Altitude – East Denver | The Complete Review
October 6, 2016

Altitude – East Denver | The Complete Review

MarijuanaBreak Staff / Updated on October 6, 2016
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There are fantastic pot dispensaries in Denver, there are mediocre pot dispensaries in Denver, and there are certainly some questionable pot dispensaries in Denver.

We won’t go so far as to directly identify to which of these categories we think the Altitude dispensary on E. Evans belong to, but will we say it’s not one of the finest rated spots in town.

Now, our general purpose here on MarijuanaBreak is to list and review dispensary locations across the globe, to make it easier for traveling greenthumbs to find quality product and a nice place to chill. Very rarely (if ever) will we claim that a spot is not worth going to or checking out – and we certainly aren’t going to do that with Altitude.

Altitude is actually a really well-know, and well-liked dispensary by many locals and tourists alike, but it has gained a bit of a reputation around the 303 area for not having the best quality product around. They certainly do have a wide range of selection, with both med and recreational customers served, and a smattering of all the standard edibles, topicals, concentrates, etc on offer.

Highlights: Altitude, east Denver

  • Loyalty program: Like we said, Altitude certainly has its fair share of loyal followers and repeat customers. And for those that have earned their trust, Altitude has a nice benefits program for members that offers discounts and promotions on select items Sunday thru Thursday.
  • Specials: Altitude also has a pretty good happy hour and specials program for regular, non-member customers. Some examples: 10% off all flower during happy hour, Monday thru Friday (2pm – 4:20pm); Buy any two edibles, get the third 50% off.

Like we said, Altitude certainly has gained its fair share of regulars and loyal followers, and many thousands of customers have come and gone completely satisfied and with a smile on their face.

If you’re a super-seasoned bud connoisseur, you may be more suited to looking for an upscale botique shop, but if you’re an average tourist just hanging out in Denver, and happen to be on the east side of town, for sure stop on in to Affinity – they’re bound to have something that’ll suit you and give you exactly the experience you came to Denver looking for.

Altitude east Denver | 6858 E Evans Ave Denver, CO 80224

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