Elixinol CBD Oil Review (2018 Update)
August 1, 2017

Elixinol CBD Oil Review (2018 Update)

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CBD oil from Hemp has become the newest trend as many people are now turning to it hoping that it is a miracle cure to their problems. While there is still no magic pill that will treat all cures it does seem that CBD oil is providing people with almost instant relief from a wide range of common ailments, such as Cancer, Pain, Arthritis, and Spasm.

One company that has taken center stage is Elixinol. Established in 1991, Elixinol CBD manufacturer is a powerhouse when it comes to creating CBD products. As a matter of fact, Elixinol is so popular that the CBD company has been featured on numerous news sites due to their high-quality CBD products, which are made from industrial hemp.

If you are looking for variety and a good solid CBD Oil product that will help you with your problems, then look no further. Elixinol has it all and ships to all 50 states. Back in 2013, Elixinol was convinced that consumers would love their CBD oil products that they slashed prices just to penetrate into the market and show consumers how good their CBD oil products really are.

About Elixinol

Elixinol seems to be a veteran in the CBD hemp oil industry, currently cultivating and manufacturing help on a large scale around the world. Elixinol was established in 1991 by a group of passionate leaders, among them Co-founder Paul Benhaim who is renowned in the hemp industry. When establishing Elixinol, the founders had one goal in mind; to create a CBD product that would not only live up to the highest quality standards but would also help people deal with their daily medical conditions.

After trying a few of Elixinol’s products, you’ll understand exactly what we are talking about. Over the years the team at Elixinol have developed several top CBD sellers such as their famous Hemp CBD Oil Tinctures and CBD capsules. Furthermore, they’ve developed a unique CBD Topical Balm that’s received some of the best reviews for anti-aging and skin care.

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Elixinol Highlights

Elixinol understands quality and most importantly invests a significant amount of resources to maintain a high-level brand. They conduct third party testing on their CBD Oil products and have also mastered the CO2 extraction process.

Safety Verified – Elixinol tests for pesticides, mycotoxins, and heavy metals. They have literally set the standard for batch testing by publishing results on their website.

Quality Verified – Elixinol’s advanced CO2 Extraction process contains all the synergistic terpenoids, cannabinoids, essential oils and other compounds of the original plant.

Innovation Verified – Elixinol has created one of the best oral applicators for concentrated CBD oil products in the industry. Their applicator protects against UV, air pockets and wasting product.

No Synthetic Ingredients – Unlike other CBD oil hemp products, Elixinol is made out of pure hemp, meaning there are no synthetic additives included.

How to Purchase CBD Oil with Elixinol?

The best and easiest way to order Elixinol CBD oil is online. Elixinol have created a website that is extremely user-friendly, and the whole purchasing process shouldn’t take you more than 5 minutes. That’s after reviewing their products.

  • Simply browse the Elixinol site and select the product you’re interested in.
  • Add it to your cart and checkout to make payment.
  • You’ll then be redirected to payment where you can use a variety of payment options.

Once your order has been processed, you’ll immediately receive an email notification of the purchase, and within a couple of days, the physical product should arrive at your doorstep. Like we mentioned Elixinol delivers world wide and to all 50 U.S. states.

One last thing, Elixinol also offers a return policy for damaged products. So don’t worry if you have an issue, simply contact them.

Oh, and if you do decide to pick up a bottle of CBD oil, or any other product, don’t forget to use our 10% coupon code:

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Final Thoughts About Elixinol

We completely understand why Elixinol is gaining traction within the CBD Oil industry. Not only do they provide a superb quality product, but it also works wonders as it is rich in Omega-3 and Omega-6. Elixinol hemp seeds are a superior source of essential fatty acids and will allow you to maximize the healing properties of CBD. If you are looking for a natural alternative to nasty pain killers or for a CBD oil product that will allow you to live a long and fulfilling life, then visit Elixinol at www.elixinol.com

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38 reviews
  1. Took a while for the product to arrive, but overall I’m pretty satisfied

  2. Elixinol cbd oil is a superb pain healer. Its helped my arthritis pain to a great extent. Nice product and would recommend

  3. elixinol is good for mild conditions but the way I found it works is if you use it constantly. It won’t work as a one-off.

  4. I live in the U.K and Elixinol is massive here. Great product

  5. I don’t think there are many good CBD oils on the market, but this definitely made my top 5 list. It’s effective and doesn’t taste like snake oil.

  6. Recently ordered the tincture from elixinol. so far the product seems to be working. I am taking it for anxiety and pain.

  7. Just discovered CBD a year ago and it has vastly improve my quality if life!

  8. Fast Shipping. Great product that is helping me with my migraine headaches. It worked really well

  9. You can’t go wrong with this company. It arrives pretty fast and is super effective. Obviously it depends what you are trying to treat, but for the majority of conditions it works.

  10. I got the 300mg and was blown away at how it well it works for me. Highly recommended

  11. Superb brand. I live in the U.K been ordering from them for years. It works for a range of problems

  12. Living where I live it’s not easy to get these oils. Elixinol always arrives on time. Great review by the way.

  13. One of the best tinctures on the market. Not like the other water based shit

  14. Been using this oil for the past 2 years. I have nothing bad to say. Its legit and it works for mild conditions

  15. Elixinol has been around for so long. You can’t go wrong with this one!

  16. Perfect in every way. I have tried a few oils and most are no more than water based tinctures with some added flavor. With a brand like Elixinol you know you are getting quality. They wouldn’t risk their reputation.

  17. Hands down this company is great. I’ve never had an issue with my order and I’ve been ordering from them for the last year. I live in the U.K

  18. Excellent Quality Products!

    Excellent Customer Service and Products. I’ve been using Elixinol for a few months as I ween off a anti anxiety pharmaceutical poison, it really takes edge off the anxiety, brain zaps and also help with my osteoarthritis. There are a lot of scams out there, I trust Elixinol!

  19. Good product and definitely ranks in the top 5

  20. This CBD works for my social anxiety. I am not so keen on the taste but apart from that everything is good.

  21. Got mine after 3 days! Works for my anxiety

  22. Superb brand. The delivery took a while, but overall I am pleased

  23. Awesome products and that’s all I have to say!

  24. Good product

    Excellent oils, the only thing is that it took a while to arrive. Going to order now a batch so I’ll have reserves 🙂

  25. Works!

    I ordered this and got it a couple of days later. It seems to be helping my migraines and sprained hip. It’s a miracle in a bottle

  26. Good first impression

    I had a bit of an issue with this brand. I ordered the bottle and it never arrived. So I got in touch with them and they immediately sent me another. Just got it yesterday. Overall it tastes fine but I can’t yet tell you how it works. I can say that I was impressed that they sent me another bottle without any arguments.

  27. Good product and works for me!

    A friend of mine told me about this oil. I’ve been through 3 hip surgeries and the pain is sometimes unbearable. It helps make it managable

  28. Really Helps with Anxiety and Just Feeling Good

    I’m in an incredibly stressful industry and it’s really taken a toll on me over the past few years. Developed some pretty crazy anxiety and panic attacks that come out of nowhere. Tried anti-depressants and they helped a bit but the issues are still there. I believe it has to do with damaged receptors in the brain, mainly for serotonin and other neurotransmitters. Within the first few minutes of trying some drops of Elixinol oil I felt amazing. I’ve been taking small doses throughout the day since the first drops really hit me hard but my body craves it now. It’s really helped me feel a lot better overall and has almost completely eliminated my anxiety within the first few days. CBD is amazing and from what I can tell so far Elixinol has excellent quality. I’m looking forward to continuing with it and getting myself completely balanced again.

  29. Will return!

    First off, I received this item in just 5 days. I have been using the product for 2 weeks now and my usual arthritis pain is all but gone. Going to stock up!

  30. Better than others I've tried

    I have also used a few different CBD oils. This isn’t the best I’ve used but it is one of the top 3. If you’re looking to treat mild conditions then this oil is for you.

  31. Third time lucky

    This is the third brand I have tried and it seems to be working. I understand that not every brand will work for everyone. Some need CBD, some need a full extract, and some need the smoke. I tried 2 other ones before this one and they weren’t effective. This one seems to be helping my anxiety and I am getting much more sleep.

  32. 5 star review

    I must agree with most of you, their product is outstanding. I suffer from anxiety and depression. Been taking it for 3 months and it is a life changer. It took a week or so to kick in, but I have no regrets. Just ordered my 4th order.

    Kelsey, I was also a bit anxious about my drug test, but it didn’t appear. Are you sure it was Elixinol? Other than that it is a great product.

  33. Drug test was POSITIVE for THC!!

    The oil is amazing- Life changing for my chronic pain, It STOPPED my chronic tremor from antidepressants, better sleep… I could go on.

    Here’s the problem- I had a urine drug screen the other day and tested POSITIVE for THC. They retested in case it was a false positive and it was positive AGAIN! This is detrimental. I do NOT use marijuana in any form and chose CBD precisely BECAUSE I would not be consuming THC while getting the medicinal benefits of the plant! I am so upset.

    DO NOT USE Elixinol if you may be drug tested!!

  34. One of the top three brands.

    I was told about CBD oil from a good friend. So I started looking immediately for it. It was hard to find a company that sold hemp oil that posted CBD content, but I found three. All three seem to be reputable companies. Elixinol and CW I have had no troubles ordering from. BluBird on the other hand has constantly had issues verifying my card even when my orders fly through the other two companies. BB needs to change how their orders are processed I think. I would love to be able to order from them also. But after having it fail 3 times and go through 3 times with other companies, 2 with Elixinol and once with CW. I have just given up on placing a order with them. Your milage may vary.
    The first brand I tried was Elixinol, the 300 line. At the time I was unaware of the different strengths.
    The very first night I knew something was different, I was very relaxed and getting to sleep was very easy. I also have constant pain in my back and joints and even the low dose 300 has helped with it. It is not gone, but reduced. I recently ordered a bottle of the 3600 in the hopes that the higher content will manage the pain better.
    Also I have skin cancer, and there have been many stories that CBD helps reduce or eliminate cancer. So here is to hoping. After having surgery to remove SC in two locations on my face and receiving a bill for almost 5500.00 after the insurance covered a pathetically small amount. I am willing to try this in the hopes that it will handle the two small remaining spots and me not have to go back and get another bill from the doctor.
    Also, while this product even in low doses does a great job, I have also learned that just regular hemp seed oil and hemp oil ( which are not the same, but are thought to be by most, and even advertised as such by many unscrupulous companies) helps many people with stress, pain, skin conditions and more. Being high in nutrition, the oils provide things to the body it doesn’t get from food or many vitamin and mineral supplements.
    When buying CBD oil, hemp oil or hemp seed oil it is important to buy oils that are cleanly derived and the best way from what I have been able to gather is through CO2 processing.
    Also, know that some places do sell CBD hemp oil but are prohibited by state and local laws from posting any CBD content. Which is a pity.
    If you have researched a product and are considering buying for CBD use but don’t see content, email that company to find out for sure if it does or doesn’t contain CBD.
    Also remember, some people will have more or less of a response to CBD depending on their problem. CBD oil is not a magic bullet that cures all or works on all. Also many different brands have different strength products, and while a lower strength product may not seem to do much or anything, it doesn’t mean that a more potent product might not be just what is needed.
    Sorry for the length of this. But there is a lot of information to cover about CBD oil and hemp oil products in general.
    Read, watch videos, pay attention to what is said and learn where the misinformation is.
    Anyway, the three brands I mentioned are the most reputable I have found, I’m sure there are probably other fine companies out there as well.
    Hope this helps someone with their decision and purchase here or with another company. Just remember, be informed, educated even critical of who you buy from.
    It is the only way to be sure you are getting a quality product.

  35. Arrived on time

    Got mine in the post last week. Took the drops according to the instructions on the package. It took a few days but I can definitely feel a difference. I feel much more focused and it is relieving some of the pain i suffer in my lower back.

  36. So far so good

    The product arrived on time and seems to be working well. I suffer from anxiety. Lately I haven’t taken my regular pills. Hope it continues.

  37. I had my doubts that this oil would work for me, but I’m pleased with the result. The product is good and clean. I liked the service as well

  38. Worth a try

    I tried this CBD oil on the recommendation of a friend. And as much as I am picky in my oils I can tell that this is a really good product. Thank you, guys!

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