CBD Oil In Michigan [Buyers Guide]

How to get your hands on it.

Residents of Michigan haven’t had the smoothest ride when it comes to the use of marijuana. Prior to the passing of Proposal 1 in November 2018 (which legalized the recreational use of cannabis in the state), some pretty strict laws were in place as compared to most other places in America. Furthermore, Michigan has always had a complicated history of cannabis legislation that unfortunately has left many residents unsure of what is – and isn’t – legal.

That being said, the state has come a long way regarding the legalities around the herb for medicinal purposes, which is great news for thousands of suffering individuals.

If you are a resident of Michigan looking for the most up to date information around CBD and how to obtain it, then you have come to the right place! In this article, we discuss what CBD (cannabidiol) is, how it works, and where to get it if you’re a resident of the Great Lake State.

CBD: The Non-Psychoactive Cannabinoid

As of now, it is understood that there are well over a hundred different compounds in the marijuana plant, and that CBD is the non-psychoactive relative of THC — and one of the most useful cannabinoids in terms of pain relief and other forms of medicinal therapy.

Unlike other studied cannabinoids, CBD will not produce a “high” in the user, which makes it incredibly appealing to most patients. It is also for this reason that CBD has become so sought after as a therapeutic treatment for so many enervating conditions.

CBD has been proven to contribute many different benefits to the human body, such as:

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And these are just a few of the well-known properties of CBD that have been documented in research publications. Thanks to CBD, hundreds of thousands of patients have been taking control of their conditions in a natural, virtually side-effect free manner.

Moreover, there has been a great deal of money put into the scientific research of CBD over the last couple of years. With such a huge stigma still surrounding the marijuana plant, though, it is paramount to have sound evidence that not all compounds produced by the plant cause the same results — especially as most people associate the cannabis plant with the well-known THC high.

As a result of this research, there have been groundbreaking findings and progression made over recent years in terms of the potential therapeutic effects of CBD. Some of these publications have documented positive results on the symptoms of:

And this is just a sample of conditions – there are many more documented conditions and clinical studies where CBD has been used as a viable treatment option. The scale and variety of diseases just goes to highlight how versatile of a treatment CBD is – all while being 100% natural and with virtually no side effects!

How Does Medical CBD Work?

While THC interacts with our CB1 receptors (which are predominantly located in the brain) to produce a mind-altering high, CBD is known to interact with our body’s endocannabinoid system, or ECS, which oversees the regulation of many of our vital signs to keep everything in a state of balance and homeostasis.

Our ECS has shown to play a major role in almost every aspect of our being, from the way we feel pain to our appetite, emotional thoughts, and feelings. It is no wonder then that CBD has shown such a wide scope of potential therapeutic ability when it comes to our health.

CBD Oil In Michigan: What You Need to Know

Okay, so you are looking to get your hands on some CBD oil, but don’t know where to start? If you are a resident living in Michigan, you are probably well aware that the only way to get your hands on high-quality medicinal marijuana is to obtain an MMJ recommendation from a doctor. Even with the passing of Proposal 1 (which legalizes the sale and use of recreational marijuana for adults residents), cannabis won’t be available for purchase until 2020 – at the earliest.

Historically, Michigan has implemented some of the harshest laws in the country when it comes to the illegal use and possession of anything cannabis related. Basically, unless you qualify for Michigan’s Marijuana program and can purchase cannabis CBD oil derived from marijuana, you will have to resort to buying CBD oil derived from hemp, which – according to many of the companies that sell it – is legal in all 50 states due to its low levels of THC. (Check below for a list of quality CBD Hemp companies that currently ship to Michigan).

If you feel that you may qualify for the medical marijuana program in Michigan, however, then you can check out this article which provides an in-depth guide for the step-by-step process of obtaining your MMJ card.

Despite Michigan being one of the first U.S. stats to implement a medical marijuana program (the initial legislation was passed way back in 2008), the old laws actually made dispensaries illegal – it’s only been within the past year that retail operations have been able to apply for a valid dispensing license.

Moreover, in 2014 Barack Obama signed off on the Farm Bill, which encouraged the cultivation and research of industrial hemp across the nation. Since then, the state has legalized programs dedicated to the research of industrial hemp, which of course is exciting news for those interested in the effects of CBD oil.

Before you go off to your local health food store or smoke shop to pick up a bottle of “legal” hemp-derived CBD oil, though, you’ll want to hear some of the recent comments that have been made by public officials on CBD laws in Michigan.

CBD Laws in Michigan – What’s Legal [And What’s Not]?

On May 11, 2018, Michigan’s Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs (LARA) actually published an Advisory Bulletin that adopted a pretty hard-hitting stance on all forms of CBD oil sold in the state.

Basically, the Bulletin declared that LARA would be treating CBD oil (including “legal” products extracted from low-THC hemp) as any other form of cannabis, and as such, the sale, use and possession of the compound would be subject to the same criminal penalties as any other form of marijuana.

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On the outside, this is pretty brutal news for all of those interested in the safe, healing effects of CBD. One Michigan law firm even recommended all business to immediately remove all CBD products from their shelves, at least until voting on the new recreational cannabis bill passes in November.

Upon further investigation, the statements made by LARA regarding CBD laws in Michigan actually don’t appear to carry that much weight. In fact, one law office published an in-depth essay interpreting the statements, which were made by LARA’s Director of Bureau of Medical Marijuana Regulation, Andrew Brisbo.

In the essay, it was speculated that the main reason LARA all of a sudden decided to adopt such a hardline stance on CBD oil was essentially to “throw a bone” to dispensary operations in the state. Since the use and popularity of legal hemp-based CBD products has skyrocketed in recent years, many patients are choosing to avoid getting their medical marijuana license, and instead are purchasing from online sellers or in-state retailers.

The incentive of the Advisory Bulletin, according to the law firm, was to encourage more individuals to apply for their MMJ card and buy from licensed dispensaries, which are taxed by MMFLA licensees. And it makes perfect sense – more application fees and more sales tax from licensed dispensaries ultimately means more money for the state.

Moreover, the law firm pointed out the fact that LARA doesn’t have the enforcing power to implement such a hardcore stance on CBD laws. They would require the assistance of local law enforcement, which to date has not shown “any interest in going after CBD sellers or buyers.”

And even if a CBD retailer was detained for the sale or possession of CBD oil in Michigan, LARA would have to prove that the products were “illegally derived” in each case, which would be all but impossible. (Among other things, they would have to prove that the oil was extracted from the stalk or seeds of the plant rather than the flower).

So what do these super-confusing CBD laws in Michigan really mean for you, the potential buyer?

Well, all things considered, an individual buyer would be incredibly unlikely to receive any kind of penalty or persecution from the state. Even if LARA did come up with a way to enforce their newfound hardline stance, they would go after retail sellers and suppliers instead of people who simply bought a bottle or two of CBD oil.

And in fact, dozens of high-quality hemp CBD oil sellers are currently shipping to Michigan residents every day, and have no intention of stopping any time soon. While we’re certainly not saying that it is legal to buy, use or possess CBD oil in Michigan, it’s quite obvious that many people do it every day — and we’ve yet to hear of any individual repercussions.

[Wondering how and where to buy CBD oil in Michigan? Check out this 2018 review for a list of current manufacturers who ship legally to the state].         

Final Thoughts on CBD Oil in Michigan

There are now thirty states (along with the District of Columbia) that have legalized marijuana in some form or another, which is pretty incredible when you stop and think about it!

While Michigan may not be the most lenient state to reside in when it comes to the sale or use of CBD oil, it is certainly getting there with frequently updated legislation. And of course, now that Proposal 1 has passed and marijuana is legal on a recreational level, the hope is that all of these confusing departmental laws will be done away with once and for all.

As it stands, we recommend anyone living in Michigan to check out the details around the medical marijuana program, as well as the most recent legislation before beginning any journey with CBD oil, medical cannabis, etc. It is also always important to remember that it is currently illegal to consume weed in public, as this could be deemed as recreational use, which is illegal under both state and federal law.

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