CBD Part 15

All you need to know about the ‘alternative’ compound.

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CBD Life UK: The Complete Review

Why CBD Life UK? That’s the question highlighted on first visiting CBDLife’s website. Besides the initial purchasing offers for their myriad CBD options, they first ask the immediate question of “Why us?” This first question demonstrates CBDLife’s general attitude – what is the best for you? CBDLife is a website specialising in offering a huge […]

KOI CBD (Complete Product Review + Coupon)

There are a lot of CBD products on the market, so when a company claims to create something with 0% THC and over 99% CBD; it is worth sitting up and taking notice. There are far too many firms that have jumped on the CBD bandwagon, but few have the products to back up their […]

Cannavest CBD Oil Review | NEW Updates for 2020!

If you are looking to go down the CBD route or you’ve been using different CBD products for a while, you’ve probably heard of Cannavest. While sold globally, by different resellers, Cannavest is a European based company who manufactures the brand Plus CBD. Cannavest is well known for its CBD oil, but through their unique […]

4 Corners Cannabis [Providing Product Reviews and Opinions]

To say that CBD is a big deal right now is an understatement akin to saying derivatives are ‘moderately complex.’ An often-cited report by the Brightfield Group suggests that the CBD industry could be worth $22 billion by 2022. While this would have been a bold prediction a year ago, the Farm Bill of 2018 […]

Holistic Hemp Scotland [Official Review of Products]

The Holistic Hemp Scotland brand is proof that CBD is becoming a global phenomenon. You may be aware of how quickly the cannabidiol market has grown in the United States, but you may be shocked to discover its popularity in the United Kingdom. CBD is legal to purchase in Britain and in 2018, the Home […]

Aura CBD Oil: New Product Reviews

One of the most fascinating aspects of recent marijuana research is the uncovering of the ‘entourage effect.’ It seems as if the cannabinoids in cannabis are more effective when they are taken together. While this isn’t great news for sellers of CBD isolates, it makes sense that THC, CBD, CBN, and the other 110+ cannabinoids […]

Lazarus Naturals CBD Products Reviewed [TESTED]

Looking for a new brand of CBD products to try? We have found one that promotes an all-natural approach to your health needs whilst delivering a high-quality product! Lazarus Naturals has been going for over 5 years, specialising in the beginning in cannabinoid isolation within the marijuana industry; they saw a gap in the market […]

Mary’s Medicinals (The Complete Review)

You are probably well aware of the litany of research surrounding CBD oil and its efficacy with regards to tackling a wide variety of maladies. From stress and anxiety to chronic pain, there is a CBD solution. While most companies sell CBD oil as a food supplement, Mary’s Medicinals is a brand name that is […]