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CBD Brothers is a premier UK CBD company. They utilize high-caliber hemp for all of their products and insist on a standard of quality and transparency.
Whole plant Sativa, indica dominant, or indica extract, cold pressed hemp seed oil.
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Users should use a drop up to one to three times a day.
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CO2 extraction
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Due to CBD's status with the government, there are no recommendations.
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*All the data provided above is for oil products only

The trouble with the CBD market today is the relative lack of regulation. It is possible for practically any firm to create oil (or other CBD products), and claim it is pure cannabidiol. Thus, we always advise you to only deal with companies that have a significant online presence such as CBD Brothers. Its Facebook page alone has over 40,000 likes, and while this is no indicator of quality, at least it spells out the fact that CBD Brothers is likely to be a reputable organization.

Who Are CBD Brothers?

CBD Brothers is a seller of premium quality CBD products that has an office in the UK (although their official address is in Spain). Its hemp is grown using an organic process on farms across Europe, and while its Indica strain is grown indoors, it has three other strains grown outdoors in the full force of natural sunlight. Each plant is handpicked at the optimum time, and hung until completely dry.

CBD Brothers uses CO2 extraction with low heat and low pressure, and their oil tinctures contain full-spectrum terpenes, flavonoids and other phytocannabinoids (it is more or less common knowledge nowadays that whole-plant tinctures are more effective than isolates).

CBD Brothers’ CBD Oil Review

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CBD Brothers currently has six different CBD oil options:

  • Green: *Cheapest option*, sativa blend, 2.8% CBD per 10 mL
  • Blue: Sativa, 5% CBD per 10 mL
  • Purple: Hybrid, 3.2% CBD per 10 mL
  • White: Indica, 30% CBD / 1.5% per 10 mL
  • Red: Indica, 30% CBD / 3% per 10 mL
  • Black: *Most expensive option*, Indica, 30% CBD / 6% per 10 mL

The above list is arranged in order of price, with the cheapest at the top. The Black Edition (Indica) contains 30% CBD and comes in two sizes: 10ml (£199.95) and 30ml (£539.95). For the purposes of this review however, we looked at the Blue Edition (Sativa), which is the second ‘weakest’ one.

The CBD Brother’s “Blue Edition” comes in three sizes:

  • 10ml: £17.95
  • 30ml: £48.45
  • 100ml: £129.95

There is approximately 500mg of CBD in the 10ml bottle we tried, which equates to 2.5 mg of CBD per drop. I was the guinea pig and elected to use four drops a day, or 10 mg of CBD total. It is important to put the drops beneath your tongue and allow about 30-60 seconds for it to absorb, rather than swallowing it immediately.

The first thing I noticed was how calm I felt after a dose. It took maybe half an hour to work, but there was a noticeable effect. It began with a warm feeling around my eyes followed by an odd (but pleasant) sensation in the body. There was even a slight hint of euphoria, but nothing close to what is provided by THC. I also had noticeably more energy, which is what one would expect from a Sativa blend.

I suffer from chronic pain in my shoulder and while it didn’t eliminate the pain, it did reduce it slightly. With a higher dose, (or perhaps one of the stronger options like the Red or Black Edition), I believe it would work wonders for the pain. What the oil did do effectively was to improve my sleep and alleviate anxiety. There is no ‘high’ at all, but I felt a whole lot better once I used this CBD oil.

The company keeps it simple with its full spectrum range, as there are only two options. The Purple Edition is whole plant extract with a minimum of 16% CBD, and is made from the flowers of a female Cannabis hybrid. It is available in six sizes ranging from 1 mL (£7.95) to 100 mL (£694.96). The Green Edition is an Indica variety with a minimum of 14% CBD, and has five sizes ranging from 5 mL (£14.75) to the enormous 1,000 mL (£2,195).

Review of CBD Brothers’ Other Products

In addition to their lineup of CBD oils, CBD Brothers also sells clothing, books, and accessories such as a DIY capsule kit and a legalize cannabis sticker! Its CBD capsules come in Green, Blue, and Purple editions, with the latter being the most potent and expensive option. The Purple Edition CBD capsules comes in three strengths:

  • PC50: 30 x 8mg CBD capsules for £13.95.
  • PC100: 30 x 16mg CBD capsules for £26.45.
  • PC250: 30 x 40mg CBD capsules for £62.75.

These capsules contain a whole plant extract including CBD and coconut oil, and are suitable for vegans. One of the team had a go with the PC100 capsules and was happy with the speed and quality of the effects. He has insomnia and took his capsules around two hours before bed. The result? A solid seven-hour sleep session with zero interruptions; a rarity according to the man himself.

As usual, I was looking forward to the edibles section and CBD Brothers had more options than most companies. There are three different Belgian Chocolate bars, Goodness Raw Chocolate, and a pair of hot chocolate stirrers (a powder that you mix into a glass of hot water or milk). The Goodness chocolate bites seemed the most appealing, so I gave them a shot!

Each chocolate contained 16 mg of CBD, and it says on the label that you shouldn’t take more than two a day. It is also important to wait at least two hours between each chocolate. According to CBD Brothers, you’ll need to consume them regularly for three weeks to get the best results (and the same goes for any other CBD product to be honest).

The ingredients are all natural, with dates added to sweeten the raw cacao butter. Other ingredients include sea salt, vanilla extract, and coconut oil. The most important aspect of these chocolates is their ability to reduce anxiety and help you relax during a tough day. However, they genuinely taste like high-quality candy that you would buy in a boutique store! The only problem is restricting yourself to two a day. Also, at £7 a pack they are better served as a treat rather than as your sole, daily dose of CBD.

The remaining CBD Brothers products are the Water-Soluble CBD and the CBD Balm. The Purple Edition Water Soluble option is a hybrid strain, which contains a 17.6% CBD whole plant extract. You can add it to your favorite beverages, and it costs £29.95 for a 10 mL bottle.

The CBD Balm is also a hybrid and is made from the stems and leaves of the plant, rather than the flower. It contains CBD oil, coconut oil and bee’s wax. It is 30% CBD and costs £34.95 for a 30 mL tub, or £94.95 for a 100 mL tub.

Where Can I Purchase CBD Brothers’ Products?

Your best bet in terms of where to buy CBD Brothers online is to check out the official CBD Brothers website,  where you can sift through their full range of items. Of course, if you’re local and want to visit an actual store, the company invites you to check out their facilities in Suffolk, England, or Spain (although you’ll need to make an appointment).

Final Thoughts on CBD Brothers

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In our opinion CBD Brothers is one of Europe’s finest sellers of CBD products, and it produces a wide range of high-quality CBD oils, edibles, topicals, and other CBD-laden items. We love the fact that there are so many options. For instance, you can have an Indica for the night time or a Sativa for the morning; or get the best of both worlds with a hybrid.

CBD Brothers oil tinctures work quickly and effectively, and since the lower strength version worked so well for me, we would imagine that the more powerful Black Edition would be ideal for chronic pain, and perhaps even people suffering from seizures.

Verdict: 8.5/10

Photos are courtesy of CBDbrothers

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