Cheeba Chews Review [All You Need to Know]

Now that marijuana has entered the mainstream, one of the main considerations is the method of consumption. There are millions of people around the world that like to smoke or vape their herb, but not everyone enjoys the process. As a result, edibles such as the Cheeba Chews range are gaining in popularity as you can get your ‘high’ and enjoy a tasty treat in the bargain. What’s not to like?

In this in-depth, full-bore Cheeba Chews review, we look at the variety of edibles on offer from the brand, try to determine how much you can safely eat, and also provide advice on creating a “Cheeba Chews-style” DIY edible from the comforts of your home.


What Are Cheeba Chews?

This brand has been creating marijuana edibles since 2009, and its products have been described as “America’s favorite edible” by High Times magazine. Cheeba Chews has won three Cannabis Cups and is available in 800 dispensaries across Colorado and California. The brand is known for the quality and consistency of its products, which come in an impressive number of flavors and varieties.

When High Times magazine went to the company’s “industrial kitchen” in Denver, it was shocked by what it found. It expected a large industrial-scale plant but instead, was greeted by a tiny 600 square foot kitchen with a few small offices located near the all-important “cooking site.” Even back then in early 2016, Cheeba Chews was creating 50,000 candies a week, a number that has swelled in recent years as the brand has begun selling its products in Nevada as well as Colorado and California.

James Howler, CEO of Cheeba Chews, started the enterprise back in 2009 while living in Colorado, as he noticed that the edibles available were severely flawed with a complete lack of consistency in doses. While people wanted to try them out, they couldn’t trust the market because one batch could have a totally different potency compared to the next one.

Howler was a licensed medical grower, so he had access to a lot of marijuana. According to the him, Cheeba Chews aims to create edibles that people can rely on, with consistency in dose and potency being one of the top priorities. He also claims that the company goes the extra mile when testing and preparing their chews, in order to ensure the brand’s edibles retain their noteworthy effects.

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The company has expanded significantly in recent years, but it remains privately owned and is entirely self-funded. When interviewed in 2016, Howler was proud to point out that the brand had not taken any investment or credit funds because he wanted it to grow organically. Once marijuana became legalized in Colorado, Cheeba Chews expanded once again and it now has dozens of employees and an executive team.

However, the company was forced to more or less rethink its entire product lineup when weed became available for recreational use in the state. Rather than diving straight in, though, Cheeba Chews waited for a little while to see how the edibles industry was set to change with the new legislation. It ended up being an important decision, because laws on recreational weed now state that the edible has to be provided in 10 mg single-doses, and be secured in child-resistant packaging.

The company hired an engineering firm to develop a special machine capable of handling the thickness of the Cheeba Chews mixture, while ensuring 10 mg doses were properly measured out. In the end, the brand created a multi-dose package with chews divided into 10 mg increments.

The Different Types of Cheeba Chews

The Different Types of Cheeba Chews


At the time of writing, there are 11 types of infused edibles available on the Cheeba Chews website. The company’s claim of ‘consistency’ is extremely important because in the world of edibles, it is all too common for brands to make claims that its products can’t match. A reasonable number of edibles advertise THC counts that are far higher than the real figure, for example, and in larger batches it is actually common for the cannabinoids to settle at the bottom, making for some wildly different potencies from product to product.

Cheeba Chews is different, and its lab results are impressive compared to its rivals. If you’re looking for a medicinal edible, Cheeba Chews Pure CBD is an excellent option. It comes in chocolate taffy flavor and contains 50 mg of CBD per 10-gram chew. Each chew contains just five grams of sugar, 35 calories and 2 mg of THC.

The Cheeba Chews Green Hornet is one of the brand’s most popular offerings, and includes both THC and CBD-infused gummies. Other ingredients include Carnauba Wax, Malic Acid, Mineral Oil, Grape Juice, Corn Syrup, and Gelatin. The Green Hornet comes in 2-packs, with a total THC content of 70 mg (35 mg per gummy). This is the same dose as the brand’s flagship ‘Quad Dose’ chews, albeit the 70 mg is per individual chew. There is also a CBD Green Hornet which contains 50 mg CBD in a 2-pack (25 mg per piece).

If you’re looking for something with a little extra ‘kick’, then you might want to try the Deca Dose Cheeba Chew as it contains a whopping 175 mg of THC in total. We can tell you first-hand that these babies are extremely potent, so be careful if you have a low weed tolerance!

All in all, you can’t accuse the company of not catering to every user because there are both Cheeba Chews Indica and Cheeba Chews Sativa options available. The 100 mg THC Caramel Taffy option comes in Indica or Sativa dominant forms (in Colorado only) and hybrid forms in California.

Alas, there is no getting away from the fact that the price of Cheeba Chews is fairly high; but what do you expect for such potent edibles? The Quad Dose costs around $12 while the Deca Dose is available for about $25 on average.

In Colorado and Nevada, there are also Cheeba Chews packs which include eight x 10 mg chews to meet recreational weed standards. These packs cost between $18 and $22, and there are THC and CBD versions available. Flavors include Sativa Chocolate Taffy, Indica Chocolate Taffy, Hybrid Caramel and Cheeba Chews Pure CBD Chocolate Taffy.

How Many Cheeba Chews Can You Safely Eat?

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“How many Cheeba Chews can you safely eat” is the million-dollar question, and can only be answered according to an individual’s tolerance to marijuana. You have to be careful when consuming these edibles, especially if you choose the Cheeba Chews Deca Dose option which offers a formidable single dose of 175 mg THC. (And for reference, The Cannabist recently did some math in an editorial post and found that a large 1 gram joint of 15% THC Kush would only contain about 130 mg of THC).

As the Cheeba Chews Quad Dose has 70 mg of THC, it makes sense to assume that a “standard” Cheeba Chews  dose is 17.5 mg, which works out because ‘Deca’ relates to the number ten, so a 175 mg dose divided by ten would equal exactly 17.5 mg.

It’s been said that an ‘average sized’ joint may contain between 60-70 mg of THC, so you could hypothetically say that a ‘Deca Dose’ has three joints’ worth of THC – which you can wolf down in seconds! Also, one or two bowl hits provide up to 17.5 mg of THC, while you tend to get around 35 mg of THC for 3-4 bowl hits, depending of course on the potency of the strain you’re smoking.

Either way, given the innocuous nature of edibles in general – coupled with the sweet taste of Cheeba Chews – it is all too easy for someone not used to consuming marijuana to thoroughly overdo it. While there is no danger of overdosing in a manner that proves fatal, you could eat far too many chews and pass out on the sofa, or even worse, go into a scary THC-induced state of anxiety and paranoia.

Moreover, the high from both the Quad Dose and the Deca Dose can last for several hours. While it normally takes longer for edibles to take effect (compared to smoking), the overall impact is usually heavier. A rookie mistake is to believe the edible is not kicking in, and after an hour or so decide to eat more.

As such, with all Cheeba Chews products we recommend eating half of the edible first, then waiting at least 30 minutes before eating the other half; and only do so if you feel no real effect. If you’re using the Deca Dose, reduce this to a quarter (or even less), especially if you have a low tolerance.

High Times magazine published an article titled “10 Commandments of Marijuana Edible Safety,” and it is an essential read if you’re concerned about “overdosing” on Cheeba Chews or any other form of THC-infused edible. For people with an average to low tolerance, 10-25 mg of THC is enough to relax the muscles and aid sleep. The high will last anywhere from 4 to 8 hours, but this duration increases markedly with higher doses. In any case, here is a quick overview of the High Times “10 Commandments”:

  1. Start with 10 mg of THC and wait a full two hours before trying more.
  2. Always label any homemade edibles.
  3. Never mix edibles with alcohol.
  4. Eat a proper dinner first.
  5. Use edibles at home, and don’t operate heavy machinery.
  6. Keep ALL edibles away from children (Cheeba Chews looks and tastes like candy!)
  7. Keep non-marijuana infused snacks close by.
  8. Have some CBD Oil or CBD capsules on hand and use one if the chews begin to make you feel paranoid (CBD is known to counterbalance the THC high).
  9. If the effects are too potent, stay calm and keep reminding yourself that they will eventually wear off.
  10. Do NOT place an edible in someone’s food! It is irresponsible, and could lead to arrest in some cases!

Back in 2014, Maureen Dowd of the New York Times took some THC edibles in an effort to highlight some of the dangers of edible consumption. She noted that it took an hour for any kind of effect to start settling in, but when it did, the high was so intense that it forced her to curl up in a ball and hallucinate for eight hours!

The Most Effective Method of Making Cheeba Chews

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In case you didn’t know, Cheeba Chews are effectively Tootsie Rolls with high-quality cannabis oil added. If you don’t live in California, Colorado, or Nevada, you won’t have access to the real thing, so you can try and make your own at home.

All you need is butter or butter flavored cooking spray, a Pyrex baking pan (8 x 8 inches is best) and the following three ingredients:

  • One bag of Tootsie Roll minis
  • A maximum of 10 g of premium quality hash oil
  • A tablespoon of sweetened condensed milk

Once you have all of the above, follow this recipe step-by-step to create DIY Cheeba Chews:

  • Melt the Tootsie Rolls in a crockpot on low heat, stirring the pot regularly.
  • Add the hash oil and milk once the candy is melted.
  • Stir the concoction for two minutes; you need the milk to spread evenly to ensure the hash oil blends with the candy as much as possible.
  • Grease the inside of the Pyrex pan with butter, and pour the concoction into it.
  • Allow the mixture to cool and place it in the refrigerator for a minimum of two hours.
  • Once the mixture has set correctly, cut it into pieces. You should get up to 50 chews per batch, based on how much THC/CBD you want in each one.

The Definitive List of Cheeba Chews: Pros and Cons

At the end of the day, trying to figure out if you should give Cheeba Chews a try (compared to other edibles) can be a tricky decision. Here are a few things to consider if you’re on the fence about whether or not to experience “America’s Favorite Edible” for yourself.

Cheeba Chews Pros

  • Portability: Each chew is relatively small, and you can carry several of them on your person at once.
  • Effectiveness: The Quad Dose is more than enough for most users, while the Deca Dose should satisfy even the most experienced marijuana aficionado.
  • Consistency: Cheeba Chews carefully creates each batch, so every single chew offers a consistent level of THC or CBD. This is especially important for medicinal use because you know that a chew will do its job whenever you take the same dose.
  • Choice: There are 11 options at present, including hybrid, Sativa and Indica-dominant chews, along with high-THC and high-CBD versions.

Cheeba Chew Cons

  • Texture: We found that the chews have grainy solids, which for some people can make them less than pleasant to consume.
  • Taste: While the chews taste okay, there are brands on the market that offer genuinely delicious edibles. There is a lingering aftertaste with Cheeba Chews in particular, but many will agree that it’s a small price to pay for such a quality and reliable edible

What Do People Say About Their Cheeba Chews Experience?

In the years they’ve been in existence Cheeba Chews has received overwhelmingly positive reviews from users (after all, you don’t become a 3x Cannabis Cup winner out of sheer luck). These edibles tend to work within half an hour of consumption, although the more potent versions could hit you even quicker. Obviously, each version offers a completely different effect because of the variation in dose.

For example, the Green Hornet gummy has a taste akin to a gummy bear, but with a clear and obvious cannabis aftertaste. Also, bear in mind that each packet contains 70 mg of THC, so a quarter of the pack constitutes one dose. Users say that the Sativa gummy provides them with a burst of energy, as is typically expected (some say it was similar to the effects felt after using Green Crack).

If you would prefer to rest and relax, the Cheeba Chews indica Green Hornet is by far the best option. While most users acknowledged an effect after 20-30 minutes, the most powerful effects were only noticeable about an hour after consumption.

Users described the Quad Dose as tasting like toothpaste mixed with Tootsie Rolls — and cannabis! Oddly enough, even though these chews have the same THC level as the Green Hornet range, most consumers were less enthused about them and didn’t feel the kind of effects they expected. Here are a few more comments from Cheeba Chews users (paraphrased):

  • “They are small but extremely strong; I felt the effects despite my high tolerance.”
  • “My husband ate just half a Cheeba Chews Pure CBD when he felt a seizure coming. It worked and kept it away! He also felt extremely alert and not high.”
  • “I preferred this to the prescription medication I was taking.”
  • “They have a chewy consistency, are extremely sweet and very potent for the size.”

Some users are concerned that Cheeba Chews may not be effective for pain management. While most consumers agreed that the edibles were good for helping reduce anxiety and aiding restful sleep, their effect was less pronounced when battling inflammation. For the record, Pure CBD Cheeba Chews are probably the best choice when tackling pain because in chronic cases, up to 100 mg of CBD a day is required. However, this equates to two chews a day which can become pretty expensive after a few weeks.

As for the Deca Chews, it should go without saying that extreme caution is necessary! Each one contains an incredible 175 mg of THC, and unlike so many other brands, Cheeba Chews has created a product that are very close to the stated dose. It almost oozes hash oil, and is one of the most potent edibles you’ll find for sale anywhere in the world. The Deca Dose leaves residue on the package and emits a powerful chocolate, coffee, and “medicine” aroma.

Users suggest that the strength of the dose seems to overwhelm the chocolate flavor, and if you can’t handle the taste, the texture will make it difficult to chew and swallow. While most edibles can take up to an hour to work, most reviewers were keen to point out that the Deca Dose caused an obvious impact within about 20 minutes. Within an hour, you’ll be extremely well medicated with an increase in facial pressure and body temperature likely evident.

Ultimately, most who attempted to consume the entire Deca Dose at a single sitting soon regretted their choice — after all, we suppose it IS possible to have too much of a good thing!

The Final Verdict – Should You Try Cheeba Chews?

Overall, Cheeba Chews is a great alternative to smoking or vaping weed – but please note, they are rather expensive. For most people, they are likely to be a luxury treat rather than something they can rely on to ease pain or anxiety on a daily basis. If nothing else, it is safe to say that Cheeba Chews is arguably the best edibles manufacturer in the United States. The company provides consistent doses with every batch, so if you would rather eat your weed than smoke it, we strongly recommend their edibles.