CBD Oil Samples – Watch Out From This Common Trap

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MarijuanaBreak Staff MarijuanaBreak Staff / Updated on June 9, 2019

CBD Oil Samples – Beware of This Common Trap

If you’re the investing type, now may be a good time to purchase some shares in a prominent CBD company! The industry is exploding into life thanks to new legislation which makes it legal to purchase non-psychoactive CBD oil in almost every state in America. Expectations are high for the CBD market and while the market was worth just over $200 million in 2016, Forbes believes it will top the $2 billion barrier by 2020.

Obviously, such a growth in any industry means a rapid rise of new companies. This scenario can be a nightmare for prospective CBD buyers because there are unquestionably some disreputable companies performing dodgy practices. In this article, we are not going to analyze the CBD industry from an investment point of view but rather look at the problems that have been associated with this rapid growth. Problems that have caused  numerous patients to lose money.

The Try Before You Buy Shipping Scam

High-quality CBD oil is expensive, so it’s only natural to want to perform a ‘test’ before shelling out a larger sum. An increasing number of sellers offer CBD oil samples for the price of shipping. In other words, you receive a small bottle of CBD for as little as $5. If this deal sounds too good to be true, that’s because it often is!

Also, there is a particular surge in these offers during holiday seasons that involve issuing the offer on a social media platform (like Facebook or Twitter). After you accept, a scam company will gain your personal information by asking you to pay for shipping. While you may receive your sample, what you don’t know is that the scammer is continuing to charge you for a ‘subscription’ service without your knowledge or permission. Next thing you know, there’s $79.99 coming out of your bank account each month!

If this happens to you, we recommend immediately getting in touch with your bank or credit card provider to dispute the charges. While you can try to track down the scammer, you’re unlikely to have any luck. It is typical for such scammers to change their names and locations regularly in order to avoid detection.

We came across this type of scam when browsing through ‘Ripoff Report.’ One customer has claimed that a company called Assure ripped them off by taking over $185 a month from their account without them even knowing.

Avoiding This CBD Scam

The most obvious method of steering clear of this scam is by sticking to the reputable companies that we review on this site. We’re an independent organization so if we spot a red flag when analyzing any CBD oil seller, our readers are the first to know.

Also, never give your credit card details when accepting a CBD oil sample offer unless you are 100% sure that the company is reputable. Google the company and ensure there are no horror stories to contend with. Think about it – if the company can afford to give you a sample, it can certainly afford to pay the extra $5 for shipping!

It’s also a good idea to check the company website and even ring any phone numbers that you see on the web pages. If it is a scam, the phone number is usually fake.

The problem with a lot of these companies is that they can technically say it isn’t a scam if they include details of the offer in their terms and conditions. Of course, this particular page is usually longer than a chapter of War & Peace, so these companies are banking on the fact that you won’t read it! And even if you do, you’ll find that the text says you will be charged monthly unless you cancel the ‘subscription.’

In addition to Assure, we’ve come across several other companies that are involved in this free shipping scandal, including: True CBD, Miracle CBD, Sky CBD, and Optimal Choice CBD.

I’ve been Caught in the CBD Trap, What Now?

CBD oil benefits

The important thing is to act as fast as possible, and follow these steps:

  • Get in touch with the company and demand a refund (barring the small shipping fee). Make it clear that you’ll be filing a ‘fraud chargeback’ with your credit card company and speaking to your state’s attorney general. Scam companies probably won’t answer your call though.
  • If you do get your refund, call your bank/credit card company to make sure the money is back in your account. Cancel your card and get a new one to ensure that the company can’t charge you again.
  • Explain to your credit card company/bank that you didn’t authorize anything other than the shipping fee, and file the aforementioned ‘fraud chargeback’ immediately.

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Final Thoughts on CBD Oil Samples & Scams

The CBD oil industry is incredibly popular, and it’s only inevitable that it will continue to rise in the coming months and years. However, where there’s money, there’s also scammers, so avoid becoming a patsy and make sure you never give your credit card details to any firm that is not 100% reputable. Also, if you are a victim of this scam (or other scams), get in touch with us so we can tell our readers, get the word out on the fraudulent business, and ensure that no one else suffers.

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  1. Karla Morris
    Samples are better

    This is a trap. The samples are always much more concentrated and much pure than the bottled version. I am planning to buy samples only rather than going for the regular bottled CBD.

  2. John Hoke

    I got scammed by Medilever.com. I received my free sample, paid something like 6 dollars shipping. Next month, to my surprise, I had an unauthorized charge of $89.92. I called Medilever and told them that I did not want their products and that their product did not help me, but in fact gave me a headache. I then called my bank and had them reverse the charge to my account. 10 days later, I received another bottle of CBD oil from Medilever! I called them again and they said I authorized the charge and I asked for proof that I authorized the charge and they put me on hold forever and finally after waiting over 30 min. I hung up.

  3. Amy
    Help needed

    I’m trying to send my info and it will not send?

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    cbd oil free samples

    so what site has 100% no cost cbd oil samples

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    Love to try

  6. Linda

    I don’t know about this, we requested two free bottles and they came in the mail no cost to us.

    1. Barbara Seastrom
      Fraud complaint

      Saw an ad on television program with a 800 number. Called it. Shipping and handling charges only. Next month I got charged $197. For something I never signed up for.

    2. Starr Ware
      Cbd oil sample

      What company did you use?

    3. Nicole

      May I ask what company you ordered from?

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