Receptra Naturals CBD Oil Review

MarijuanaBreak Staff / Updated on January 9, 2019

If you’re anything like me, you’re fed up with constantly getting prescribed painkillers for every minor ache. Sure, when you feel as if your joints are on fire, it is nice to get some relief, but the side effects aren’t worth it! I got to the stage where I finally realized that medication is out, […]

Receptra Naturals

If you’re anything like me, you’re fed up with constantly getting prescribed painkillers for every minor ache. Sure, when you feel as if your joints are on fire, it is nice to get some relief, but the side effects aren’t worth it! I got to the stage where I finally realized that medication is out, and CBD is very much in!

Over the last 18 months, I have tried multiple CBD oils and have been impressed with the effect they have on my arthritis… most of the time. While low-quality stuff is about as useful as sunflower oil for the pain, premium quality CBD oil works fast and really alleviates my suffering. Today, I will share my experiences with Receptra Naturals who have not one, but two ranges of high grade CBD oil.

Who Are Receptra Naturals?

receptra naturals

The explosion in the popularity of CBD means there are hundreds of companies selling a wide range of products. As such, there will always be a few bad apples, but as a consumer, you have no excuse not to weed such scammers out; always research a company and its products before buying!

Receptra Naturals is a Colorado-based CBD seller that claims it only uses hemp flower and aerial parts in its products. That means no stems, stalks or seeds. It also utilizes cold ethanol extraction. In layman’s terms, Receptra claims to only extract the best cannabinoids in the hemp plant. The hemp used is organically grown in the state of Colorado, and it is a family-run business.

As far as the site, it is nicely presented, but I would have liked it if the About Us page offered a little more detailed information. Nonetheless, the company’s Certificate of Analysis* helped to allay any fears I initially had about the organization’s authenticity. And by the way, there is a little THC in the oil so be wary of potential psychoactive effects. And lastly, for the record I tried both of Receptra Naturals’ CBD oils, but did not use any of the topicals or the pet CBD!

Receptra Naturals Health & Wellness Extracts

Receptra Naturals

The company’s Health & Wellness CBD products are available in two different concentrations: Prime and Plus. Prime is the ‘weaker’ of the two, and contains 20mg of CBD per dropper (that is, if you place a whole dropper full of oil under your tongue, you’ll be administering 20mg CBD) It comes in three sizes:

  • 15mL (375mg of CBD): $39.95
  • 30mL (750mg of CBD): $74.95
  • 60 mL (1500mg of CBD): $134.95

The ‘Plus’ version, which is the one I decided to try, contains 40mg of CBD per dropper, and comes in two different sizes:

  • 30mL (1500mg of CBD): $134.95
  • 60mL (3000mg of CBD): $199.95

The difference between Prime and Plus is that the latter simply has a stronger concentration of CBD (40mg per dropper compared to 20mg per dropper). I was expecting a lot from this full-profile cannabinoid extract, and I wasn’t disappointed. Also, following the instructions is easy; all you have to do is fill the dropper and squeeze the drops under your tongue. Wait about 15-20 seconds, and then swallow.

As far as dose, I elected to take a full Plus dropper twice a day. There were about 24 drops in a full dropper, and I wondered if it would be necessary to increase the dose to three droppers a day for my arthritis.

In the end, a third dropper wasn’t needed because I could definitely ‘feel’ something within 15 minutes of consumption. While the pain from my arthritis wasn’t completely gone, it was significantly reduced to the point where I could enjoy playtime with my daughter without gritting my teeth.

Additionally, the ‘Fresh Berry’ flavor was a welcome departure from the stronger CBD oils I tasted in the past. While the smell is rather strong, the taste doesn’t overwhelm the senses, and it’s actually rather pleasant. You could even add it to a fruit smoothie if you’re so inclined and you wouldn’t taste the difference. (I also know people who have added it to protein shakes in their weight loss programs and it worked a treat).

Receptra Active Lifestyle

I much prefer it when companies don’t try to overhype their products, and I feel as if Receptra is guilty of this sin with its Active Lifestyle range. On the product description, the company says it will help you “achieve unheard of mental and physical performance.” It is a pretty good product on it’s own, so it doesn’t need the added exaggerations. What ends up happening, I feel, is that instead of expecting a CBD oil that helps them become more active, some users will expect it to turn them into a cross between Usain Bolt and Albert Einstein – they’ll invariably end up disappointed!

Regardless, though, the oil is packed with goodness as it contains naturally occurring cannabinoids, essential fatty acids, antioxidants, and neuroprotectants. It comes in three different concentrations: Active, Elite, and Pro. The Active contains 15mg of CBD per dropper, while the Elite contains 30mg, and the pro contains 60mg. Here’s a breakdown of the sizes and prices if you’re interested:

Active (15mg CBD per dropper)

  • 15mL (250mg of CBD): $24.95
  • 30mL (500mg of CBD): $44.95
  • 60mL (1000mg of CBD): $79.95

Elite (30mg CBD per dropper)

  • 30mL (1000mg of CBD): $79.95
  • 60mL (2000mg of CBD): $149.95

Pro (60mg CBD per dropper)

  • 30mL (2000mg of CBD): $149.95
  • 60mL (4000mg of CBD): $249.95

Receptra Naturals

In terms of consuming the oil, there is no difference between the Active Lifestyle and Health & Wellness ranges; simply drop it under your tongue and hold for a few seconds before swallowing. I used the 1,000mg Elite bottle with the 30mg dropper and was happy with the results.

While it didn’t turn me into an Olympic athlete or help me compete in a Spelling Bee, it did lead to a pleasant feeling of relaxation and I felt energetic enough to conduct my daily tasks with ease. Needless to say, it also succeeded in dulling the pain of arthritis.


Final Thoughts on Receptra Naturals

receptra naturals coupon

There’s no doubt that Receptra Naturals is selling high-quality CBD products. When I used both the Health & Wellness and Active Lifestyle CBD oils, I felt the pain of the arthritis ease away, and within minutes, it was barely perceptible. Like all CBD products, the best thing about these oils is the lack of side effects. You don’t feel tired, high or anxious. Instead, you feel energetic, calm and most importantly, pain-free.

The main downside is that Receptra Naturals’ products aren’t exactly cheap. Even in the cheapest oil at $24.95, there are maybe 16-17 full droppers, which can provide between a week’s and a month’s worth of treatment, depending on how much you use per day. That said, if you are suffering from chronic pain or even an anxiety problem, Receptra Naturals’ CBD products will be a welcome addition to your life. Eventually, I hope that more people use CBD and dump their pharmaceutical drugs!

Verdict: 8.5/10

10 reviews
  1. Jones
    Great Products

    I was suffering from arthritis pain for long and it was becoming difficult for me to walk and I was planning on buying a wheelchair. Fortunately, I got Receptra Naturals’ CBD oils and I am now able to walk comfortably. Thank you Receptra Naturals.

  2. Timmy West
    Plus to quit weed

    I first tried the prime version of this brand, but then switched to the plus version. Actually I use this for reducing my withdrawal symptoms, I am trying to quit smoking, and this helping me. Not only is it working on lowering the symptoms of withdrawal, but I think is also useful for regenerating my body with the lost energy. It has been a year, and I feel much better now. I know what this struggle of quitting means, so would recommend this to people out there, who are trying to quit weed.

  3. Rebekah
    Good for high Blood Pressure and good sleep aid

    I purchased the active 500+mg at our local vape store. I was taking it for back pain sustained in a work related injury. Because of the injury, my BP (blood pressure) has been elevated to the point where my doctor told me if the BP doesn’t come down, he may put me on a BP regulating medicine. Surprisingly, after taking the CBD oil, my BP dropped significantly. After tracking the results for about a week or so, I am convinced that the CBD oil will prevent me from having to take a pharmaceutical drug to regulate my blood pressure. Also, I was having trouble sleeping. Between rubbing essential oils on the bottom of my feet, taking melatonin, CBD oil and Celestial Seasonings “Sleepytime” ted, my sleep is now good, even sleeping in late!!! I’m not sure if it helps with my back pain. But the benefits of reduced BP and better sleep are benefits good enough to keep me taking it.

  4. Jay
    Check DEEP so you don't get duped

    Didnt you read the ingredients on the website? Trace elements of toxins and heavy metals, though they be trace, over the course of using this long term is NOT GOOD FOR YOUR BODY! Also, MCT and coconut oil, which are medium range carriers, are not the best either….also, there is no way on earth you would ever need anything about 750 of PURE CBD oil. 2000 and 4000??? Yikes….it must be incredibly diluted – thats why they tell you to take so much….people, please dont get duped….

  5. Karen
    Receptra is the best by far!

    I really like Receptra Naturals products. The targeted topical has been great when I am feeling sore after working out and I take the tincture sublingually twice a day. I use the “pro” concentration. My mom uses the Prime and my dog uses the Pet. They even came out with a 0% THC version and my dad (who drives a school bus) takes that. I feel like it helps me focus naturally and I feel overall more balanced. Receptra has great customer service and provides a lot of valuable information about CBD on their website. I used one of their recipes for CBD chocolate truffles and it was amazing!!! I have tried other CBD brands and Receptra is the best by far!

  6. Leon
    Receptra actuve 250mg

    My wife suggested that cbd oil may help me with pain from a broken heel which occurred four weeks ago. The sales person atvavlocal cbd outlet gave my wife “ Receptra active 250mg” and saidvthatbI would benefit more from since it contained tumeric which aids invaleviating pain and promotes focus as well. After taking one half dropper at night before bed, I experienced a trobbing head ache lasting to 2: 30 AM. Also had nausea and no relief of foot pain as expected. I am extremely disappointed and had my wife return this product for a refund.

    1. Katrina
      start low & increase as needed

      just FYI, CBD isn’t like an aspirin – you often have to take it consistently for a while before the results kick in (and you need to keep taking it consistently to maintain the effect). A headache is often the result of starting with too high a dose, 1/4 dropper may have been a better starting place for you. Hope your foot is feeling better!

  7. Victoria
    Wonderful product

    I’ve tried several different companies and this one is the best so far. I chose the Elite and love it. Not crazy about the attempted berry taste though. Hopefully the more mainstream CBD becomes, the more affordable it will be. I have to use sparingly but am thankful I can afford it.

  8. Ronny tucker

    Was buying one at a farmers market and they tested it and in had nearly no active ingredients in it at all! No wonder why I didn’t feel results .this one is well worth the price!

  9. Caitlin Thomas

    This one is a little different from others, impressive results

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