Nectar on BarBur | The Complete Review
December 7, 2016

Nectar on BarBur | The Complete Review

Medical Dispensary, High-Quality Strains, Edibles, Concentrates, Oregon
MarijuanaBreak Staff / Updated on December 7, 2016

If you are out and about, urging for some quality gang, then Nectar on Barbur is the place to go. Located on 10931 SW 53rd Ave, Portland, OR, this quaint place is known for its incredible prices and totally awesome buds.  At Nectar you’ll find a fine selection of quality products that are brought to you […]

If you are out and about, urging for some quality gang, then Nectar on Barbur is the place to go. Located on 10931 SW 53rd Ave, Portland, OR, this quaint place is known for its incredible prices and totally awesome buds.  At Nectar you’ll find a fine selection of quality products that are brought to you through sustainable growing techniques. Their small-batch outputs process really guarantees that you are going to get quality buds with exceptional aroma, flavor and effects. This dispensary’s biggest priority is its flower, however, you’ll find at this amazing place that it never lets its service slip. You’ll really feel like a family member when walking into Nectar on Barbur.

Highlights of Nectar:

  • One of the great things about Nectar is their pricing. As a matter of fact, it isn’t great, it’s superb! You can pick up some flowers for $6-$12 per gram. As they grow most of their products, they can cut out any middle men, allowing them to provide quality products at competitive prices.
  • If you think that the Barbur location is great, then you MUST check out their other 7 conveniently located shops across Oregon. What was once a small business has not developed into an empire. All 7 locations employ some of the nicest budtenders. They are always willing to help.
  • At Nectar you’re not going to find only strains and edibles. The Nectar Barbur Menu is great. They offer other top grade products including; bubble hash, cannabis nectar, topicals, local glass and low-dose edibles.
  • All strains are monitored using a harsh and long process. This allows them to provide products that are pesticide and impurities FREE.

Nectar Deals

Similar to all dispensaries you really have to phone ahead and see what’s running that day. Nectar tends to run all different deals. For example you might land on a day where there will be $2 off all their That Taffy & Reefer Rolls!!!

Final Thoughts About Nectar Barbur

Nectar really is an awesome little shop. We believe there is a very clear reason why Nectar has grown to become one of the most popular and adored dispensaries in Oregon. If you enjoy cannabis and reside in Portland, you definitely must visit. Nectar Barbur is especially professional, cleanly, well-stocked, affordable, and the staff are simply wonderful.

This dispensary is so great we even listed it #1 on our 5 Best Marijuana Dispensaries in Oregon

3 reviews
  1. Maureen Rene

    One of the wonderful shops! Nectar meets medical needs very efficiently.

  2. Margaret Click

    Nector is my pick. Ranked at no. 1, it has qualified and expert staff.

  3. J Lew
    Lost A Loyal Customer

    My girlfriend and I moved here in May, 2016 and we’ve visited approximately six dispensaries in search of a place that we could consider our “Go-to” dispensary.

    It wasn’t until 11/17/2016 that my girlfriend and I discovered Nectar Dispensary on Barbur Boulevard. Nectar Dispensary was the ONE we’ve been searching for! My girlfriend and I were so excited and we visited Nectar on a weekly basis buying eighth and quarter ounces, sometimes half ounces if we were feeling froggy. It wasn’t until 4/20/2017 that one of the bud tenders mentioned that Nectar had a quarter, half-ounce, and ounce deal, mixing and matching, AS LONG AS THE BUD WAS THE SAME TIER…fantastic! My girlfriend and I favored the $14 tier (top shelf), so we started buying half ounces on a weekly basis for the price of $168 instead of $196. Same day, as we were checking out, we also found out our loyalty points balance, which was over 1100 points. The budtender said that Nectar hasn’t formulated a plan on how to use the rewards points yet, but I wasn’t concerned because I had a hefty balance to utilize whenever Nectar figured out a plan.

    Fast-forward a few weeks, as we entered Nectar we were informed that “Nectar is updating their system and that if we didn’t want to lose our rewards points balance, we had to fill out the printed form provided. We took the five minutes to fill out the form and continued on our day.

    Fast forward another few weeks, May 30th to be exact, we go into Nectar as usual and we are greeted with “are you in the system yet”? He mentioned that the new system wiped some people’s loyalty points. Found out that I was one of the unlucky bastards to lose all my points! I was so incredibly angry! I’ve spent thousands of dollars at this establishment, was forewarned that we needed to fill out these forms so we didn’t lose our points, and what do you know…NECTAR LOST ALL OUR POINTS! Can you imagine spending all this money, racking up points, and then to say that my slate has been wiped clean, like I’ve never spent a dime at your establishment?! That is NOT how you “reward” loyal customers, Nectar!

    Fast forward to tonight, 6/3/2017 on our way to purchase another half-ounce, we were about to be charged the FULL $196 price for the $14 tier bud. I questioned the budtender as I’m used to paying $168 per the half ounce deal. She went and talked to her Lead and she came back with “The bud has to be the same strain in order for you to get the half ounce deal”. I told her “no, we’ve been buying half ounces for $168 as long as it’s the same tier, not the same strain”. So my girlfriend and I ask to speak to the Manager before our transaction. The manager comes out and says “oh there was an email sent out about a week ago saying that the deal has changed and that it has to be the same strain in order for us to get the deal.” Again, this angered me. Who wants to smoke a half ounce of the same strain?! C’mon Nectar.

    To wrap this up, our seven-month relationship with Nectar has gone completely SOUR within a few weeks. We’ve lost all our loyalty points, and our favorite deal has been changed to a limit of one strain. On the drive home, my girlfriend and I made the decision that we will NOT be spending any more money at Nectar and we will find another place. Nectar, it’s been real but you’ve screwed one of your most loyal customers and you’re losing out on a lot of cash-flow. We’ve spent $3,689 since November 2016 (roughly $527 per month!) at your establishment. Now that money is going elsewhere.

    PS. I will say that the staff is incredibly friendly and helpful. Eager to help and show you plenty of options. Sometimes the budtenders are a little too talkative for my taste, but I’m not complaining, they’re selling and recommending great bud!

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