Select CBD Review [Is it Worth the Money?]

CBD has become something of a household medicine these days; despite the existence of those that still crusade against its use, there are millions of Americans using it every day. One of the most popular ways with which CBD users imbibe their cannabinoid of choice is through vape pens, but the problem is that many CBD retailers choose to specialize in CBD oils, leaving CBD vape pens as an afterthought.

Select CBD is one company that defies this idea, as they specialize in their patented, uniquely designed CBD vape pens, while also still offering other CBD products like CBD oils, except this time, the priority is on the vape pens.

Let’s take a look at Select CBD and see whether or not they are worth the money.

Who Are Select CBD?

Select CBD is based out of Oregon, a state that is perhaps the one best known for CBD use and cultivation, alongside the state of Colorado being known for marijuana. Select CBD pride themselves on offering as strong a dosage of CBD as possible, as well as a variety of different flavor profiles.

Their aesthetic is focused around gentle, muted blues, with very little visual space taking up the content of their website. The vast majority of their brand identity is in their individual products, rather than endless spiel about the merits and values inherent in CBD. Instead of telling you about the uses of CBD, Select CBD prefer to show you with their products.

One unfortunate quality of Select CBD is that, instead of offering all of their lab reports available for viewing for potential customers, Select CBD instead prefers to keep it a secret. Their lab reports are available to be viewed, but you have to request it specifically from them using your email; what’s worse, you have to have already bought a CBD product from them to be able to request it, as they first require the Batch ID before you can receive your test results.

This is practically the opposite of what many companies offer, as it is rather difficult to determine whether or not their products are any good before buying them if you can only view the definitive proof of their reliability after the fact.

However, despite this lack of transparency, Select CBD are incredibly well rated in the CBD community, ranking incredibly highly on sites like TrustPilot and Reddit, implying that in the very least, even if they are not the most open about their products’ contents, they are still very well liked.

Let’s take a closer look at their products to determine whether or not they are worth the price.

Select CBD E-Liquids and Vape Products

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Considering Select CBD specialize in their vape pens, it makes sense first to take a look at what they have to offer for those that don’t enjoy the feel of CBD oil, and instead prefer to vaporize their CBD.

They offer only one strength of vape pen, 250mg, costing $45 each. However, they are available in six different flavors including Lavender, Spearmint, Grapefruit, Peppermint, Cinnamon, and Lemon.

The flavors of these vape pens are not just what you can expect to smell like when you are vaping them; instead, the choice of terpenes used in each of their vape pens is dedicated to a particular mood. For example, the use of cinnamon flavorings is designed to inspire a sense of relaxation, whereas the peppermint is designed to inspire an intensive focus.

This is because of the chemical properties of the terpenes they use as flavor additives, as well as their natural reactions in the human body. For example, Lavender ‘s primary terpene, the substance responsible for that signature lavender smell and taste, known as linalool, reacts with the body to create feelings of relaxation and calm. The inclusion of these natural terpenes makes Select CBD Vape Pens not just a way to imbibe CBD, but to also regulate and control your mood.

Each vape pen is designed to provide 1 to 2mg of CBD per 3-second puff, meaning that these disposable vape pens are actually quite a small dosage; however, this also means that you get roughly 200 puffs from each pen, all for the price of $45.

This makes these vape pens – consisting of nothing more than CBD, natural terpenes and coconut oil that has been fractionated so as to make it easier to imbibe as an e-liquid – surprisingly good value.

Select CBD have at least made an excellent choice in choosing not to use Propylene Glycol or other artificial thinning agents, instead fractionating their coconut oil – this is more expensive for the producer, but results in a better final product for the end user.

Despite the initially frightening price of $45 per disposable vape pen, Select CBD Vape Pens seem to be designed around value for money and an inherent desire to be good for you.

Each of their CBD vape cartridges is designed with a ceramic core, as well as being incredibly airtight. This is done to ensure that your CBD vape liquid is kept to a consistent temperature, ensuring not only that it is not spoiled, but that it remains in the flavor intensity as when you bought it.

How about Select CBD’s other products, though? Does their CBD oil hold up to their CBD vape pens, considering that’s where their main focus is?

Select CBD Oil Products

Select cbd oil

Select CBD’s CBD oil products are available in much the same way as their vape pens. Costing $65, their CBD oils are only available in 1000mg strength; however, you can choose between similar flavors to their vape pens, such as Lemon Ginger, Peppermint, Lavender or, if you are exceptionally dull, Unflavored.

Select CBD’s CBD oils contain the same list of limited ingredients, though the CBD oils contain actual Ginger and Turmeric extract as they don’t need to remain entirely vaporizable. Unfortunately, other than the short list of ingredients and their description of their steeping methods of dry herbs for better flavor, there is basically no additional actual information.

There is no dosing information, no recommendation for treatment options or any kind of assurances about the quality of their CBD oil. Instead, it’s just a short paragraph and the price.

With that being said, their CBD oil products are still intensely well reviewed, with some of the highest praise on websites like Trustpilot of any CBD oil brand. Despite the lack of useable information, including the complete lack of lab reports, it would appear that they are popular anyway.

Select CBD also offer a pet-friendly version of their CBD oil, costing only $50 and only 750mg of CBD, rather than the 1000mg in the human version. These lack any dangerous terpenes or dry herbs that could be dangerous to dogs, instead of being flavored with vegan ingredients chemically, so that they taste like more pet-friendly alternatives, like peanut butter and bacon.

As ever, these Select PETS are the same as the human version, only they are a little bit weaker and flavored differently.

What other kinds of CBD products does Select CBD offer besides their CBD vape pens and CBD oil?

Select CBD Edibles & CBD Water

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Select CBD offers two final alternatives for imbibing CBD – CBD Gel Capsules and CBD Muscle Rub. Their CBD Gel Capsules are designed to be easy to take, either chewable or swallowable and a useful alternative to those that don’t have either option of CBD oil or vape pens.

The primary quality of Select CBD’s Gel Capsules is that they contain other ingredients alongside the CBD to encourage specific reactions. For example, their Rest Gel Capsules contain 75 mg of Valerian Root, as well as 75mg of Passion Flower. This means that only about ¼ of the content of each pill is CBD, as there is only 33.33mg of CBD per capsule.

This means that Select CBD’s Gel Capsules are less of a way to imbibe CBD, and more a way to treat specific problems, like an inability to fall asleep quickly.

However, considering the price tag of only $65 not only gets you 30 gel caps of 33 mg of CBD but also the desired effect to help improve your daily health, such as helping you get to sleep or even, if you choose the Boost Gel Capsules, to wake, the price tag actually starts to look like a bargain.

Although you might balk at the hefty price of $65, consider that it serves as not only a CBD dosage, but also a sleeping pill, or an afternoon pick-me-up.

The final CBD product offered by Select CBD is their Select Muscle Rub, a topical application of CBD that is also filled with other ingredients, such as Tea Tree Oil, Menthol and Vitamin E.

This product is designed to be used as a topical treatment for localized injuries, such as those suffered after a particularly intense gym workout session.

This is basically the only product offered by Select CBD that actually has a comprehensive list of its ingredients, actively listing each and every additive and flavor compound that has been added to improve their Muscle Rub. The ingredients are fairly typical, so it can be expected to provide some temporary topical relief from muscle-related injuries, as well as helping them heal a bit faster thanks to the 250mg included in the tube.

Final Thoughts on Select CBD – Are They Worth the Price?

Select CBD is one brand among many in the USA that is offering CBD products, both locally and overseas. Although they specialize in their CBD vape pens, each of them designed to be disposable and good for around 200 puffs; they also offer a range of other products to cater to your CBD needs.

The fundamental problem is their lack of transparency, especially with regard to their lack of lab reports freely available to the consumer.

However, despite this fundamental problem, Select CBD does seem to be an incredibly well respected, much-liked company. Their products have rave reviews, as well as their disposable vape pens being sold across the country.

Despite the issue of the missing lab reports, their consistent pricing system of around $50 to $65 per product is surprisingly fair, especially considering the total quantity of CBD provided, or the other additives designed to elicit specific effects.

Ultimately, Select CBD is a company that is worth the price – it just would be nice if they respected us enough to trust us with all the information.