Discover Your Perfect Match Based On Music You Love

The music you listen to says a lot about you. Isn’t it nice to date someone who you can share tastes in tunes with? Even better if they’re a cannabis lover like you, right? Use some of our incredible tips to help you choose your next dates wisely. Don’t waste time meeting random strangers who are completely uninteresting. Narrow down your selection pool with this cutting-edge information we are about to share with you.

Discover your perfect marijuana match today, based on the music you love:

1. John Coltrane: “In a Sentimental Mood”- The Intellectual Cannabis Connoisseur

If you’re a huge fan of Coltrane, well you are definitely a special type of cannabis connoisseur. Coltrane isn’t for everyone, and even though In a Sentimental Mood is adored by many globally, jazz is still the least listened to genre of music in the states. If you love jazz, you’re definitely going to be searching for a nice partner who can enjoy the sultry, mathematical and sporadic nature of this style of music. Look no further. With you will be able to easily search and discover someone who will change your life, opening up your world to new styles of jazz music and artists you’ve probably never heard of that stretch far beyond the beautiful complexities of John Coltrane. A recent poll showed that 11% of active members on OKCupid were huge fans of jazz music and avid listeners, and with millions of users daily, quite a few of those jazz lovers are bound to also love the ganj.

2. Bob Marley: “I Smoke Two Joints”- The Classic Stoner”

A stoner’s ultimate classic- nothing gets quite as real as our Marley-man singing his heart out about our favorite green. If you are your classic stoner, this is a staple song in your musical pantry. You’ve definitely chilled to this song many a time, and maybe even shared some joints while jammin’ to this tune. If you’re looking for a partner or fun individual to kick back with, will help you discover just what you are looking for. In a recent survey, 4% of Match’s huge and incredibly active dating community admitted to regularly consuming marijuana. With such a large pool of potential dates to choose from, you are guaranteed to love every minute of dating with Match.

3. The Grateful Dead: “Friend of the Devil”- The Hippie Marijuana Master

This tune is a track adored by old-school hippie marijuana masters and their predecessors alike who look up to the Dead Head and Flower Child movements in awe, desiring the freedom and welcoming spirit that so many possessed during these revolutionary times. If you are the type of individual that loves weed and wishes they could have been at Woodstock, you likely fall under this category. Dating might be a bit of a challenge for you. It’s not easy finding someone as open-minded and kind-spirited as you are, but is here to help. Nearly all users on this site have a strong desire to meet a potential date or partner who shares the same mindful mindset as them- someone who is open to all things mystical, magical, metaphysical and spiritual. Someone who is simply chill and at peace, to share great times with and deep intimate moments.

4. Outkast: “Elevators (Me & You)”- The Modern Ganja G

If you’re a fan of Outkast, you’re already a cool stoner- beyond cool. With his sick hip-hop beats, fresh lyrics and bumpin’ melodies, Outkast really knows how to make music for the funky stoners. If you want to kick it and relax with someone, casually or in a more serious relationship, but are desiring time with someone who is similar to you, a straight-up modern ganja G, then you’re going to have to search in the right places. Thankfully, 7% of users of have confessed their love for reefer, so you are bound to find someone as fresh as you from that large pool of fish. Don’t waste time on dates where you can’t relate, cut straight to the chase and find the right one for you with eharmony.

Discover the one you actually desire to spend time with quickly and efficiently, all because of your marijuana music profile and a little help from dating sites tailored directly towards you exact needs!