The Bio Cleanse Detox Review


The ‘detox’ craze has hit the health and fitness industry in recent years. The term is short for ‘detoxification’, which is the body’s natural process of eliminating and neutralizing toxins. A ‘toxin’ is a substance that could harm our body’s tissue and includes waste products such as ammonia and lactic acid that arise from typical cell activity.

We are exposed to environmental toxins in the air we breathe and the food and water we consume. Various organs – such as the kidneys, liver, skin, lungs, and intestines – work together to either remove toxins from the body or transform them into less harmful compounds.

Although detoxing is associated with drug or alcohol dependence, it is now a fad short-term diet that apparently helps remove toxins. Marijuana users, in particular, try to detox and eliminate traces of THC from their body if they are asked to take a company drug test, for example.

Despite the popularity of detox diets and products, there is little in the way of clinical evidence to support the notion that it’s useful. Even so, companies such as Bio Cleanse are enjoying success by offering a variety of detox products ranging from standard detoxification kits to probiotics. In this review, we look at the company and analyze some of its products.

Who Are Bio Cleanse?

Bio Cleanse is a small, family-owned business which operates out of the city of Tualatin, Oregon. Its goal is to help people regain their health via natural methods, and it has a focus on colon cleansing products. It claims its Colon Cleanse offering is the best on the market, made with organic and chemical-free products. It is filled with herbs and nutrients designed to remove toxins from the body, boost your energy and imbue you with a general sense of wellbeing.

It sells five distinct products, and all of them are ‘wildcrafted’ which means they were gathered from the wild. All of the products are suitable for vegans, and the herbs were picked at the height of their potency and dried using natural methods. Without further ado, let’s review the Bio Cleanse’s primary product.

Bio Cleanse – Organic Detox Kit Review

This is the brand’s most famous product, but at $78, this Organic Detox Kit isn’t cheap. It includes the following:

Digest Power

Containing 90 capsules, there is enough here for 45 servings. Each capsule contains 930mg of a proprietary blend containing ingredients such as Licorice Root, Cape Aloe Leaf, Turkey Rhubarb root, and Fennel seed. It contains 15 specially chosen herbs including Western and Ayurvedic herbs that have been used for millennia as a form of cleansing the body.

Toxin Remover

This product consists of mountain clay which, when mixed with liquid, absorbs toxins from the bowels and prevents them from re-entering your bloodstream. Each tub contains 250 grams and offers 35 servings. Ingredients include Ginger Root, Psyllium Husk, and Weathered Volcanic Ash.

According to Bio Cleanse, the unique array of ingredients binds to toxins, mucoid plaque, and debris that are lodged in the colon. Ginger stops bloating and removes parasites, psyllium ‘bulks’ the mixture and helps pull the clay through your colon, while the clay itself is smooth and easy to consume.


This probiotic formulation is designed to recolonize the bowels with friendly organisms once the cleansing process has been completed. It helps prevent parasites from forming, and each container offers 60 capsules. You should take one per day. It contains 11 strains of bacteria and is designed to be more alkalizing on the body.

The kit includes a 44-page instruction booklet that provides useful information about the colon cleansing process. You can either perform a rigorous 9-day cleanse or try the milder 14+ day option. The Digest Power formula stimulates your organs and bowels, the Toxin Remover absorbs the newly released toxins, and the Probiotics keep harmful bacteria at bay.

Does it Work?

Bio Cleanse has made some bold claims. It says that users lost up to 22 pounds in weight, felt no hunger cravings, improved their skin, enjoyed a boost in energy, and had better eating habits after the cleanse. It works well as a general cleanse to feel healthier and also does an excellent job of removing THC from your system; it won’t help you pass a drug test this week, but you should feel healthier, more energized and happier overall.

To be clear, you may feel initial discomfort as your body removes its impurities, but eventually, you will get used to the experience. The toxin remover does a fantastic job of eliminating those hunger pangs so, unlike other cleansing products, you won’t feel the need to indulge in junk food because those cravings dissipate almost entirely. It isn’t easy to subsist only on what’s in the kit, water, and 100% organic apple juice for nine days, but you will be delighted with the results when the cleanse is finished.

Does Bio Cleanse Sell Anything Else?

You can purchase all three components of the Organic Detox Kit separately. Digest Power costs $25.95, the Toxin Remover costs $29.95, and the Vegan Probiotic costs $25.95. You are encouraged to try one if you want a quicker and less demanding cleansing option.

Bio Cleanse also sells Alkalizing Superfood which you can buy for $29.95. It is designed as a daily addition to your diet and increases your intake of vitamins, alkalizing minerals, phytonutrients, and antioxidants in your body. Ingredients include organic American wheat, organic Egyptian beets, and chlorella grown in South Korea. It contains over one-third of your daily vitamin A needs and consists of seven ‘superfoods.’

Although Bio Cleanse uses the most expensive ingredients, it has managed to keep the retail cost to a similar level of other Superfoods. Overall, it is an exceptional product, and you will receive 50 servings per container. This works out at less than $0.60 a day, which is a small price to pay for good health.

Final Thoughts on The Bio Cleanse

Do not confuse this company with the Bio Cleanse supplement sold by Plexus which has received mainly poor reviews. Bio Cleanse has received widespread praise from customers, and deservedly so. Its Organic Detox Kit is one of the finest cleansing products on the market. It helps you lose weight, clear harmful bacteria from the body and provides you with a sense of wellbeing.

Bio Cleanse left no stone unturned when creating its Alkalizing Superfood product. It contains essential nutrients lacking from the average person’s daily diet. Whether you want to look better, lose weight, or feel energized, give Bio Cleanse’s Organic Detox Kit and Alkalizing Superfood products a try.

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