CBD Part 2

All you need to know about the ‘alternative’ compound.

Green Garden Gold Review

CBD has a vast array of benefits and has grown tremendous popularity over the past few years as governments and communities across the globe retract their uptight views on the hemp plant. But as consumer interests in CBD and hemp products increase, so does the amount of CBD and cannabis shops that we have seen […]

Synerva CBD Oil | Examining This Brand

With more and more people across the UK turning to CBD as a natural health care supplement, the UK CBD industry has exploded over the last few years. While it is great to see more options available than ever before both online and on the high street, it can also feel slightly overwhelming for those […]

Smart CBD | Ultimate Company Review

The last few years have seen a huge change in the way that people across the UK think about their health. We are all becoming increasingly conscious of what we eat, how much exercise we get, and the supplements that we use to stay fit and healthy. Looking back even just five years, the majority […]

Lakeland CBD | Ultimate Brand Review

The CBD market in the UK is still relatively new when compared to other countries. A lot of people are still not aware of the health benefits associated with it or even where they can purchase it from in the first place. Lakeland CBD is a brand committed to changing this, working to shape the […]

CANNAPRESSO CBD [All CBD Products Reviewed]

CANNAPRESSO CBD is a brand determined to change the way that we all think of CBD. Rather than the stereotypical small white capsules or drops of flavorless oil that so many of us think of, they strive to create products that show the fun side of CBD, filling you with a wave of excitement that […]

CBD American Shaman Review

With all the talk of CBD in the past few years and with its legality across all 50 states, you may finally be curious to try some out for yourself. But with the large amount of CBD products to choose from on today’s expanding market, it can definitely be overwhelming when you want to pick […]

Dope Minerals | Full Product Run Through

CBD topicals are a popular choice for many, providing your body with a healthy dose of CBD while not interfering with your internal balance; it is easy to see why an ever-increasing number of people are using CBD topicals on a daily basis. Despite their popularity, though, it is rare to find a company that […]

Revival CBD [Full Brand Overview]

Revival CBD is a relatively new CBD brand to enter the market. Aiming to move away from the more traditional, clinical feeling products, Revival CBD instead aims to show that CBD can be fun and enjoyable. From the packaging to the vape flavors, Revival CBD is very much about showcasing the exciting side of CBD, […]

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