Eaze Weed Delivery | 100% Online | Complete Review + Coupon
January 7, 2019

Eaze Weed Delivery | 100% Online | Complete Review + Coupon

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MarijuanaBreak Staff / Updated on January 7, 2019

Eaze is a revolutionary way to receive your medical marijuana delivered straight to your home. Just imagine ordering your buds in your PJs, with a nice cup of coffee in one hand and your phone in the other. It’s as easy as that, and takes only a couple of minutes to place your weed order […]

Eaze is a revolutionary way to receive your medical marijuana delivered straight to your home. Just imagine ordering your buds in your PJs, with a nice cup of coffee in one hand and your phone in the other. It’s as easy as that, and takes only a couple of minutes to place your weed order online.

The company is actually so confident in their product and service that they were willing to give you and all our readers $20 off your first marijuana deliver. Continue reading to find out more about Eaze, their highlights and how to easily purchase using the Eaze app.


One of our team members actually uses medical weed on a regular basis, as she suffers from chronic leg pains. She had just run out of supplies, so we all decided to give the Eaze weed delivery service a try. It was the perfect opportunity to check out their system and see what everyone was raving on about.

As you land on the Official Eaze Website, you’ll be asked to enter your address. As of now, they deliver to San Diego, parts of LA and Orange County and most of the entire Bay Area, which was fine for us. As we pressed on the “Lookup” button on their homepage, we were immediately redirected to their menu. This was great, as we thought we were going to be shown a bunch of useless dispensaries. 

The trichomes on some of the weeds looked amazing and they do have quite a large selection of edibles and concentrates. The process is simple, you simply add them to your cart and pay at the end. Prices are affordable and you can pick up a 1/8 oz for around 35 Dollars, depending on the strain.

The rest of the process is a breeze. You simply enter your details, including your medical ID card number and choose your preferred payment process. That’s it!. It’s so fast that, it actually took us longer to write this review.

Only 30 minutes had passed and their weed delivery guy had arrived. Now that’s service!

EAZE Highlights


  • These guys really understand their customers and you can tell that, by using their online store. They try to provide the best possible service. You really feel like they are doing their best to make sure you are constantly happy. At Marijuanabreak we review quite a lot of dispensaries and delivery services and wherever we go, we’re constantly hearing good things about Eaze. Since establishing Eaze in 2013, they’ve really dominated the market through their amazing promotions and top-notch customer service. They even run special First-Timer Promotions, which basically gives new users $20 off their first order. Now thats amazing!
  • Eaze also understands technology. They are backed by a few venture capitals and have raised around $12.5 million in funding from investors including DCM Ventures and Snoop Dog. This has allowed them to create a seamless web application, that allows you to order your weed from the palm of your hand. The experience is great and it feels really natural.

How to Get Started Using Eaze Weed Delivery?

Eaze has made it so simple, that it’s easier than ordering a pizza.

    1. If you already have a valid medical marijuana card, then simply go to their online store and get some strains. You can also take advantage of our $20 Coupon: 20OFFEAZE1

Final Thoughts About Eaze Weed Delivery

If you LIKE going out the house, spending money on gas, wasting time in traffic, searching for parking and waiting in lines to get your meds, then Eaze isn’t for you. BUT… if you like ordering your meds from the comfort of your home and receiving them in less than 30 minutes, then you should definitely try them out.

You can enter their store by clicking on the button below. Don’t forget to use your $20 Coupon Code: 20OFFEAZE1

Room for Improvement

Eaze Team – It would be great to see you guys expand your delivery services to other areas in the near future, so that more of our readers can benefit from your great products.

12 reviews
  1. Rebecca Lindskog
    Eaze Steals From Customers

    Tonight ( Friday February 1, 2019) ordered for delivery. I was first notified that my delivery would be here between 8:50-9 pm. I then received a text saying it was taking longer then expected and would be arriving by 9:05. Then I received a text saying it would be here in 12 minutes and to be on the look out for a text or call from the driver. I received nothing. No text, call, or delivery. I called customer service right away and after dealing with Elizabeth. She informed me the driver is saying he did deliver it to me. This is not the case. I did not receive my delivery but still charged my card.

    This is very uncool. I did not receive my order. I wouldn’t lie…. this is ridiculous!

    I was treated like crap tonight by customer service and they have my money and more then likely the delivery person has my product. Which not only means this company is a thief but hires thieves as well.

  2. George Gibbs

    I really do enjoy service in come so quickly. My only issue is I had recurring charges from on my bank statement. I would encourage that uses this service check their reoccurring withdrawals on your bank statement.
    The reason for one star is withdrawals from my checking account.

  3. Rafael Nieves
    Rip off and no accountability

    Un sealed products then blame me, no customer service at all and take ur money! Don’t recommend!

  4. Blanche Gonzales

    Eaze is a great dispensary that meets its customer needs with excellence. I am thankful.

  5. Jerry
    Got my delivery in 30 minutes

    Eaze have a great variety of weed and their service is great.

  6. Larry

    Nothing really bad to say about Eaze. This company knows how to treat its clients with respect. The process is pretty straight forward. I got stuck downloading their APP but I’m not the best example, I’m 67 years old. My son helped me in the end. Overall the service is professional and they have knowledgeable doctors.

  7. Aiden
    Their bud is golden leaf

    At Eaze you’ll find high quality bud and an excellent service

  8. Emma
    A returning client of Eaze

    Great weed and a cool delivery service. Been using them regularly. Wouldn’t change

  9. Steve
    Quick and efficient

    Nice service, would definitely come back!

  10. Sally
    Speedy and great quality buds

    Buds at Eaze were great, delivery guy was cool and the whole thing took my like 20 mins.

  11. Tommy
    Good Job Eaze!

    The process is really easy and its really great that you can order everything from your phone.

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