Denver Kush Club | The Complete Review
May 7, 2016

Denver Kush Club | The Complete Review

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MarijuanaBreak Staff / Updated on May 7, 2016
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The iconic Denver Kush Club (more intimately known among the ‘in-crowd’ as DKC), is one of the city’s premier marijuana dispensaries, and one of our personal favorites. Although they first opened their doors way back in 2009 as a medical-only caregiver (their only option back then), they’ve been serving recreational customers now for going on three years.

DKC is rapidly transforming into more than just a cannabis dispensary – it’s taking a full-on kind of Denver canna-lifestyle (wow, that sounds really corny). Like we said, the shop is a super well-respected and reputable establishment that sits smack in the heart of Denver’s five-points district – the city’s oldest/most historic neighborhood, and one of the nicest nooks of town for tourists and locals alike to take a stroll and soak in the sights of Mile High City.

Highlights: Denver Kush Club

  • Serves both medical and recreational customers
  • Full online menu with updated products and daily specials/promotions
  • Indica, Sativa, and hybrid strains, as well as a complete stock of edibles, concentrates/extracts, topicals, accessories, brandware (clothes) etc.

DKC’s menu is one of the most organized (and also one of the most unique), that we’ve seen anywhere on earth. They break down the prices of their bud into three different categories: Top Shelf, Premium, and Platinum, with lower pricing for members for strains in each category.

For recreational customers, an 1/8th ounce of top-shelf flower runs at $27.50, the premium is $33, and the platinum is $38. (Is it odd that the ‘Top-Shelf’ is the lowest quality?)

Also, they’re one of the only dispensaries we’ve seen that offers 1/16th grams for all of their different strains (1.75g – halfway between a gram and an 1/8th ounce). Whatever sort of price you’re wanting to spend, DKC goes above and beyond to make sure they have what you want.

Lastly, one more thing we’ll say is that as soon as you walk through the doors, you know you’re in a dispensary that’s at another level than some of the other, ehm, grungier places across town. The place is whistle-clean, and everything from the storefront to the staff to the inside deco screams out quality and professionalism.

If you’re in Denver and you’re on a ‘green’ mission, be sure to hit up the crew at DKC – guaranteed to be a memorable experience. And while you’re at it, make sure to take a nice stroll around the five-points part of town and soak up some good-old Denver culture.

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  1. Frank
    Denver Kush Know Their Stuff

    Hands down, these guys are great. High quality weed and great service

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