LivWell Stapleton | The Complete Review
May 5, 2016

LivWell Stapleton | The Complete Review

Livwell, Colorado, dispensary
MarijuanaBreak Staff / Updated on May 5, 2016
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Like its Evans location, LivWell Stapleton is another massive dispensary, at over 6,000 square feet. These big facilities can kind of be likened to the ‘Best Buy’ of cannabis shopping – you walk in and are so blown away at the size of the place and the huge array of products on offer, that you don’t really know where to begin.

However, this should not at all be taken in a bad way, as LivWell’s Stapleton location is a top-notch dispensary with an even more top-notch staff. We don’t know where exactly LivWell gets their employees from, but they must treat them and train them right, because we’ve yet to come across one that we’ve had a negative experience with.

The goal of the Stapleton location is to provide the customer with anything and everything cannabis they could ever want or need; it’s got as big a selection as any dispensary you’ll find in the city, with several indica, sativa, and hybrid strains, as well as all the extract, edible, and topical goodies you could ever want.

Highlights: LivWell Stapleton

  • Weekly Featured Products: LivWell Stapleton offers various specials and promotions each week for both their medical and recreational customers, as well as featured products and new concoctions of the LivWell lab. Register as a LivWell member and get all the weekly updates as they come.
  •  Rewards Program: The LivWell rewards program is definitely worth checking out – they offer $10 in store credit just for signing up, and you’ll earn points on every subsequent LivWell purchase that you make.
  • Size of the location: The massive size of the Stapleton dispensary can be a bonus for first-time or relatively new customers, because there are so many budtenders/staff on duty that you need not feel rushed or feel that you’re holding up the rest of the customers by taking too long. Take your time, ask questions, and take advantage of the staff’s knowledge and eagerness to help.

Along with being the area’s leading medical marijuana dispensary, LivWell Stapleton also sells recreational marijuana, as well as apparel and materials.

One more thing of note, at 3955 Oneida St. (just off I-70), the LivWell Stapleton location is directly in the midst of a rapidly growing, lively, and dynamic part of the city, with two major shopping centers very close by (Northfield Stapleton and the Stapleton Center).

So if you’re headed on vacation to Denver for the high times, kick back and spend some time in Stapleton – one of the most enjoyable and tourist-friendly sectors of the city.

2 reviews
  1. Adam
    Amazing place!

    Wow, this place was massive! and what a variety of strains.

  2. Mark L.

    The staff were so friendly and helpful, and the waiting room was nice! The entire place seems so professional, and I will definitely be back!

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