Bernal Heights Collective | The Complete Review
May 4, 2016

Bernal Heights Collective | The Complete Review

San Francisco, Dispensary, Edibles, Home Delivery
MarijuanaBreak Staff / Updated on May 4, 2016
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Please note that Bernal Heights is currently closed. It is expected to re-open soon with a completely fresh look!

Established in early 2005, Bernal Heights Collective is a San Francisco based marijuana dispensary, that provides a variety of products for all budgets. For more than ten years, Bernal Heights has been offering supreme customer service and a line of products that would make your eyes pop out. Unlike other walk-in dispensaries, this one has a spacious lounge and seating area, allowing its patients to sit back and relax – giving a feeling of security. People even go there to meditate.

Bernal Heights Collective Highlights

  • The company offers indoor & outdoor grown strains, concentrates, edibles, and more. Prices are slightly higher than other places, but considering they deliver right to your door, it is worth it. Just the gas costs and time it will take to get there is worth the extra few Dollars.
  • You’ll immediately get the feeling from them that the budtenders and the company as a whole are client oriented. They really try to produce high-quality products and strongly insist that medical marijuana users refrain from using tobacco with their products.Their believe that a medical dispensary is not just about selling cannabis. It’s about providing clients with the knowledge they need to consume the right products – products that are healthy and are truly effective
  • Ease-of-Use. This is one of the major benefits of purchasing cannabis through Bernal Heights Collective. Their process is super easy.
    • You simply upload a photo with your medical marijuana recommendation along with your California state-issued ID.
    • Choose the product you want from their online menu
    • One of their drivers will drop off the goods. They basically provide a delivery service that saves you all the hassle and Bustle of going out. This is super convenient, especially on those cold winter days. ETA time is around 35 minutes

Bernal Heights Collective accepts cash and debit for all order. Unlike other dispensaries, they even accept credit cards (over $100). Unfortunately, if you don’t live in the centre city of San Francisco or all areas South to San Jose you won’t be able to take advantage of their delivery service – you’ll simply have to make the drive.

Picks from Their Menu


  • Cherry AK-47 – Priced at $45 1/8 OZ
  • Fog OG – Priced at $60 1/8 OZ
  • Lemon-Lime – Priced at $40 1/8 OZ
  • Blue Dream – Priced at $40 1/8 OZ
  • BOSS OG – Priced at $55 1/8 OZ


  • Sour Watermelon Gummies (10MG each)- Priced at $10/Each
  • Peach Gummies (10MG each) – Priced at $10/Each
  • Sour Cherry Gummies (5MG each) – Priced at $10/Each
  • Sweet Peace Rasberry Rapture Truffle (500MG)- Priced at $40/Each

Final Thought About Bernal Heights Collective

Bernal Heights has been around for so long that you might even class them as an “old dog”. Since 2005 they have had their ups and downs, but then again so has the whole cannabis industry. Marijuanabreak gives their site a big thumbs up. It’s easy to navigate the concept of cannabis delivery is totally awesome. We’re looking forward to seeing what their new place is going to look like. Keep up the good work guys!

Address: 3185 Mission St, San Francisco, CA 94110

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