StarBuds Denver University | The Complete Review
November 20, 2016

StarBuds Denver University | The Complete Review

MarijuanaBreak Staff / Updated on November 20, 2016
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Starbuds. I wonder if the high-profile Denver marijuana dispensary has ever taken any legal guff from the coffee conglomerate with the similar-sounding name. At least they didn’t go over the top and design some corny logo with the Starbucks lady wearing a big indica leaf on her head or something.

Anyway, Starbuds in southeast Denver (dubbed ‘Starbuds DU’ because of it’s location across the street from Denver University), is one of 7 locations throughout Mile High City, and Pueblo to the south.

The dispensary, along with the likes of Buddy Boy, LivWell, (which you can find on this review), is fast becoming one of the city’s most recognizable, reputable, and popular names in the marijuana sector. Especially for out of state visitors (and of course the DU college crowd), the popular DU location is becoming quite the go-to stop – it boasts a big online presence with a full menu, and warmly welcomes even the greenest of greenhorns to the delightful world of recreational cannabis.

Highlights: Starbuds, SE Denver (University of Denver)

  •  Serves recreational and medical customers – all are welcome
  • Great online presence with a full, updated menu for each Starbuds location
  • Great rewards program for loyal customers – rewards are based on points accumulation, which can be redeemed for anything from a $1 pre-roll to a brand new Ford Mustang (no, that’s not a joke)

As far as quality of the bud, Starbuds ranks right on up there with the some of the best growers in the city. In fact, their ‘Pootie Tang’ indica strain was named a 2015 Cannabis Cup winner – despite the eyebrow raising, cringe-worthy name.

Prices are a bit high, but what else is to be expected of a recreational Denver dispensary? Premium 1/8ths run at just under $50, while a 1/4 oz will set you back 90 bucks. The lower quality strains run about $37 for an 1/8th, and $66 for 1/4. Naturally, they carry a full selection of different cannabis strains (indica, sativa, and hybrid varieties), so you can be sure that they’ll have something to accommodate your palate, however sophisticated it may be.

In addition to quality flower, Starbuds DU also carries a large variety of concentrates/extracts, pre-rolls, edibles, topicals, beverages, accessories/paraphernalia, and surely anything else you could ever need to get stoned off your rocker.

Final Thoughts about StarBuds Denver University

Similar to LivWell, we love StarBuds and are massive fans of their products and way of working. If you’re in the southeast/Denver University neighborhood and looking for a great quality, ultra friendly recreational dispensary that welcomes out of towners, look no further than Starbuds DU.

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