Countries and States in Favor of Legalizing Marijuana

There’s a lot of buzz in the media right now about marijuana, and when we say a lot, we mean A LOT. Some countries sit on the cutting edge of this cannabis revolution, embracing some form of Cannabis legalization or decriminalization of this medicinally beneficial crop. What countries have established some form of marijuana support, and what are their limitations?

Locations ALREADY Supporting Cannabs Decriminalization:


Cannabis Legalization Portugal

This cutting edge country has decriminalized marijuana fully, in fact it has decriminalized all drugs. This process has led to a decrease in overall drug usage and an increased responsible use of cannabis. There is no longer the “teenage rebellion factor” tied with drug use in this country, so citizens choose to experiment freely without the fear of repercussions from the police force or government establishments. Furthermore, for those who truly need help, Portugal is providing full care for addicts and drug abusers. Marijuana is seen as an extremely mild substance in Portugal, and much of the population has discovered a medical benefit in the consumption of this royal green crop.


Cannabis Legalization Amsterdam

Although marijuana is not legal in all of The Netherlands, Amsterdam has special regulations that allow the freedom to consume cannabis in designated coffee shops or cafes. At these shops, customers can purchase various strains of their favorite ganja, and the ganja at these shops is almost always top quality, so expect to be buying high grade product. The reefer may then be consumed at these shops openly and without judgement. Amsterdam’s coffee shops have been making news headlines lately, due to the bizarrity of such a concept for parts of the world that are still very closed off to the decriminalized consumption of herb.

Oregon, Colorado, Washington and Alaska

These four states in the United States recognize the recreational legality of cannabis for casual consumption. Although each state pertains to its own laws and regulations, they all allow the purchase of ganja at certified cooperatives or shops if the patient is over the age of 21. A specific number of marijuana crops can also be grown in all of these states for personal use, although the numbers are heavily regulated and it is therefore best to stick within the legal guidelines for pot cultivation.

Locations Pushing for Cannabis Decriminalization:

Many new countries are recognizing the importance of reefer decriminalization and even legalization, jumping on the 420-friendly bandwagon that seems to be taking the world by storm.

United Kingdom (UK)

Cannabis Legalization UK

Currently, Brits are demanding a cannabis system that is similarly patterned after the ganja trends for legalization occurring in America, generating the freedom for adults over the age of 18 to purchase reefer from designated retail locations. Additionally, UK citizens also want to be able to cultivate small amounts of marijuana for personal use at home, much as Oregon or Colorado is already allowing. Britons believe this new system will take hype away from the illegal pot trade in the UK, and focus more on building local economy, through taxes and tariffs placed on the legal purchase of cannabis.

In addition to the UK, countries such as Canada, Jamaica, India and Mexico are also looking to loosen herb restrictions, decisions which are likely to boost respective economies, decrease the illegal stigma around pot consumption and lead to a bust of the black market marijuana trade that is currently happening.

Moving Forward

The future for the cannabis revolution is looking bright, and many countries are already following lead to their ganja embracing neighbors. As years pass, the widespread accessibility of such a powerful herb is expected to sweep the markets of many nations.

Although known benefits exist with marijuana consumption, it is important that each individual is responsible for using his or her own discretion when consuming cannabis bud and products.