Hara CBD Oil Review: Did They Pass Our Test?

The Hara EVA-Deluxe is an easy to use device that gives the user 3 different temperature choices. Its box like style is a popular vape aesthetic for new and seasoned users alike.

I’ll say right off the bat that this Hara CBD review almost single-handedly converted me into a vaper. Honestly, I never thought I’d be one. I’ve always been super skeptical about inhaling things into my lungs (for good reason). With a little research, though, and some proper “product testing,” I think I’ve transitioned to the dark side.

Truth be told, I’d always assumed vaping was kind of a gimmick. Fifty years ago no one knew cigarettes were bad for their health. Maybe we’ll find out the same about vaping fifty years from now. Naturally, I’d tried vaping cannabis numerous times in the past. I always thought the high was a little “overkill.” For me it didn’t even compare to getting high the “traditional” way.

Nowadays, I don’t really get high that much, but I do take CBD on almost a daily basis. Whether it’s to help get me to sleep or to clear up a midday migraine, I’ve become reliant on it – for better or worse. Truly, it helps.

What I’ve noticed, though, is that sometimes it can make me a little too lethargic (I take oil tincture and gummies). I was talking with an “industry” friend a few weeks ago, and she recommended vaping because of its faster-acting effects. She also said she rarely experienced the lethargic “sedation effect” when vaping CBD. Next thing I knew, I was unboxing a nice little package of goodies from Hara Flow Vapes.

If you’ve read some of my other reviews, you know that I can be a wicked skeptic. For this reason, I was assuming my Hara Vape pen review would cascade into another diatribe against the pitfalls of “modern cannabis technology.” Boy, was I wrong.

A Little About Hara Flow Vapes

To be clear, Hara Flow vapes is more than just a “vape pen” company. They also sell CBD capsules, oil tincture, and for some reason, what looks to be like a fashionable line of clothing. I’d consider them a “lifestyle” brand. I’m not really into that kind of stuff, but hey – if they’re making a good product I could care less.

The company is based in Santa Cruz, California. I went through Santa Cruz once in my mid-twenties and had a hell of a time. Beautiful beach town. But that’s neither here nor there.

I spoke with some people from the company and they really stressed how important quality and limited ingredients were to them. This earned some bonus points for me. If you know me and follow my reviews, you’ll know how much I hate a long list of unpronounceable ingredients on the back of a product packaging.

Hara vape pens contain just three ingredients: MCT oil from coconuts, CBD from hemp, and botanical terpenes. If you know anything about how CBD interacts with other compounds, you’ll know how important terpenes are (most “full-spectrum” products contain a natural infusion of terpenes).

Studies have shown that CBD is more effective in the presence of other compounds. Surely, this is why Hara vapes are made from a full-spectrum blend with the terpenes left in, rather than extracted.

Also, it’s worth pointing out that Hara CBD oil (including their vape pens) is made from organic hemp that’s grown right here in the US. This is another thing that earned bonus points with me. The US is one of the few countries in the world that rigorously implements guidelines on organic farming. In other words, you can’t “loophole” your way around an organically grown product in the USA. Hara uses pure, grade-A hemp – and that, my friends, is the basic building block of a pristine CBD vape oil.

A Little About Hara Flow Vapes

Hara Vape Pen Review: My Thoughts and Experience

I tried two different products from Hara: The Hara EVA-Deluxe CBD Vape in the ‘Big Stick’ flavor and the Hara Super Nova Cartridge. The EVA-Deluxe is a little mod box (I think that’s what they’re called) that accepts a standard 510-style cartridge. I used both the Big Stick cartridge and the Super Nova cartridge in the same EVA-Deluxe unit.

I will admit that I had to look at the instructions to figure out how to operate the EVA-Deluxe. Truth be told, I had to look up how to insert the cartridge into the box too. Did I tell you guys I’m not a big vaper?

After about 30 seconds, I figured out the process. It’s very, very easy. Hit the big button on the EVA Deluxe (it’s the only button on the device) five times and it’ll turn on. Then, hold the button until the light turns on. This means it’s time to hit the vape.

You can choose between three temperatures on the EVA Deluxe. Green is the low setting (2.6 volts), Yellow is the middle setting (3.2 volts), and red is the ‘high temp’ setting (4 volts). Red is also the color when the battery starts getting a little low, which can be confusing.

Hara Vape Pen Review: My Thoughts and Experience

The Hara Vape Review: How Did it Taste… and Work?

There is a big difference between the three different temperature settings. You won’t get big hits with the low ‘Green’ setting. The Yellow setting will give you a nice full cloud, but the Red is where it’s at if you want to be one of these people filling up their cars in a giant cloud, like Cheech and Chong. For such a small little unit, I was surprised at how much of a cloud I got on the high setting.

More importantly, though, I didn’t get any burning. All three settings vaped very smoothly, which spoke to the design and engineering quality of the EVA Deluxe unit. Hara CBD vapes were new to me, but after my first few hits I realized they were higher quality than anything I’d tried before.

Effects of the Hara CBD Vape Pen

Again, if you’ve followed some of my other reviews on here you’ll know that I take CBD almost daily. Mostly, I take it at night to help me sleep, but I’ll also add some to my coffee from time to time or take some throughout the day if I’m feeling like I need it.

Over the years, I’ve not had great experiences with vapes. I think most companies put too many ingredients (propylene glycol, PEG, vegetable glycerin, etc) in the oil to try and get it to the “perfect” consistency. For me, these added ingredients would often give me a headache or produce some sort of a weird, uncomfortable sedative effect.

HaraFlow vapes is one of the only companies I’ve heard of that uses MCT oil as their base. If you’ve ever been to a Whole Foods store, you’ll know that MCT oil is not cheap. As the folks I spoke with told me, they do not cut corners on quality. For me, this made all the difference in the world in terms of the effects the HaraFlow CBD vape pen had on me.

Effects of the Hara CBD Vape Pen


How Did it Work?

The first thing I noticed was how smoothly the device hit. As I’ve said repeatedly, I am not a smoker or a vaper. Never have been. Even back when I was smoking weed consistently, I would erupt into violent coughing fits if I over-inhaled.

I took several massive hits off the red ‘high-temp’ setting on the HaraFlow EVA unit, and not once did I cough. It was the smoothest vaping experience I’ve had – and that’s saying a lot. I would say that the ‘Big Stick’ cartridge had more of a flavor, but I think the effects of the Limited Edition Super Nova cartridge were a little more noticeable. This makes sense, considering that it contains 1000mg of full-spectrum hemp extract. That said, both cartridges were very pleasant tasting. Not at all fruity or overbearing, just very subtle and natural.

In terms of effects, it wasn’t as ‘lethargy-inducing’ as some of the regular CBD oils and gummies that I take. This is just what I was hoping for. The Big Stick and the SuperNova cartridges produced the same kind of full-body relaxation as I’ve come to know from CBD, but I maintained energy and focus throughout.

I’d say within five minutes I started to feel the effects of the HaraFlow vape pen. Vaping is much faster acting than tinctures or gummies, so this was expected. Like all good CBD products I’ve had, the effects were subtle. They came on in a kind of difficult-to-describe body sensation. Within about ten minutes, I could feel the deep-lying muscle and joint discomfort that is a constant companion of mine start dissipating away.

Based on my experience, I would say Hara vape pens would best be used throughout the day as opposed to a standard morning/evening routine. I could see it having tremendous benefits for people with stress, or for folks who have trouble sleeping. In general, an obviously top-shelf product in terms of quality and very highly recommended.

HARAFLOW CBD Review: Other Products

Hara CBD oil is available in other “forms” aside from just vape juice. They’ve got oral tinctures ranging from $59.99-$99.99 (this is the type of oil you put under your tongue), as well as pre-dosed 20mg capsules (‘Hemp Gems’) that come in jars of 30 for $69.99.

I didn’t try either of these products, so I can’t really review them personally. I will say as long as they come from the same hemp supply as the Hara CBD vape pens, they should have similar effects. Hara CBD gummy bears are also available for $64.99, and come in a high dose of 20mg per gummy.

HARAFLOW CBD Review: Other Products


Where and How to Buy HARAFLOW CBD Oil and Vape Pens

If you’re wanting to buy Hara CBD oil, from my understanding the products are only available through the official online store – HaraFlow.com. In my experience with the highest-quality CBD brands in the US, this is more or less the norm.

Also, it’s important to point out that Hara CBD oil is made from hemp – not marijuana. THC levels are below the federal “cutoff” limit (0.3%), meaning Hara CBD products can be sold and shipped to all 50 states. How’s that for good news?

Hara CBD Oil Review: Final Thoughts

Like I said in the introduction, this Hara CBD oil review single-handedly changed my opinion on vaping. I won’t say that I’ll become a daily vaper from now on, but I’ll no doubt be keeping this little EVA-Deluxe cartridge around at all times.

It’s clear that these products are made from top-shelf hemp, and there truly is a difference in quality between most other CBD vape juices I’ve tried. And surprisingly, the prices were not that astronomical.

The EVA-Deluxe mod unit with the Big Stick cartridge was only $89.99 (including the vaporizer, cartridge, and charger), and the Limited Edition 1000mg CBD Super Nova cartridge was $49.99. A little on the pricey side, but very reasonable compared to similarly high-quality brands.

I hope this Hara CBD oil review has been helpful for you. If you’re on the fence about getting into CBD oil or CBD vaping, give them a try. For my money, I’ve yet to find a product that’s as smoothly or high quality as this.