Green Leaf Express
April 26, 2016

Green Leaf Express

San Francisco, cannabis delivery, Weed Shop
MarijuanaBreak Staff / Updated on April 26, 2016
(3) +1 650-550-4459

Green Leaf Express is created for providing convenient, professional, and tactful delivery of efficient and decent medical cannabis products. We are committed to providing our members with a seamless experience, including easy navigation of our extensive products menu, a knowledgeable staff, an intuitive online ordering and payment system, and fast, discreet delivery of safe, healing medicine.

There only outstanding value and service and feature products from only the most trustworthy and experienced dispensary are proposed. Delivery service collaborates only with well-established, trustworthy laboratories for product testing. All medicines are certainly free of pesticides, fungicides, and any other toxic chemicals. The services, as well as the products of Green Leaf Express, are in full compliance with all requirements of local and state laws.

3 reviews
  1. Martin

    I have made many orders. they have swapped out for lesser grades, sent moldy buds and promised to rectify and then ignored me. They “lost” a bunch of my points and I have trouble with my delivery details (spoken to them about it twice but no resolve). Product hit or miss and the price reflects that.

  2. Shacks
    Amateur hour

    Had it shipped across province. They didin’t vacuum seal the entire shipment (5 quarters) only heat sealed the individual bags. Envelope smelled like pot. Delivery person wouldn’t even bring it to my house, they made me pick it up and the smell was faint but distinct the moment it was handed to me.
    I complained and was told heat sealing was more than adequate and further attempts to reach them ( all civil) were ignored.
    If you are getting it shipped out of the city, find a more professional company than this amateur outfit

  3. Verna Abbott

    373 impressed with the fast delivery of green leaf express.

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