Buddy Boy – North Federal | Review
October 28, 2016

Buddy Boy – North Federal | Review

MarijuanaBreak Staff / Updated on October 28, 2016
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Here at Marijuana Break, we’re optimists. Because of this, sometimes it can be a bit tough to list the finer points of some of the more, shall we say, paltry dispensaries that we’ve happened to come across. On more than one occasion, for example, we’ve felt a bit like embarrassed parents searching for noteworthy accolades to give to their, uh, honorable mention-esque child.

Taking this into consideration, maybe you can see where we’re going with this review of Buddy Boy’s N. Federal location. It’s an 18+ medical-only dispensary, and truth-be-told the selection/pricing isn’t terrible. Really, it’s just the run-down, hole-in-the-wall nature of the place that gives it its indistinct, ‘bleh’ sort of vibe.

Of course, it is a Buddy Boy Brands dispensary, so you can naturally expect to find a full range of flower, concentrates, and accessories on offer. That is, if they have what you’re looking for in stock.

Highlights: Buddy Boy Brands, N. Federal Blvd. Denver

  • 18+ medical-only dispensary
  • ‘Live’ updated menu for each of Buddy Boy’s seven Denver locations
  • Very reasonable prices ($30 for an 1/8th, $60 for 1/4-oz) on all strains, including some fairly dank doozies like the White 99, Death Star, and Blackberry Kush hybrids
  • Full selection of accessories, tinctires/edibles/beverages/topicals etc. Concentrates include a varied selection of waxes and shatters – they usually have some shatter on clearance prices, if you can catch them while they’re still in stock. If you’re heading to the shop just for a clearance item, make sure you give them a call beforehand to make sure they’re not sold out.

Like we mentioned, really the only downfall to Buddy Boy’s N. Federal location is its, erm, location. If you didn’t know what you were looking for, you’d surely pass right by the place as it sits innocently sandwiched between a similarly run-down auto repair business and one of those Mexican restaurants that comes with a free hour-long trip to the restroom with the purchase of each meal.

All of that being said, (sorry, Buddy Boy, for knocking on you so much), the place really does deserve a browse-through just based on their prices alone. This is especially true if you’re into concentrates, which for some reason or another seem to have more frequent promotional pricing than their flower strains.

Sitting right off of N. Federal Blvd the place is easy enough to get to, just try and avoid making a run there during rush hour – unless your goal is to achieve a traffic-spawned migraine before lighting up for the evening.


155 North Federal Boulevard Denver, CO 80219

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