Green Roads vs. Elixinol [CBD Giants Comparison]

CBD is BIG business!

Bolstered by an increasing number of studies backing up the efficacy of CBD as a medicinal product, the CBD market has exploded, and its growth is only going one way… UP! With America in the midst of an opioid epidemic and increasing concern about what pharmaceutical drugs do to our bodies, the search is on for a safer and better way to relieve pain, anxiety and a host of other conditions.

The CBD market is littered with great, good, average and downright awful suppliers and today, we compare two of the best known: GreenRoads and Elixinol, to see which category they belong in.

About these Two CBD Giants



GreenRoads was formed in 2012 which makes it one of the oldest companies in this fledgling market. It claims to be one of the world’s leading suppliers of CBD products and says it has over one million end users and 5,000 wholesale clients. The company is a partner of Entourage Nutritional Distributors.

Elixinol was founded by Paul Benhaim who is one of the most respected pioneers in the hemp industry. Paul has almost a quarter of a century’s experience in the industry, and he also founded Hemp Foods Australia. When founding Elixinol, Paul’s goal was to provide a world-class experience to customers who would benefit from the highest quality products on the CBD market.

In this article we are going to put these two monsters head to head and compare them according to price, quality, efficacy, taste, products and more…

Price – Who is Providing Value for Money

GreenRoads has six different CBD oil strengths ranging from 100mg for $26.99 to 1,500mg for $209.99. The two largest bottles (1,000 and 1,500mg) contain 30ml of oil compared to the 15ml bottle of the other four.

Aside from the special Respira Hemp Oil and Extrato Rico options, Elixinol sells a 300mg bottle for $29.99 and a 3,600mg bottle for $249. You can choose between Natural and Cinnamint flavors.

Verdict: Elixinol is significantly cheaper as you pay the equivalent of about $10 per 100mg of CBD in the smaller bottle compared to the $26.99 charged by GreenRoads. The massive 3,600mg bottle works out at just over $69 per 1,000mg compared to almost $140 for GreenRoads’ best value option. Elixinol is the clear winner.

Quality – Which One Delivers Results

How can GreenRoads justify its price? As well as providing 10% full spectrum CBD oil, the product contains 99% pure crystalline isolate which makes it very potent indeed. Despite the high cost, you should require far less CBD from GreenRoads than many of its rivals. Its products are third-party lab tested, and you can see the results on the website. The largest bottle contains up to 120 servings, and suddenly, the price tag doesn’t look so bad.

Elixinol is made from industrial hemp which is grown organically, and CO2 extracted, just like with GreenRoads’ products. The company’s tinctures also contain various cannabinoids, terpenes, and essential oils. Natural molecules include flavonoids, vitamins, pigments, alcohols, and aldehydes. Elixinol boasts certificates of purity and third-party lab testing reports on its website.

Verdict: Tie. We can’t separate the two. All we know is that both companies sell full spectrum CBD oil, which was extracted the right way and is laden with goodness.


We were astounded by how quickly the CBD oil from GreenRoads worked. It can take up to 20 minutes to feel an effect, but we noticed good things happening within a few minutes of consuming a rice-grain-sized portion. It helps you concentrate & sleep, reduces anxiety and works well on pain in larger doses.

Elixinol’s CBD tincture was similarly impressive. It took few minutes longer to work, but once again, its speed and level of effectiveness were well above average. It is especially useful for social anxiety disorders because you have a feeling of calm and a desire to talk to people soon after consuming a few of these drops.

Verdict: Tie. Again, it is clear that we’re looking at two world-class operators.

Taste & Color

If you read the lab reports for both products, you won’t be surprised to learn that both oils offer the golden color synonymous with high-quality oil. As for the taste, GreenRoads’ oil isn’t exactly pleasant, but at least you know you’re getting real CBD. Elixinol’s natural flavored tincture is also less than delicious, and its cinnamint flavor is a bit sickly.

Verdict: A narrow victory for GreenRoads here but CBD oils that taste ‘too’ good are probably filled with artificial sweeteners. Neither product offers that kind of taste which speaks to the respective quality of the oils.

Added Ingredients

GreenRoads’ CBD oil contains 99% hemp seed oil, full spectrum CBD crystalline isolate and Kosher-grade vegetable Glycerin. It is harder to find any details on what goes into Elixinol’s oil barring CBD, and it appears as if there is hardly anything else added.

Verdict: Tie Elixinol adds fewer ingredients in total although it would be a bit harsh to criticize GreenRoads since it only adds goodness to its products.

Customer Service & Delivery

Customer Service & Delivery


GreenRoads has been criticized by some customers for a slow response time, but we had no issues when we wanted to get in touch. While it doesn’t outline how long it will take for customers to receive their orders, the company does allow you to track your order. You are also entitled to a full refund if you aren’t happy with your purchase and return it within 30 days.

Elixinol’s customer service is top notch as its team replies quickly and politely to all inquiries. As well as having its HQ in Colorado, it also has a UK presence in Watford. It takes 2-5 business days to process orders and extra 2-4 business days for shipping in the United States. You can return a product within 30 days to get a full refund, but claims for damages must occur within three days of receiving the product.

Verdict: We believe that Elixinol has slightly better customer service.

Other Products

GreenRoads has a remarkable number of additional products including edibles, capsules, CBD for pets, CBD concentrate and crystals, syrups, terpenes, tea, and cream. We especially like the CBD Shatter which comes in popular strains such as ACDC, Pineapple Express, and Blueberry OG. You receive 0.5 grams of shatter for $64.99, and you can eat it or melt it down to create your own vape juice or oil.

While Elixinol doesn’t quite have the same variety, it does sell CBD dog treats, hemp seeds & protein powder, balms, capsules and oral applicators. One of its best products is the Hemp CBD oil liposomes. You can purchase 100mg for $29.99, 300mg for $59.99 and 1,000mg for $129. Liposomes improve the way your body absorbs the CBD oil you consume, so you receive relief faster than ever before.

Verdict: Although Elixinol has a fine range of CBD products, few companies on the market sells the sheer scale of what GreenRoads has to offer.


GreenRoads website looks extremely impressive at a first glance but when trying to order a product you might get lost throughout the process. Their site is packed with information and some have told us that its a bit hard to navigate around? Trying to view the products you want to buy is also an annoying process since the page doesn’t allow you to stay on whatever you’re viewing.

In contrast, Elixinol’s site is neat, tidy and easy to navigate. You can find whatever you need in a matter of minutes and the News section keeps you up to date with the latest goings-on in the CBD world.

Verdict: An easy win for Elixinol

Final Verdict

This was a tough one, as both brands are extremely good and have superb products. GreenRoads offers a variety of high-quality products and has been voted as one of the top brands for 2017. On the other hand you have Elixinol, which does provide value for money. It’s also important to note that GreenRoads is American made compared to Elixinol, which was founded in the U.K. If we had to decide which brand to go for, then we would choose Elixinol for Price and Green Roads for quality. Furthermore it depends where you live and how fast you want your CBD oil

Check out the GreenRoads Official Website:

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