Back To The Garden – Broadway | Review
October 13, 2016

Back To The Garden – Broadway | Review

MarijuanaBreak Staff / Updated on October 13, 2016
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Back to the Garden is a small medical/recreational dispensary located on some prime Denver real estate right in the midst of the popular ‘Green Mile’ stretch.

This is probably the smallest dispensary we’ve been in on Broadway, and like most small-time shops, the place is prone to getting picked over pretty hard by members that are in the know as soon as the fresh shipments come in. That being said, it’s a great place to check out at least once; all first time customers get their first 1/8th for $10.99 (normal non-member price for an 1/8th is $35, compared to $25 for members). That’s one of the better promotional incentives we’ve come across anywhere in town.

As far as the quality of the bud, we certainly won’t call it the best dispensary in town, but you’ll definitely be able to find a few suitable strains (as long as they’re in stock), such as their popular Blackberry Kush.

Highlights: Back to the Garden

  • Medical and Recreational sales
  • Great location on S. Broadway long Denver’s popular ‘Green Mile’ stretch
  • Excellent promo 1/8th pricing for first-time customers ($10.99)
  • Quality capped member pricing ($25 for an 1/8th, $160 for an ounce)

Like we said, Back to the Garden is a small little shop that’s about as tucked away as you can get for the Green Mile. The benefit of this of course is that the placed usually won’t be too jammed-up with customers, and you should have plenty of time to peruse the different strains and edible options (they currently carry a good selection of edibles from a variety of vendors, as well as few different varieties of oil).

One of our favorite things about the dispensary is that they have sample nugs on display in the budroom of all the different flowers available, so you can go around checking each variety out without having to grab a budtender to open up jar after jar for you.

Overall, a nice, clean little shop on part of Denver’s main Broadway strip – come on in and check out what they got, and take advantage of that killer promotional 1/8th pricing; you may just end up finding your new favorite herb stop.

Back to the Garden | 1755 South Broadway Denver, CO 80210

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