Artisanal Medicinals | Review
October 9, 2016

Artisanal Medicinals | Review

MarijuanaBreak Staff / Updated on October 9, 2016
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Artisanal Medicinals is an interesting dispensary. It’s a medical-only shop, and everything from the location to the decor to the outside street appeal give off the impression that they’re not too into marketing themselves or trying to attract customers. In fact, if you were casually passing by the place and had a glance at the banal brick building, there’d be not a clue that the joint was a top-notch cannabis dispensary.

That being said, what Artisanal Medicinals lacks in eye-catching street appeal, they make up for in eye-catching, mouth-watering bud. Word is that they’ve got some of the best, most flavorful, most unique strains of flower in all of Denver. However, take that with a grain of salt because they were busted back in March by the Colorado Marijuana Enforcement Division, and had 25 of their strains recalled after they tested positive for myclobutanil, avermectin, and imidacloprid (unapproved pesticides).

Highlights: Artisanal Medicinals, Denver

  • Medical-only dispensary
  • Quality flower: in the several years since they opened shop (they started in 2012), AM had begun to earn a small but very devoted following of satisfied customers that were sold on the dispensary’s super-potent, flavorful, unique strains of flower. However, since the pesticides recall, we imagine that business has taken quite a hit, and it’ll remain to be seen if the place is able to keep its doors open for good.
  • Hash selection: In addition to their flower, Artisanal Medicinals also is known for their primo hash selection, with their icewater hash being that of some of the best quality around.
  • Small selection of edibles/concentrates

Located south of Platt Park in Denver’s commercial/industrial Overland neighborhood, AM is definitely not in a touristy, pretty, or super-desirable part of the city.

The dispensary itself is in a small, featureless brick building which blends in well with the other drab, featureless buildings in the area. The inside consists of a tiny ‘waiting area’ with a few chairs, which is directly adjacent to the equally tiny budroom, with only a curtain partitioning the two. Once in the budroom, the product is displayed in glass jars on three small shelves on the wall; quite an interesting contrast between some of the other massive, eye-catching, ‘crowd-pleasing’ dispensaries you’ll find across Denver.

If you’re a medical patient and you’re looking for an interesting experience and/or perhaps some new strains of unique, super-potent flower/hash to try, pop on in to Artisanal Medicinals and check out their product – it certainly won’t be an experience that you’ll soon forget.

Artisanal Medicinals | 2042 South Bannock Street Denver, CO 80223

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