Affinity on E. Colfax Ave, Denver | Review
October 5, 2016

Affinity on E. Colfax Ave, Denver | Review

MarijuanaBreak Staff / Updated on October 5, 2016
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There are a few different kinds of pot dispensaries you’ll come across in Colorado: you’ve got your super-professional, upscale boutique shops that’ll remind you of ritzy Club-Med spas, your stoner/hippie/Woodstock I’m-stuck-in-the-60’s type joints, your run-down holes in the wall, and your hip-hoppy, urban-culture ‘720’ types.

And of course, everything in between.

Affinity on Colfax Ave in Denver is a brilliant example of a kind of blend between ‘stoner generations’ – it uniquely combines contemporary professionalism with your old-school/Dead-Head/hippy vibes. Think of Jerry Garcia meets Jerry Maguire.

It’s hand-painted 60’s psychedelic murals on the walls are a kind of stoner-salute to the bygone era of hippy culture, while the staff and facility itself maintain an impressive level of cleanliness and professionalism.

Affinity serves recreational and medical customers, and while they don’t really have the absurdly massive selection of some of the bigger ‘chain-dispensaries’ throughout Denver, they’re bound to have some variety of whatever particular strain/edible/extract etc that you’re looking for.

Highlights: Affinity on E. Colfax

  • Old-School vibe: A lot of modern-day stoners are unconcerned with the fact that pot culture is taking its respectable place among society, politics, and even business. Some of us out there prefer the counter-culture, burnout, hippy lifestyle. If you’re one of the many among that crowd, you’ll find this dispensary well to your liking.
  • Staff: Being a relatively small shop, Affinity doesn’t employ tons of staff/budtenders. However, you’ll come to love the few that do work there – their passion for cannabis and their willingness and eagerness to help you out and answer questions is definitely tangible.
  • Small shop vibe: Affinity doesn’t experience the voluminous swarms of customers that, say, a massive LivWell location does. Instead, what you’ll find when you walk in is a very friendly, very welcoming staff and intimate, cozy vibes that’ll surely have you coming back as a repeat customer.
  • Promotions/Daily Specials: Affinity offers various specials/promotions, such as daily ‘Happy-Hour’ 1/8ths. Give them a ring to find out what sort of specials they’ve currently got going on.

Located at 7741 E. Colfax Ave, Affinity is situated on Denver’s east side, about 10 miles from downtown and 3 miles east of City Park, the zoo, and the Denver Museum of Nature and Science.

If you’re not into all the fancy, new-age boutique dispensaries and you’re looking for a more traditional, ‘stonerish’ type shop, come and check out Affinity. Like we said – a super clean, super professional, no-frills dispensary with an incredibly friendly, helpful, and welcoming staff.

Affinity Medical & Recreational Marijuana Dispensary | 7741 E Colfax Ave Denver, CO 80220

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  1. Rosetta Day
    Affinity is the best!

    Always a good one!

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