Cannabis and Glass | Complete Review
January 31, 2017

Cannabis and Glass | Complete Review

Medical Dispensary, High-Quality Strains, Edibles, Concentrates, Spokane
MarijuanaBreak Staff / Updated on January 31, 2017
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If you are looking for an affordable dispensary with quality weed, great service, then welcome to Cannabis and Glass. This collective has built quite a reputation for itself in Spokane, serving new and loyal customers with some of the best weed in town.

The major gimmick about this store is that all grams are under $10. Yep, you heard it right UNDER $10. You can even pickup particular strains for $7 and eighths for $25.

Normally when you hear the words “Cheap Prices”, you immediately picture the place as a run-down, small dirty place. Well, at least that is what we first thought – We were WRONG!

Cannabis & Glass really knows how to spoil its clients and the store itself looks absolutely amazing. As you walk in, you’ll understand what we are talking about. The place is pretty decent in size and showcases an array of products. The green lighting together with the dark floor really gives this place a cozy effect, and you’ll immediately realize that you’ve entered a cannabis collective.

Cannabis and Glass Highlights

  • One of the key features about this place is the pricing. We were stunned. We don’t normally find such quality weed at such good prices. Furthermore, if you don’t like to smoke your buds but prefer edibles or concentrates, then you’ll feel like you’ve died and gone to heaven. Their concentrates menu alone is over 100 strains. All concentrates are $20-$30 per gram.
  • Another thing we noticed about Cannabis and Glass is their customer service. These guys are extremely helpful. Now, I bet you’re thinking that they were only helpful because we are from Marijuanabreak. Well, NO, we never mention that we are from MB, so we can provide you with an objective opinion. We were given top-notch service and the guy in front of us left with a massive smile. That says a lot!
  • Now, if you are thinking of becoming a regular, then you MUST join their loyalty program. There top customers of the month can qualify for certain items like “Bong or pipe for a Buck!”. They are also always giving their regulars freebies.

Final Thoughts About Cannabis and Glass

Hands down, we were extremely impressed by this place and would come back. The service, products, and quality of weed is something to talk about. And you’ll have to rub your eyes twice when you see some of their prices. Plus, if you like to eat cannabis, check out their hard candies, cookies, caramels or capsules at the lowest prices offered in the state.

2 reviews
  1. Scott N Sanders
    Quantity, Quality.

    I love quality and selections you carry.

  2. Adam
    Was Amazed

    I was amazed by the service and the prices. Would definitely come back

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