Verified CBD Full Review [Oils, Edibles, Coupons]
January 6, 2019

Verified CBD Full Review [Oils, Edibles, Coupons]

Verified CBD, CBD Oil, CBD Extract, Buy CBD Oil, Review
MarijuanaBreak Staff / Updated on January 6, 2019

No matter the industry, branding is everything. This becomes even more important in the ever-growing CBD industry, which by most analyst’s estimations, is set to become a multi-billion-dollar market within the next few years. The non-intoxicating nature of CBD is well-known, as is the range of medical benefits that one can potentially receive from consuming […]

No matter the industry, branding is everything. This becomes even more important in the ever-growing CBD industry, which by most analyst’s estimations, is set to become a multi-billion-dollar market within the next few years.

The non-intoxicating nature of CBD is well-known, as is the range of medical benefits that one can potentially receive from consuming it. With hundreds of CBD sellers to choose from, though, how on earth are you to know which brand you should trust your hard-earned money with?

In this complete Verified CBD review, we take a hard look at one of the biggest Florida-based operations around to see how they stack up against the rest of the competition. What kind of products do they have? Do they ship to all 50 states? Are they worth the price?

Keep reading to find out.

Who are Verified CBD?

Although this is a pretty basic question, it isn’t as easy to answer as one might assume given the endless amounts of information that is typically available online.

Despite being in business since 2014 and selling CBD to 50 countries around the world, one can find little information about the company on review sites, cannabis industry blogs, etc. Even the ‘About Us’ page fails to shed any specific light on the founders of the company (the photo on the page appears to be a random stock image). Needless to say, this didn’t give us a great first impression.

| After speaking to the owner and receiving lab-tested documents, however, we realized that Verified CBD isn’t your average CBD oil company.


After a long talk with the management team, we found out that Verified CBD runs one of the best extraction processes in the business; according to them, for instance, their CBD products undergo rigorous testing that use the most advanced HPLC equipment available – the same type of equipment that’s used in U.S. pharmaceutical laboratories to test major drug labels.

Furthermore, our Verified CBD review revealed that each and every one of the company’s products are tested in a GMP-certified facility in Miami, Florida, and everything is made right here in the USA. Also, Verified CBD oils are 80% pure compared to the estimated 17-40% level of its rivals.

Review of Verified CBD Oil

Verified CBD review

While the company sells an assortment of hemp extract products, for this Verified CBD review we decided to focus mostly on the brand’s standard CBD oil tinctures, which come in three sizes:

  • 500mg | $43.95
  • 750mg | $67.95
  • 1,500mg | $129.95

All products come in 1-ounce bottles, so the 750mg has a 50% stronger concentration than the 500mg, while the 1,500mg offers 3x the amount of CBD. Here’s a basic rundown of all Verified CBD oil for sale, including how much CBD is included in each drop:


500mg (1 oz bottle) Approximately 0.85mg $43.95
750mg (1 oz bottle) Approximately 1.27mg $63.95
1,500mg (1 oz bottle) Approximately 2.54mg  $129.95

If a single ‘serving’ of Verified CBD oil is assumed to be 15 drops, here is how much CBD you would get per serving for each of their three products:

  • 500mg | Approx. 12.75mg CBD per serving
  • 750mg | Approx. 19mg CBD per serving
  • 1,500mg | Approx. 38mg CBD per serving

All Verified CBD oils are non-GMO and made from organic hemp grown right here in the United States. Also, it’s worth pointing out that you can save some money by purchasing in bulk. For example, you can get four of the 750mg bottles for just $206.95, which is a significant discount considering that a single bottle is $63.95.

| Verified CBD oil for sale is available in single bottles as well as packs of two, three, and four for added discounts.


As for the oil itself, our Verified CBD review team found that the tinctures worked reasonably well for anxiety, but we’re not so sure as to the company’s claim that they are the ‘World’s Finest CBD Products.’

We did, however, find some testimonials from Verified CBD customers claiming that their back pain of 30 years was gone in as little as three days. This may seem a bit far-fetched, but who knows; CBD oil has been known to help with some of the most harsh and debilitating conditions out there.

Overall, we would say that if you are purchasing Verified CBD oil for a mild condition (such as anxiety or acute pain), you are going to get your money’s worth. This is a high-quality company that tests all of their products, and they do offer good overall value in terms of what you get for the price.

Verified CBD Review: Other Products For Sale

verified cbd coupons

In addition to their range of oral CBD tinctures, Verified CBD also sells an array of other hemp extract products including:

  • CBD Capsules | Available in 10mg ($47.95) or 25mg ($77.95)
  • CBD Gummies | 200mg (Come in packs of 10; 20mg per gummy) $22.95
  • CBD Vape Oil | $84.95 (Available in Apple, Razzleberry, and Menthol flavors)
  • CBD Weight Loss Spray | $43.95
  • CBD Anti-Anxiety Spray | $43.95
  • CBD Sleep Spray | $43.95
  • CBD Pain Relief Spray | $43.95
  • Energy and Focus CBD Spray | $33.95
  • Anti-Aging CBD Cream | $47.95
  • Intensive Healing CBD Pain Rub Cream | $47.95
  • Daily Skin Re-Energizer CBD Cream | $43.95
  • CBD Dog Treats | $37.95 (Packs of 30; each treat contains 5mg)

Verified CBD’s capsules have become nearly as popular as their oral (sublingual) tinctures, and contain either 10mg or 25mg of the compound per capsules (the company claims they offer 99% CBD isolate).

And once again, you have the potential to save a decent amount of money if you buy in bulk, as you can get a two-pack of 25mg capsules for $141.95 (a savings of $13.95), a three-pack for $201.95 (savings of $31.90), or a four-pack for $236.95 (a savings of $74.85).

All in all, we found the CBD capsules to work okay, but in our opinion you would need more than one to handle chronic pain.

Where to Buy Verified CBD Oil (And Other Products)

As is typical in this industry, the best place to buy Verified CBD oil (including their range of other products) is directly through their official website and online store, which you can access using the link below. In fact, in the case of Verified CBD it seems as if it is the only place you can buy their products is online through their official website.

We do understand that the company puts a great deal of effort on customer service, and therefore would rather sell it’s own products than have to deal with third-party retailers (in which they would also have to increase their prices).

In this way, the company can monitor customer satisfaction on their own behalf, all while maintaining their entire product range at the lowest possible price point.

Verified CBD Oil Review: Final Thoughts

While we didn’t have any issues receiving our order, it’s always best to take into consideration that postal can be problematic, especially if you live in a state that has strict rules in regards to CBD extract.

However, with the passing of the updated Hemp Farming Act in late 2018, there should be no issues whatsoever in terms of the availability of products to all 50 U.S. states.

In any case, even if you do have problems with an order you can always email Verified CBD or give them a call directly at 1-800-454-0472. In our experience, their customer support staff is very responsive and helpful.

All in all, the general verdict of our Verified CBD oil review is that the products are okay, and they represent good value for your money – especially if you buy two, three, or four packs at a time. However, it is our opinoin that the CBD oils would not be suitable for chronic pain or other types of severe conditions.

Verified CBD Oil Review | 7/10

[If you are looking for more information on Verified CBD, be sure to check out their official website at]

17 reviews
  1. Amanda
    Nearly as good as the cannabis oil I was getting in CO

    Moving from Colorado to Kansas recently I had to give up the medical CBD oils I was getting from a dispensary in Ft. Collins (cannabis is not legal in Kansas.) Before I left my friend recommended this brand and honestly I cannot tell much difference between these oils and the supposedly “medical” ones I was getting in CO. Seem to be really high quality and I’d definitely recommend to anyone who doesn’t have access to a med/rec dispensary. I order online and get a box shipped to my door once a month, simple as that

  2. Shawn
    Super pleased... cheaper and more effective than others

    WAYYYY cheaper than other CBD oils I’ve tried elsewhere and believe it or not way more effective. Definitely would recommend

  3. Kent H
    Gummies worked decently for my stress

    Other gummies I’ve tried have just made me kind of sedative and lethargic… these ones actually seemed to really help clear my mind without knocking me (too much) on my feet.

  4. Miranda
    Thumbs up for the sleep spray

    Really was pretty surprised and pleased with the sleep spray. Fast acting and I slept good through the night

  5. Tina Miller
    Works on older animals and my carpel tunnel thumb I am pleased beyond words.

    My cat needed surgery and was very sick and could barely walk. I bought this and my veterinarian said “One drop” in his food. Made him able to walk and he lived out his last month in comfort. I highly recommend this product as it is good quality. It also works on my carpal tunnel thumb. I am grateful to this company for easing some of the pains.

  6. Mildred
    Best CBD oil

    Hands down the best cbd oil brand

  7. Ryan

    Terrible company

    stay away

    Ordered product not delivered, company wont return calls or emails.

    Company is a scam

  8. Jim wolf
    Great 5 stars

    I have RA . And have had 8 knee surgeys . So when my wife said let’s try it . I order the cream I said I would give it a good try our state fair was here so I put some on before I went .we walked all day 12,000 steps . When I got home I felt great. I love it , no pills

  9. Marco
    I don't think this is CBD

    The flavor tastes more like diluted flax oil. I don’t believe for a second this is organic CBD. I’ve been trying to return this but can get in touch with anyone.

  10. david
    cant buy

    Purchased from here about a month ago , it all went well , product was good . tried to buy from again , twice , said transaction was declined although it was debited from my bank account , but then put back in shortly , dont know what is going on but time for a new supplier

  11. Anthony
    Best Full Spectrum oil I have tried so far

    I had purchased the 1500mg Full Spectrum oil from these guys and so far this has been the highest quality CBD oil I have come across.
    I would recommend it to anyone looking for a natural and consistent medicine to help reduce their anxiety and stress levels throughout the day.
    The order process and delivery were also spot on. Will be surely ordering my next batch soon!

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