Barbary Coast Dispensary | The Complete Review
April 26, 2016

Barbary Coast Dispensary | The Complete Review

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MarijuanaBreak Staff / Updated on April 26, 2016
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A quick geography/history lesson: The ‘Barbary Coast’ is named after the inhabitants of coastal northern Africa, in what’s now known as Morocco, Algeria, and Tunisia. For centuries, these inhabitants had a nasty reputation the world over for being ruthless, merciless savages – most of the world referred to them as ‘Berbers’. From the 16th to the late 18th centuries, you didn’t want to cross paths with a Berber.

What does this have to do with a marijuana collective in historic San Francisco? Umm, we’re still trying to figure that one out. Certainly it’s got something to do with the pristine hash that’s well known for coming from these north African regions.

In any manner, The Barbary Coast dispensary is certainly San Francisco’s finest marijuana collective. In fact, it’s probably one of the finer cannabis dispensaries we’ve ever been in, anywhere. The quality of the cannabis is one thing, but it’s the atmosphere and aura of the place that truly sets it apart.

Highlights: The Barbary Coast Medical Marijuana Dispensary | San Francisco

  • Fully-stocked medical marijuana dispensary: a huge selection of truly premium quality flower strains, all sorts of premium concentrates/extracts, kief, pre-rolls, edibles, topicals, paraphernalia, and anything and everything between
  • Patients must have a valid California medical marijuana card to purchase
  • Authentic 19th-century deco makes for a legitimately memorable experience

The Barbary Coast is located smack downtown San Fran, on Mission St in the city’s beautiful historic district. Out of state tourists of course won’t be able to enjoy the fine quality products and otherworldy aura of the place, but if you’re a California resident with a marijuana card, make it a point to stop by this collective at some point.

As soon as you walk through the doors, you know instantly that you’re in another-level dispensary. Even the finer, botique-style places out in Denver don’t really compare to The Barbary Coast’s historic charm. Super-friendly budtenders/caregivers will welcome you upon arrival, and if there’s no wait (there usually will be), you can head right on up to the bar area where you can browse the product and speak with a budtender. If there is a wait, you’re more than welcome to sift through the professional-quality menu to narrow down some products before you make your way to the bar.

They say the quality of a fine restaurant lies more in its charm and aesthetic appeal than in it does in the taste of the food. We’re not really sure if the same goes for marijuana collectives, but if it does, The Barbary Collective would undoubtedly be rated as Frisco’s absolute finest.

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