PureKana CBD Oil (2018 Review + Coupon)
August 1, 2018

PureKana CBD Oil (2018 Review + Coupon)

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MarijuanaBreak Staff / Updated on August 1, 2018

If you are just starting out on the CBD oil path to a healthy lifestyle, then you’ve arrived to the right place.

Over the last couple of years, PureKana has turned into a CBD oil leader providing shipping its high-quality and unique CO2 extracted oil to over 50 states. What started as a small family business has quickly grown into a CBD oil empire as their products are now showcased in dozens of dispensaries across the U.S. Add into the equation a supreme product, excellent customer service, rigorous testing to assure quality and you’ll understand why PureKana has been voted numerous times as the BEST CBD oil on the market.

Over the last year, PureKana have poured significant investments into two major parts of their business. The first is to assure that their product is top-notch, using 3rd party testing and an extraction method that allows them to reach the highest level of potency. The second is creating a killer website. One that is super user-friendly and allows patients to purchase CBD oil products in less than 3 clicks. In less than 5 minutes you can have your CBD oil shipped to your doorstep.

  • To view all their products, visit their website at www.purekana.com
  • 5% Coupon Code: 5OFFCBD1

Why did PureKana CBD Oil Get Such a High Ranking on our Site?

It’s simple, the PureKana Cannabidiol (CBD) Process is state-of-the-art.

  • Number 1 – PureKana uses U.S. Certified Organic Hemp that is cultivated to the highest standards.
  • Number 2 – PureKana’s extraction process is one of a kind. PureKana has been credited for producing Full Spectrum CBD, which basically means that you are getting a pure CBD mix that is FREE of pesticides, herbicides, solvents and chemical fertilizers.

Purekana Vanilla CBD Oil (300mg) is literally one of the best product we’ve ever tested, and after using a third party lab with 12 testers, we noticed that our subjects felt an almost instantaneous positive relief.

While PureKana claims that its products are perfect for pain and anxiety, CBD oil is known to help a wide range of ailments including, pain and inflammation, diabetes, arthritis, insomnia, spasm, stress relief and more…

PureKana CBD oil Highlights

If you are thinking of purchasing PureKana’s products, then there are a few things that you must know.

  1. PureKana prices aren’t the cheapest on the market, but then again, it reflects the quality of their product. Prices range around $50 for the standard 300mg CBD Oil bottle.
  2. If there is one thing that we’ve noticed about PureKana is their customer care. Not only do they deliver to all 50 states but also provide ultimate customer service through chat and telephone support. We took the liberty of calling them up just to ask a few questions. Everything was answered promptly, and the PureKana team seemed to know their stuff.
  3. PureKana hold themselves to an extremely high level of standard. All their CBD oil products are 3rd party lab tested and none of the products contain THC (only trace amounts of THC .05%).

How to Purchase CBD Oil from PureKana?

The online purchasing process on the PureKana website is a breeze. Simply go to their website (www.purekana.com) and review a product. Once you’ve decided what product is best for you, simply add it to your cart and checkout. PureKana has a variety of payment options including Visa, Mastercard, and American Express.

Oh and don’t forget to use our PureKana coupon code:  5OFFCBD1 it will give you a 5% discount.

Final Thoughts About PureKana CBD Oil

PureKana CBD oil really does stand out from the rest, and if you are thinking of giving CBD oil a shot, then PureKana is an excellent place to start. PureKana has managed to create a product using the highest quality grade cannabidiol ingredients that contain pure 99% CBD concentrated isolate with the full spectrum cannabidiol, that is also rich in all the beneficial ingredients of the plant.

To view all the PureKana products visit them on their official site.

124 reviews
  1. Chareles E

    great taste fairly quick onset, worked great for lower back pain…………………….. BUT half a dose of 1000mg/ one quarter dropper, 500mg produced an overly sedative effect. Most definitely COUCHLOCK! Felt like a full THC brownie. Down for the count. Would not recommend for the work place or drive.

  2. Darlene Steere
    Overall Very Good

    I have been using purekana for a while. Their oil is absolutely fantastic. The only problem is that it sometimes takes a while to arrive. That’s why I gave it 4 stars

  3. Clint
    Continues to impress

    Purekana has been around for awhile now. They continue to impress.. just tried some of their new pure picks and I am a fan. Potent, pretty fast acting, and I actually like being able to chew on them

  4. James Kingsbury

    Superb brand!

  5. James K
    Excellent product

    I purchase this oil to help with my mood and to fight off depression. It’s also great to take before bedtime because it relaxes me and helps me sleep better. It’s great value and I will continue to use the products. Thanks for making it affordable.

  6. Dana T
    First time buying Purekana

    Recently tried the 600mg Purekana for the first time after using CW. worked well for my headaches and slightly cheaper, so will probably be using them for awhile. Would recommend

  7. Rhys
    Try the Pure Picks

    Really really like the Pure Picks. I like how they give you something active to do rather than just swallow some oil or a pill. It’s like you can feel the CBD seeping into your bloodstream

  8. Jason F
    Great company

    Really great brand. I have bought from PureKana a handful of times now and only have good things to say about them. Effective products, and always arrive on time

  9. Jameson
    Working well for my neuropathy

    Love Purekana. Been taking the 600mg CBD oil three times a day for lower extremity neuropathy. Works incredibly well and greatly reduces the pain and inflammation

  10. Kathryn
    Great first experience

    Great first time experience using CBD oil. I spent the extra money and tried the 1,000mg natural flavored. It worked well for my stress

  11. Astolfo
    Great product

    Really great products. I have used both the CBD oil and the CBD capsules. I like to take the oil in the morning and take the capsules to work with me in case I need something on the job. I use for headache and back pains

  12. Amanda T
    Hoping for the best

    Just ordered for the first time and will be anxiously waiting to see how it works for my anxiety and insomnia. I have done plenty of reading online and most of the user comments have been really good for Purekana. I know there is a lot of junk out there but from what I’ve heard these guys are one of the best. Will let you all know how it works. Good luck

    1. LIZ
      Anxiety and Insomnia

      Amanda T did you receive your shipment yet? I am suffering from the same thing too anxiety and insomnia and don’t know which one to buy. As you can tell I am also a beginner in this world. 🙂

  13. boss hogg
    Quality variation?

    Quality control? First bottle was great, worked great. 2nd bottle, color a bit different and tasted a little off. Maybe a quality problem?


    PureKana gummies are great and work well for anxiety. However, their customer service is terribly lacking. They never fully address your questions or concerns. They are regularly out of stock. They will give dates of restocking that are not accurate and your coupon code expires by the time it’s in stock. Takes a long while to ship.
    So they don’t keep up on supply and demand.
    Their employees repeatedly give dates of restocking and it doesn’t occur until a week later. So sad that they have a great product but poor customer service.
    I may have to switch back to GreenRoads!

  15. Jeremy V
    Try of the Pure picks!

    Bought my first Purekana CBD oil earlier this year and have re-ordered twice since then, just actually tried the orange buzz Pure picks for the first time and absolutely LOVE them. Great for chewing on in the office at work, and really fell the potency is magnified when absorbed through capillaries in the gums (there’s a reason why Colombian farmers used to stuff wads of coca leaves in between their gums and teeth 🙂 Nice calming effects, definitely recommended if you haven’t tried them

  16. Dorian
    Love the Pure Picks

    Actually just tried the Pure Picks out and LOVE them. I’m one of these people that needs to keep my mind occupied, and the combination of the CBD plus the fact that you can chew on them for like an hour is literally the perfect combination. Sit at my dungeon-like little cubicle drinking coffee and chewing on these and I am happy as a clam hahah

  17. Dylan
    Waiting for CBD vapes

    Been using their CBD oils for awhile, no complaints. Heard they were going to be getting into the vape market, any updates on that?

  18. Lizbeth Alonso
    Will buy again

    Tried two different CBD oils from a shop by my house and they did absolutely nothing. Did some searching online and these guys seemed to be pretty legit. Tried out their 600mg and it was night and day different. I don’t know what I was buying at the “vape shop” but it apparently wasn’t CBD oil.

  19. Alex T

    Great review. Ordered! Works well for minor conditions.

  20. Sue Moore

    Great company! Been using their oils for 4 months. No complaints

  21. Tracey C

    Their cream is amazing. One dab will do it. Stops pain instantly. The oil stops migraine head aches.

  22. Patricia McGee

    Quality oil. Would purchase again

  23. Christy B

    I suffer from depression and this is the best CBD flower around.

    1. LAINEY

      I just purchased the 300mg in mint flavor. i have been using it for a little over a week. i suffer from depression and anxiety. i have been getting headaches. do you mind sharing your dosage? Do you have any side effects? I am confused and don’t know what to do. i usually use 3 drops twice a day.
      Thank you,

  24. Jill

    This is a great product and I have always received great customer service on all my orders. I highly recommend this product.

  25. Rachel B
    Seems to work well

    I’ve been using purekana for 2 months. Seems to be helping my anxiety.

  26. Christina Tunnell

    I actually had an issue with my order. Just didn’t arrive. I called them after 5 days and they sent me another one for free. Funny thing, the second arrived and then the first a few days later.

  27. Jennifer G

    I am new to this brand. Been taking it for 2 weeks. I spread the dosage throughout the day. Keeps me focused

  28. Andrew M

    Delivery was a bit slow, but it is a great product. Well worth the money!

  29. Lenny T

    Excellent brand. Just got another bottle yesterday with their 4th of July 20% discount. Not sure if it still works but who ever is thinking of geting try it : 4JULY

  30. Glen Tait

    The product is excellent (600 mg Mint CBD Oil), as it has alleviated chronic pain from years of lifting weights and current fitness activities. I would not have believed it, if I didn’t try it myself. After 2 days of using 15 drops in the morning and 15 drops at night, the ongoing pain was gone. I wish I had found this years ago.

    As many others have said, their shipping process is absolutely awful and they don’t have a telephone number for obvious reasons, they don’t want calls with people complaining. I ordered more on June 23rd and my order has still not gone out for shipment. I will be looking for a local company, as clearly they don’t have supply or a proper process in place. It’s a shame because the product is wonderful.

  31. Sharon Henry

    Just got the 600mg after purchasing a month ago the 300mg. The 300mg was ok, but the 600mg is fantastic. Helps me with depression and social anxiety. PureKana have definitely developed a first class product. Let’s just hope it stays that way.

  32. Edwin Wilburn

    Superb brand and that’s all that needs to be said!

  33. Susan Vaughan

    After reading the reviews here I had to see what all the fuss was about. Honestly I am very satisfied. The oil arrived a couple of days after my order. I have been using it for the past 5 days and I already feel a difference. Less tense, more relaxed and I am sleeping better. I am using the 600mg. Not sure if to increase.

  34. Linda T

    Was gonna write a review but I agree with Elizabeth

  35. Elizabeth R

    I’ll give these guys

    9/10 for taste
    9/10 for effectiveness
    7/10 for customer service

    Overall I’m happy

  36. Tiffany Henshaw

    I have tried a few different CBDs. This brand knows what they are doing. Great oils

  37. Joel W

    Purchased mine after I read the comments below. Mine arrived after 4 days. Works great for anxiety.

  38. James A

    Took a bit over 2 weeks to arrive. Works great!!!

  39. Robert K

    CBD oil, does work! I started with the 300mg bottle and moved up a gear to the 600mg. Works like a charm

  40. Michelle Curtis

    Cindy, i couldn’t agree with you any more.

  41. Cindy B

    I tried the CBD Oil in conjunction with my first Total Knee Replacement in September. This is a great product. I would use 1/2 dropper of the 1000mg before I went to bed. Gets you relaxed and great for reducing inflammation. I had my second TKR 5 weeks ago and PureKana CBD oil is again my go to during the healing process. I just wish it wasn’t so expensive – but the quality is definitely there.

  42. Jane
    I am hoping product is as good as you say

    I am hoping the product is as good as you say. However I cannot get a response from them. The order confirmation gave me no expected date of arrival. I went to their site and all I could do was email. Wairing to hear from them. No phone number or chat offered.

  43. Kevin C

    I am also new to this brand. Been taking their 600mg vanilla oil for already a month. First of all I want to say that it tastes great. Especially to other brands I have had. Customer service was above average and it has been helping the pain in my left leg. A bit pricey but well worth it. Thanks for the coupon. It helps!

  44. Alyson K

    After reading the reviews on this site, I ordered the 300mg. Overall purekana offers a good product. It took over a week to arrive but apart from that I am quite satisfied.

  45. Trish C

    Recently got the 1000mg following their recommendation. Here’s my summary:

    – Tasty
    – Effective for my pain
    – Excellent customer service
    – Good size bottle

    Took over a week to arrive. I was hoping to get it sooner. Maybe i need to adjust my expectations 🙂

  46. Andy Peterson

    This is a great brand. Used their 600mg twice already . Found this 20% coupon online for 4:20. Hope it helps people here. Coupon: 420DAY

  47. Steven Salmon

    This is my third purchase with pure kana. I suffer from terrible anxiety. I have tried medications prescribed by doctors, which side effects were not ideal. There are no side effects with CBD oil. I use it once in the morning, and once at night. I used to have debilitating anxiety attacks. What i like about CBD oil is that i can take it when i feel anxious and it is pretty instant working. I am beyond pleased with the quality of these products and will continue to purchase them!

  48. Clara Priest

    This brand has got excellent reviews and I understand now why. Ordered from them a week ago. Bottle arrived on time. Customer service is good and the oil tastes nice. Good start!

  49. Chad B. Meadows
    Great product for arthritis and anxiety along with other beneficial effects.

    Great product for anxiety and mild to moderate arthritic pain. This will be my third bottle of the 1000 mg. I’m not real sure what people are talking about saying it taste great but it taste like chewing MaryJ. Lol. All joking aside, great product.

  50. Diane Shorey

    Love the vanilla and veronica provides the most excellent support. Thanks

  51. James Linam
    Poor shipping

    I placed an order with PureKana. After a week, I received a message that the order was shipped. After another week, it had not arrived. I inquired about the status of the order. The reply was, “your order from PureKana is out for delivery and will arrive soon”. Could that be any more vague? I will be happy to rate the product, if I ever receive it.

  52. Matthew H

    Oil is good, customer service is even better. Answered all my questions and got my bottle a few days later.

  53. Patricia Fuller

    Got the 300mg at first. Wasn’t bad, but I felt it wasn’t enough. I am now on the 600mg. I take it in the morning and evening. Works like a charm for my anxiety and back pains. The oils taste great and my order arrived after a couple of days.

  54. Kelly Swanson

    Get the vanilla extract 600mg. Works like a charm and tastes amazing. Especially compared to other oils I’ve tried. Only problem I found with this company is that the bottle takes a couple of days to arrive. Which I suppose is ok.

  55. Sam Bennett

    Excellent product and tastes really good

  56. Hayley Hunt

    Using purekana for months. I get through a bottle every 2 months, give or take. Great product and superb customer service. Thanks veronica for all the assistance.

  57. O Gomez

    My wife suffers from anxiety which at times cause her to go days without sleep. This even after her daily dose of 3 Xanax a day. At first she was skeptical about using this CBD Oil. Now she uses it daily and it helps her relax to the point that she gets sleepy after use. Seen a lot of issues with delivery. My order arrived in five days. Can’t say enough about how good this is. Reason for our four star rating it’s well feel it could be stronger.

  58. Craig Homan

    Excellent product! Effective and fast working. Also doesn’t taste bad. Works well for arthritic pain! Fair price also!

  59. Aileen Armstrong

    Extremely happy with the product I received. I got the 300mg

  60. Justine Megia

    Just got my product after 4 days. Had no problems with delivery and it came in this nice looking package. This is my third order. In regards to quality, the 300mg was a bit weak for me. It did help with anxiety but not the pain. The 600mg was more effective. Great customer support

  61. Melanie Williams

    Excellent company, extremely helpful and products are amazing

  62. Alma Dray

    Purekana is the best I’ve tried so far and has proved its excellence by healing my anxiety. Definitely worth a try

  63. Jay K

    I have tried several other brands of CBD and this is the only one that my wife could tolerate, they also have amazing customer support. I told them that the 300mg wasn’t working and they immediately changed it

  64. Angela L

    Love it. Works great and definitely makes me feel better.

  65. Rick Sowder

    Superb customer support and product

  66. Pamela Hill

    I suffer from Arthritis and have been using PureKana. At first I thought it was going to cure it. But then I understood that I have to be realistic as there is no such thing. I have found this oil though to be the best in managing the pain. I use the 1000mg. Great customer support and they are always avalilble to answer questions.

  67. Cathy T

    After trying dozens of companies, I bought the strongest oil available on this site and it seems quite effective. I’ve just started but I am hoping it will be a good substitute for ibuprofen or Tylenol. I’ll update

  68. Bobbie B

    This is a good quality oil. It helped me with my anxiety but wasn’t as effective with my stomach issues. Would recommend

  69. Margo Barton

    Been using this oil for 3 months. It arrives on time and I do feel a major difference in my health. The only complaint I have is that it is a bit more expensive that the others. But I suppose you pay for quality.

  70. Mike Howard

    Just got mine. Come in this nice package. Compared to other oils, purekana’s oil is pretty smooth. It also tastes great. I got the vanilla one. Thanks for the recommendation

  71. Robin Curry

    I fell in love with this company, not because of their product but because of their customer support. The are extremely responsive and help you to make an informed decision before you purchase.

  72. Hazel Smith

    I bought this product after reading this review. Just got it. Ordered 3 days ago. Can’t wait to use it. Will update

  73. Eleanor Salzar

    Just got my third bottle, superb quality!

  74. Debra G

    This product has been a Godsend for me. Anxiety is a bitch and this really helps.

  75. Tim Kirby

    I would put this oil in the top 5 that I’ve tried. Great for mild conditions. What i love most about this company though is their customer support. They are so helpful. Keep up the good work over at purekana

  76. Tina Welch

    Amazing product, but if you are using it make sure you know which mg is best for you. I suffer from chronic pain and anxiety. I use the 600mg which works just fine. The 300mg wasn’t as effective, but that is just me. In regards to Purekana, they are extremely helpful and have superb customer service.

  77. Leslie Richards

    Quality product and excellent customer support. I rate them 9/10. One thing, if you are looking to treat insomnia, I found that the higher mg work better

  78. Steve Spoly

    Superb product. These oils won’t work for everything but they do help.

  79. Monica

    I bought the CBD oil for my insomnia. Unfortunately I’ve had to always use zopiclone. I took last night for the first time the CBD oil – 15 drops and I felt a difference. Been increasing the dosage lately and its working even better. It’s not like I am sleeping like I used to but it does help me doze off and I manage to get in a few hours of sleep. Will be using more of this stuff and I will update. So far so good

  80. Simon Reed

    The only thing I have to say bad about this company is that it would be great to see a 3000mg bottle. I am in such pain that the 1000mg does help but it simply isn’t enough. Good product and service!

  81. Robert Gregg

    This is the only thing that makes my pain manageable. The oils taste great and they work pretty fast. Great products.

  82. Kerry Keating

    Got the 300mg bottle and it seems to be working great. Love the Vanilla taste. Makes the oil so yummy.

  83. Carolyn Copeland

    I’d give this an 8 out of 10. It’s not bad and seems to be helping my leg pain. At least this product arrived a few days after delivery, there are some other brands out there that don’t even send you the product. PureKana is legit

  84. Was shocked!

    I suffer from daily pain in my shoulder. I first ordered the 300mg and it didn’t do much, mainly helped my anxiety. I then ordered the 1000mg. What a product! Obviously it isn’t going to cure my condition, but it does help me deal with the pain. Thanks for this review

  85. Paula Sanders

    This product really helped my pains and my boyfriend had equal experience’s with anxiety issues. Very pleased and will be buying again. I give the product 8 out of 10!!

  86. Suzy Ballew

    I would like to thank this review. After reading it I purchased the 600mg of CBD. It was the best decision I had ever made. I deal with depression and PTSD. Since taking this oil, I feel a complete change. I am much more optimistic and feel a lot less anxious. Thanks

  87. Jesse Largo

    My wife can now get a good night’s sleep. I was a skeptic about CBD, but it helps

  88. Traci Smith

    Thank you for this great review. Been using Purekana for a month. Excellent product

  89. Grace Landerdale

    This is one of the best I’ve tried. Just got some. Thank you marijuanabreak for the great 20% Christmas coupon. It was extremely helpful.

  90. Natalie Kowalski

    Top rated brand and effective products

  91. Lorene Taber

    The vanilla is good, but if you want something super strong so go for the 600mg. I have been using a different brand for over a year and never realized how weak it was until I tried this Purekana.
    I use it for stress and anxiety.

  92. Dustin Turner

    Just got the 600 after using the 300mg for a month. This product is awesome. Fully kicked in after 2 days, but I feel so much better.

  93. Joyce Locey

    Been using CBD for a while and I’ve tried quite a few brands including PureKana, Koi and Elixinol. This one takes them by a far. The taste is great and it works. Well at least for me. Plus they’ve got the most awesome customer service. I’d give them a 9/10

    The only thing lacking is their variety of products.

  94. Chisty S

    So I ordered the 1000 mg CBD oil tincture. I have tried a few other vendor’s products, and Pure Kana hands down is the most effective my husband and I have tried. He has had 3 failed spinal fusions since 2007, his back is fused from his T-12 to his S1 at his tailbone. He suffers from chronic pain 24/7 . Other than his meds, CBD Oil is the only thing that has helped him manage his pain. Thanks

  95. Max Hornick

    I bought the 300mg. It was good but the 600mg is insane. It really helps with my anxiety and lower leg pain.

  96. Adam T
    Great brand

    Just stocked up! Thanks

  97. Mary Hawkins

    This the third time I’m ordering from this brand. It tastes amazing and also works. Thanks for the 20% black friday coupon. Saved me quite a lot

  98. Rose Gothard

    Amazing product. Just ordered with their Black Friday coupon.

  99. Maria Adams
    Excellent service and product

    This is an awesome product and it really helps . What sold me was the fact that when I wasn’t sure what dosage was best for my exact condition, I sent them an email. I got an email back an hour later. That’s never happened to me. Most of time you can’t get a hold of these CBD companies. Thanks for the accurate review

  100. Marcy

    I bought this for a problem on my skin, it cleared it up in a Meyer of days, a side note my joints are better and there is a sense of calm (I’m normally a bit intense, in the financial industry and run a staff). I have recommended it to my son in law for a skin condition stay tuned his is on the way. The only thing I was not able to due was to choose a faster shipping it comes quick but wanted to over night to my son in law (I would pay and there was not option for that). I I’ll stay a loyal customer.

  101. Nathan

    I suffer from RA. Been taking a few drops under my tongue every morning for 3 months. It helps with the pain.

  102. Brad Hollingsworth

    There is nothing not to love about this company. The oil is smooth, CS is great and its helping my anxiety

  103. William Burns

    Excellent products. The oil tastes awesome compared to some other brands I’ve had

  104. Jessica Wolfe

    I was a bit apprehensive purchasing this oil but good job I did. I suffer from constant pain in my legs. I ordered the 300mg at first, and it was ok, could feel an ease after a couple of days. The 600mg is a completely different ball game. Great product

  105. Kelly O
    Extremely pleased.

    Been taking PureKana for 2 months. Here is my view:
    * Oils taste amazing. It’s no joke. They have such a lovely taste to them.
    * Quite effective for my anxiety and depression
    * Price is reasonable, but with the coupon here it’s even better 🙂
    * Delivery is fast
    * Customer support is 10/10

    * 300mg bottle helped for my pain, but wasn’t enough. I had a severe car accident which left me with back problems. I will order next time the 600mg and post here the outcome

    Overall purekana is a great brand and their oils work. If you need something strong through go for the more expensive stuff.

  106. Claire Ward
    Excellent product

    I’ve been taking their gummies. I’ve been using them as an energy boost throughout the day. I feel great and seem to be sleeping better.

  107. Gart Gilreath
    A good start compared to other oils

    I bought the 300mg after seeing this review and it was the best decision I made. I’ve used quite a few CBD oils in the past and most haven’t worked for me. I have joint pain. That’s what happens when you get older. The product arrived 3 days later and I’ve been taking it for a week. The pain has become more manageable and it seems to be reducing my anxiety. I will keep everyone here posted.

  108. William Breece
    On my third bottle

    Excellent product

  109. Sean Bailey
    PureKana rock!

    I suppose this product won’t help all conditions, but for my anxiety it is the bomb.

  110. Samuel Heckman
    Great first impression

    So I ordered their 300mg bottle a few days ago and it arrived now. I had a few questions so I phoned them. I must say PureKana have the nicest team I have ever encountered. Much more than the last company I ordered from. They answered all my questions and helped me with the dosage. I suffer from anxiety and sleep disorder. Will update on the oil but for a first impression I am quite impressed!

  111. Carol Lefebre
    First time user

    First time using CBD oil. PureKana has been great in answering my questions and quickly too! They have been a big help.

  112. Chase B
    A happy returning customer

    I also had a good experience with this oil. I am now ordering my next order

  113. Lora Sullivan
    Going very well!

    I started the CBD mint with MCT oil for my autistic son and I have to say I see a more alertness and presence from him. He seems happier and it actually promoted me to do more research on MCT’s and autism.

  114. Donna Goff
    Works well if used correctly

    So I got this originally for my husband who went through an accident and is suffering from back pain. He took it for a month and felt a mild reduction in the pain he was experiencing. He needed a much stronger dose and THC. The funny thing is that I started using it for my anxiety and I’ve never felt better.

  115. Eddie Hager
    Great oil for mild pains

    I’ve been using CBD oils for the last 2 years. My first one was elixinol. I suffer from chronic back pain. Recently I came across PureKana on this site. Overall it seems to be working well and it makes the pain tolerable. Will continue using and update

  116. Kim

    OS there a customer service number , I ordered one bottle so far and it’s amazing

  117. Julie Loy
    2 months using

    I’ve been using purekana for already two months. Here is my honest opinion. At first I was a bit hesitant as I has never heard of this brand, but thank goodness I tried. I suffer from arthritis and anxiety. Some days it kills me. I had to stop working because of it. Don’t let anyone fool you that CBD is a miracle cure, as it’s not. It definitely helps but won’t cure you of your problems. I started taking the oil and noticed a difference after 4 days. I am much better than I used to be and it helps me deal with the pain. I am thinking of going back to work.

  118. Cory Gallardo
    Excellent service and product

    I ordered my bottle about 2 week ago. The 300mg one. After a couple of days I contacted them to tell them that I hadn’t received it. They told me that they would send me another. The funny thing is that one bottle arrived and then the other a day later. So I called them to tell them and they said keep it. Now that’s what you call good service!

    I know most people would have just kept the second bottle, but that’s good karma right :)Been out of work for already a year, so I am hoping things will turn around.

  119. Miranda Tate
    Lives up to its name

    I have used a few oils before, including CW and Elixinol. This one is one of the best I’ve used. It comes in a great package and doesn’t have that bitter taste that some of the oils have. Been using it for 2 months and I am sleeping better, eating better and my anxiety levels seem to have decreased.

  120. Molly P
    Great product and excellent service

    Nice packaging and has a great taste. I have been using for 2 months. Seems to work well for my anxiety

  121. Timothy Woods
    Good product

    I’ve tried a few different brands and this one seems to be working for me. I suffer from chronic back pain and depression. The process of ordering with them was easy and the product arrived a couple of days later.

  122. Thomas Phillips
    Taste amazing!

    I received my PureKana bottle 3 weeks ago using the coupon above. This product is amazing and more than anything it tastes great. Most CBDs are awful. I use this product for migraines and to prevent my anxiety from shooting through the roof

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