Grasshopper Junction Cave Creek Cannabis | Review
August 10, 2016

Grasshopper Junction Cave Creek Cannabis | Review

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MarijuanaBreak Staff / Updated on August 10, 2016
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Do you appreciate cannabis that comes in a variety of products ranging from flower, edibles, tropical oils, concentrates, topicals, pre-rolled hooters, and oil pens? So does Grasshopper Junction in Cave Creek. They are a small family owned and operated company that believes in superior products and exceptional service. Their goal is to provide the best medicine to patients, and offer a wide variety of products so that patients can use medical marijuana in they way they prefer and that works best for them.

Grasshopper Junction has assisted more than 2000 patients in getting access to cannabis that they need through the Arizona Medical Program. They are committed to helping new patients get cards, and pre-qualified individuals get their cards renewed. Grasshopper Junction helps with the paperwork and has a 100% approval success rate.

Key Features:

  • Medical Certifications every Sunday
  • Online ordering and delivery to Mohave County and Cave Creek
  • Cannabis plants are never sprayed, so products contain no pesticides, fungisides, or other foliar sprays

If for any reason you are not satisfied, Grasshopper Junction will stand by their product and exchange your order for something that better suits your needs. They grow all of their own product right under the Arizona sun, so you know That your cannabis is coming from a local, holistic source. Grasshopper Junction found that the terppene profile is much higher in Cannabis grown under broad spectrum sunlight versus that grown inside. Not to mention, they never use coils in their production, making them a carbon neutral company.

So if you value natural, quality product that is produced sustainably and free of sprays, then you’re looking at the right place. The convenient location makes Grasshopper Junction’s product widely available to customers around Mohave County and Cave Creek. Check out  their website to learn more about how they ensure you’re getting pure, chemical free, clean cannabis from a local source. Then stop by to pick up something you’re sure to love!




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