Kindman Colorado | Complete Review
January 22, 2017

Kindman Colorado | Complete Review

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MarijuanaBreak Staff / Updated on January 22, 2017
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Even if you’ve lived in Denver all your life, you’ve probably never heard of this dispensary. It’s not one of the most popular ones, nor one the fanciest ones out-there, but if you do decide to go Kindman, you are definitely going to come out with a smile. Kindman has two locations, one on Elati Street and the other on Smith Road.

Hands down, Kindman is one of the most organized dispensaries in the area, selling quality products. Plus, they employ extremely knowledgeable staff that are always happy to help you with your order. Hence the name KINDman.

One of the major advantages of this dispensary is that you don’t need a medical card, nor do you need to have a Colorado residency. Simply bring a valid ID and make sure you’re over 21.

As you walk into the Elati St location, you’ll understand why this place isn’t on most site’s top 10 lists. The waiting room is a bit shabby and the area doesn’t really compliment it either. You’ll probably get an overall feeling, like you’ve entered the wrong place. But don’t let that put you off. As you’ll start talking to one of their bud-tenders you’ll understand why we did this review.

The service is superb and the quality of weed is great. Plus the selection of strains on offer was better than most recreational stores we’ve ever been to. We stayed there for about 20 mins, smelling a few different strains, until we decided to pick up some Sour Diesel. Really hit the spot!

Kindman Colorado Highlights

  • First and foremost is the ID thing. Most states are really strict in regards to selling the magical leaf. Colorado is much more lenient in that respect. Kindman understands that people need their meds and don’t have a long signup process to get them. Simply bring along a valid 21+ ID and you’re sorted.
  • Kindman offers 20 of Colorado’s highest quality marijuana strains, some of the best Indica strains we’ve ever bought and they’ve got a hybrid selection that will make your eyes pop out.
  • Prices are affordable, and even though the shop doesn’t split eighths, it does give first-time patients a discounted second eighth for $5. Grams sell for around $8.
  • Kindsman is a cash only dispensary. They do have an ATM on site.

Established in 2009, Kindman provides customers with unmatched cannabis products. Just check out some of the pictures above to understand what we are talking about. They put a significant amount of resources on their growing process, making sure that everything is super clean, high-quality and that all strains are grown in a strictly controlled atmosphere.

Kindman is known for its excellent service and since 2014 has also opened its doors to recreational patients. As of now they’ve served thousands of customers that flock to their store all year round to buy quality weed.

Final Thoughts About Kindman

We quite impressed by Kindman and would definitely return. They have a killer product and know how to treat customers with respect and patience. They also have a nice App so you can stay updated with their recent deals. Keep up the good work guys!

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  1. Adam
    Great buds and quality staff

    Excellent product, you wouldn’t have known it from outside. Worth a visit

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