O Hash – 3rd Place, Best Tested – Boss Ice Wax from InfuzionzEdibles – 3rd Place – Donuts from InfuzionzAdult Use Sativa
 – 2nd Place – Twista from The Green SolutionAdult Use Indica
 – 1st Place, Best Tested – Presidential Kush from The Green SolutionAdult Use Hybrid – 3rd Place, Best Tested – Cindy White from The Green SolutionAdult Use Indica – 3rd Place – Bubba Kush from The Green Solution

2014 710 CupIndica Shatter
 – 1st Place – Blueberry x Grape Ape from InfuzionzSolventless – 1st Place – Cindy White x Boss from InfuzionzCBD – 
2nd Place – Shark Shock from InfuzionzBest Consistency – 
Blueberry x Grape Ape from Infuzionz

2013 High Times Cannabis CupMedical Non Solvent Hash – 3rd Place – Presidential Ice Wax from The Green Solution

2013 The Hemp Connoisseur AwardsBest Overall – 1st Runner Up – Cindy WhiteConcentrates-H2O Hash – Patient’s Choice – Cindy White Ice WaxConcentrates-CBD – Patient’s Choice – Shark Shock CBD ShatterConcentrates-H2O Hash – 2nd Place, Best Tested – Grape Stomper Ice WaxConcentrates-CBD – 2nd Place – Shark Shock CBD ShatterConcentrates-Wax/Budder – 2nd Place – Golden GoatAdult Use Sativa – 2nd Place – Grape StomperAdult Use Hybrid – Best Tested – Cindy White

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