The Farmacy – Pawtucket, Rhode Island | Review
October 3, 2016

The Farmacy – Pawtucket, Rhode Island | Review

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MarijuanaBreak Staff / Updated on October 3, 2016
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Although Rhode Island is one of the 20 states across the U.S. that has decriminalized small-time use/possession of marijuana (you can get fined but not arrested), dispensaries for recreational users are still illegal and non-existent.

The Farmacy, of course then, is a medical-only dispensary (Rhode Island actually refers to them as ‘regulated compassion centers’) that offers 100% organic, in-house cultivated indica and sativa strains, as well as a quality range of extracts, topicals, edibles, etc.

For an organic farm, the bud quality and range of selection is absolutely ace, if not entirely up to par with the mind-blowingly top-notch dispensaries out west; if you’re passing through the Ocean State and you’re a legal medical user, they’re definitely worth checking out.

Medical-only dispensaries in non-legalized states tend to be absolute scientists when it comes down to their facilities; they know cannabis inside and out, and their passion and herb knowledge is fully tangible. (The same can generally be said of West coast dispensaries, but out there there’s more of a capitalist structure where you get super-wealthy investor-types trying to break into the industry just for the massive profits).

Point is, there’s a lot to know about cannabis, and the people at The Farmacy are true experts – you can’t run a 100% organic, fertilizer/pesticide-free pot farm without being one.

Highlights: The Farmacy – Pawtucket, Rhode Island

  • 100% organically grown strains; no pesticides, fertilizers, or added nutrients
  • Medical-only dispensary
  • Full delivery available for members

So, if you’re a legal medical user and you’re looking for some good quality product from a distinguished and reliable East Coast dispensary, definitely get in touch with The Farmacy to help you out with all your needs.


2 reviews
  1. Thelma Fleming

    Got incredible relief for migraines. Thanks Jock Horor strain.

  2. Joan Mingo

    Found this top-notch dispensary. Thanks for the info

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