Archive Portland | The Complete Review
November 28, 2016

Archive Portland | The Complete Review

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MarijuanaBreak Staff / Updated on November 28, 2016
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If you are looking for the Mercedes of cannabis dispensaries then Archive Portland is the place to go.
Apart from running a high-quality dispensary that caters to medical and recreational users, this fine place employees staff that are renowned for their level of expertise. Archive is a veteran in the medical marijuana industry with over 35 years of collective cultivation experience.

As a matter of fact, they are so well-known for their products and service they have received numerous awards including the 1st Place at the High Times Cannabis Cup and 2nd & 3rd place at the multiple Cannabis Cup.

Ok, so enough with all the gloating 🙂 As you walk into this establishment you’ll immediately get the feeling that they know their stuff. Not only that, but they are willing to share it. They’ve really got some great heads working for them and all in all, they’ve got some of the best genetics and products in Portland.

Archive Portland Highlights

  • Since 2004 this dispensary has gained a reputation for producing 99% isolated trichome extractions, both wet and dry. That means that they have been providing trichome purity and enjoyment for over 12 years – that’s insane!
  • In 2015 Archive Portland started to sell revolutionized Hash Oil that contains 100% solvent and addictive free cannabis extract and oil. It was a breakthrough pioneered by SoilGrown Sal. Using state-of-the-art techniques they have managed to produce a product that is free of any harmful chemicals – a product that empowers you with the true riches of cannabis.
  • Prices are not as cheap as other dispensaries in the area, but then again you are paying for quality. Flowers will start from around $12, while Pre-Rolls will range around $10.

As for deals, it really depends on the day. You’d have to call them in advance to know what’s running. Some of the deals that they run include:

  • Flo Premium Flower Pre-Roll – $7
  • 1 Gram Girl Scout Cookies Pre-Roll – $10
  • Albert Walker Pre-Roll – $10
  • Rude Boi OG Pre-Roll – $7

In regards to location, this store has easy access. It is located at 10645 SE Henry St Portland, OR 97266 so you are not going to have any problems with parking.

Final Thoughts About Archive Portland

This place has a fantastic selection, quality, genetics, and most importantly service. The reviews on this place are outstanding, check out the reviews at . Everyone who works there seems to have a vast knowledge of the industry and you won’t have any problem receiving information about different products in the shop. We highly recommend a visit.

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