Cannabismo Dispensary | Complete Review
February 7, 2017

Cannabismo Dispensary | Complete Review

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MarijuanaBreak Staff / Updated on February 7, 2017

Once you go Cannabismo, you’ll never go back. This Canadian based dispensary is well-known for its supreme customer service and high-quality weed. Unlike other dispensaries these guys are veterans. They’ve actually been around for over 15 years, providing medical marijuana to their loyal customers. One of the major advantages of Cannabis is their online process […]

Once you go Cannabismo, you’ll never go back. This Canadian based dispensary is well-known for its supreme customer service and high-quality weed. Unlike other dispensaries these guys are veterans. They’ve actually been around for over 15 years, providing medical marijuana to their loyal customers.

One of the major advantages of Cannabis is their online process which basically allows you to order through the website and have it delivered straight to your home. They offer a wide variety of premium flowers, concentrates, topicals, tinctures and delicious edibles.

Cannabismo Highlights

  • This place is really a one stop shop for all medical marijuana needs. They cater to over 40 unique strains and have a huge variety of products and accessories. Some of their top products include; Iced Grapefruit, Big Cheese, Bubba Kush and Pre 98 Dubba. Prices are affordable starting at around $10.
  • If you decide to use Cannabismo, you’ll understand what we are talking about when we say “Top-Notch” service. They really understand client loyalty and do their very best to provide you with the best possible service. If they like you and you become a regular, you’ll see that they will start to spoil you with some nice freebies.
  • Cannabismo understands that not everyone wants to come to their store and that is why they developed well-oiled online ordering process. (There is no point missing out on a huge online market!). With Cannabismo, you can order through their online menu or simply phone them up and place an order. Deliveries are quick (1 to 3-day shipping throughout Canada). Also, it is all very discreet.
  • Payments are easily made through a range of services. They accept E-transfers or regular bank transfers. Instructions are provided upon order
  • Unfortunately Cannabismo does not have a contact number, so if you need something urgent you will have to email them. In their defense they are pretty responsive via email.

Please note that shipping is free for orders over $200.

Final Thoughts About Cannabismo

Hands down, this dispensary knows its stuff, and they provide a fantastic service and product. If you’re not the type that likes to go to a dispensary physically, then it is definitely worth trying their online ordering service. You won’t be disappointed

19 reviews
  1. Dustin P
    Mix and Match Deals make it so awesome

    Cannabismo just introduced mix and match deals, which I really like because I buy a lot of shatter from them. I save quite a bit from full price, which is nice. What happened to the unboxing reviews? I used to get poitns for these I wish they would bring that back.

    All in all Cannabismo is still my favourite, and I recommend them to all of my friends. Def better than the flowers I got at whiteplam or budxpress.

  2. Jessica Reimer
    I always come back to Cannabismo

    Next day shipping combined with some of the best flowers I’ve ever smoked makes Cannabismo my favourite. I tried a couple other dispensaries to save a few bucks, but the same flowers weren’t the same. These guys take really good care with their trim jobs, selecting only good flower first, even their discount strains are bomb.

    I’m sorry bismo I’ll never stray again…

  3. Carl
    Quality products, fast shipping

    Cannabismo has and alwasy will be my go to dispensary. I have tried others , but the herbs at cannabismo are always fire. I had trouble with them over the holidays, my order was delayed a bit. since January I have been ordering with fast delivery and their menu has gotten way better it seems like.

  4. Jenn
    Where’s my order?

    I put an order in for $200 changed our mailing address and when I received an email about the order it showed my old address. I’ve sent numerous emails asking if they’ve changed the mailing address and no replies. Finally a reply money excepted and still nothing sent out just says processed. Not sure if I will be ordering from here again it doesn’t seem like they have their stuff in order to run a business and keep paying customers happy.

  5. Laur23
    Ripped me off after being a loyal customer

    I thought they were great also until i made an order two weeks ago for $320, they accepted the etransfer but didn’t ship anything. My account says it’s processing but the ‘cancel’ option doesn’t work and no one responded to the many emails sent inquiring about the order. No phone number to contact. Will be taking my business elsewhere!!

  6. dale mould

    Fucking ripoff,ripped me off for half ounce,tried emailing ,got one response and nothing since, they can go fuck themselves and going to make sure i let everyone i know not to deal with cannabismo

    1. Wendy hodgins

      I too placed an order for a vape that was broken when I received it. I have tried several times to speak with someone and have gotten nowhere

  7. Cari
    Stole my money, ZERO customer service

    Do not order from here! My order was placed over a month ago and I still have not received it. I have contacted them through email numerous times and have not had one response from them. There is no phone number to call so this seems very sketchy. Because you must pay ahead of time, they have basically stolen my money. There is ZERO customer service here or help if you need it. Before you order, I recommend trying to contact them via email to determine if they are legit or not. I have had several friends send them an email to ask a question and they have also received no response.

  8. Mehran

    It was the last time that I bought from cannabismo.
    After I sent money they mention my order will be shipping in 3 business day, but after 8 days they don’t bring anything.
    You couldn’t find any phone number for tracking your order, you can just send mail and they didn’t answer yet.

    1. Michael Thornton

      Did you receive you items yet?

    2. Michael Thornton

      Did you receive it yet?

  9. Shariq Naujeer
    Worst online service

    I have placed an order on the day after legalization,and im still waiting for my order to be process,as it is still showing ‘in process’ on my account on their website. Unfortunately it has been nearly 3 weeks, and after numerous emails to them with no answer, i have mainly decided to not do business with them anymore. I am very upset and disspointed in their lack of response and concern. Although the money has been transfered and accepted by them, no one has decided to talk to me and send me an update. I have tried contacting them through different means, facebook, twitter, email,their own website,but no response. I dont think i will or will be willing to do business with them ever again. I have even told a lot of people about my bad experience,and i will keep sharing it.

  10. Trevor
    Cannabismo took my money, never delivered, do not respond

    I ordered about $150 in products from Cannabismo and was provided a Canada Post tracking number. It is now over a month after the expected delivery date and still have not received the package. I emailed Cannabismo many times on various dates and no one from Cannabismo has replied to me. I also tried other email addresses I could find from Cannabismo out of desparity but still no reply from the email addresses either. I have successfully ordered from cannabismo in the past but after this sketchy incident losing my money with no product and no response from the company, I will never order from these guys again and also share my experience from all the people I referred to this site. I also could not find a phone number to contact this business anywhere…

    1. Hazel Curtis

      I had almost ex act experience with this POS company ! I still don’t have anything and they have 130 of my money

  11. Gary wiley

    I would not order from them they are a scam sent money but never recieved my shit don’t send them money go to high club or one that won’t RIP u off fucking scammers

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