CBD Oil for Anxiety – The Story of a First Time User

Personal story from a real user
Nicole Richter / Updated on January 30, 2018

Marijuanabreak CBD oil for anxiety

First things first, I am not what you would probably call a chronic anxiety sufferer. I know there are people out there who suffer severely with anxiety on a daily basis, but my specific condition has never really been like that – I have gone through intermittent bouts of anxiety ranging from mild to severe over the past 10 or 15 years (I am 29 now and my first bouts started in high school), but it has never been what I would consider a chronic, day-to-day situation.

That being said, when seemingly random “flare ups” do occur (whether they last for a day, a week, or several months), everyone out there who has gone through anxiety knows that you will do anything – and I mean anything – to find relief.

However, I have always been extremely wary of using drugs to treat my condition – no matter how bad it is. I have seen therapists and medical doctors on several occasions for anxiety-related issues (including insomnia and panic attacks), and have been prescribed Xanax once, but I have never actually used a prescription medication to treat my condition. In fact, the one Xanax prescription that was prescribed for me, I never even got filled.

Looking back on it now, I can’t believe it’s never really occurred to me to try cannabis as a natural therapy – I have used marijuana kind of off and on a few times over the years, but never specifically to treat anxiety or any other condition. At most, I was what you might call a “social” pot user (and in fact, on several different occasions the weed that I smoked seemed to actually promote my anxiety and panic attacks – which I later learned was common with high THC strains).

In any regard, I very recently tried CBD oil for anxiety for the very first time, and I’m here to share with you my thoughts, feelings, and first impressions.

CBD for Anxiety: First thoughts

First of all, whether it’s relevant or not I will say that I haven’t smoked marijuana in years – I have nothing at all against it, but like most people I guess I kind of just got older and grew out of it. So it was never really an option for me to smoke weed as a means to ease my anxiety, though I know tons of people do that every single day.

However, I think that was actually one of the main draws that got me to seriously consider trying CBD oil for the first time; I have an aunt that has been using it for arthritis for going on a year now, and two people that I know of at work say that they use it on a daily basis and it causes absolutely no highs or negative side effects.

So when I was going through an out-of-nowhere anxiety/panic attack flare up and was talking to one of the guys at work about it, he made me promise that I’d meet up with him later in the afternoon and at least give some of his CBD oil a shot. I figured, “why not?”

He was using an oil from a brand called Pure Kana, and the only thing that I had known about the stuff before I tried it was that it wasn’t supposed to get you high. (In fact, I really think the main reason I willingly tried it was because I knew that my aunt – who works full time and supports three daughters – was using it. I figure if she was into it, then it must be halfway legit).

Anyway when I met up with my buddy from work, I actually didn’t try it right away. We met up at a local bar to grab a couple drinks and the anxiety wasn’t bad at all right then, so he just gave me the bottle and told me to hold onto it until I needed it.


Taste, Effectiveness, and Side-Effects: A first-time user’s thoughts on CBD oil for anxiety

I ended up trying it for the first time about three days later. I started getting that same old butterfly in the stomach type feeling that I always get when my anxiety creeps up, and I found that as the day went on at work, it was getting gradually worse (and for absolutely no reason at all, like always). So I decided as soon as I got home, I was going to try the oil.

One thing I did read about CBD oil was that, being that it came from hemp, it could have a nasty, bitter taste. The stuff that I used was Pure Kana’s Vanilla CBD Oil Drops, and it actually didn’t taste bad at all.

Here is a direct link to their product: https://purekana.com/products/vanilla-cbd-oil

In fact, the barely-noticeable taste that it did have actually tasted pretty damn good – like a really mild vanilla coffee creamer or something.

My friend had told me that all I do was use the dropper bottle and place 15 drops under my tongue, and then wait for about 90 seconds before swallowing (it also says this very clearly on the bottle as well). I actually went in front of a mirror to administer the drops, so I could count exactly how much I was putting in (you really don’t need to do this though because you can kind of feel the drops as they hit your mouth and count how many you’re putting in that way).

I will say that it was pretty awkward trying to not swallow for 90 seconds – it’s a totally unnatural feeling, and you feel like you’re going to start drooling all over yourself. You’ll have to fight the instinct to swallow just a little bit, but it’s really not that bad (also, it says on the bottle that you can hold for 60 seconds instead of the full 90 if you want to). I did take a nice big swig of cold water after I swallowed the oil, though, just to get the slightly bitter-ish vanilla flavor out of my mouth (but again, the flavor really is not bad).

In terms of effects, I’ll go ahead and put it very bluntly – the oil did help, without a doubt. It was kind of strange in a way, though, because you notice absolutely zero bodily or cerebral effects other than the anxiety just slowly melting away over time.

And actually, the effects were so subtle that it was really hard to tell at first when exactly the oil kicked in. My anxiety wasn’t as severe when I took the oil that evening as it was during the day at work, so it was tough to gauge exactly how long it took for the effects to settle in.

All I can say is that evening, I had a great dinner (pizza!) and sat on the couch watching TV in a state of genuine contentment. I actually remember thinking to myself while watching an episode of The Office, “holy crap, that CBD must’ve really actually worked.” I experienced no side effects whatsoever, and I went to bed that night and had a genuinely good sleep.

I didn’t use the oil again until maybe about a week later, and I tried the next time around to really gauge when the effects started settling in. I was using the 300 mg bottle (30 mL), which I think is their lowest potency oil (they also had a 600 mg oil and a 1000 mg oil the last time I checked). It seemed to me that I noticed an obvious anxiety relief in less than an hour – maybe about 45 minutes, if I had to take a guess.

One thing that I really really liked though, was that the effects seemed to last a long time. I have only taken the oil on four separate occasions now, and each time it’s seemed to last like 6-8 hours (or at least all evening). This makes sense too, because after doing a little reading up I found that the sublingual tinctures are much longer-lasting than CBD vape oils or e-juices.

I still have the same bottle that my friend gave me, and at the rate that I’m going I imagine it will be lasting me a really long time. If (when) I do run out, though, I’ll certainly be ordering another bottle of the same exact thing. I’m sure there are lots of other good brands out there, but my experience with the 300 mg Pure Kana was about as good as I could have hoped for, so I don’t see any reason to try anything different (I think the 600 mg and 1000 mg bottles are more suited for pain relief, i.e. arthritis, inflammation, etc). I also think that if you are looking to treat pain, you will have to take it more frequently that what I do.

Final Thoughts: CBD oil from a first-time user

So bottom line, would I recommend using CBD oil for anxiety? Absolutely — there’s no question about it (though keep in mind that my condition was (is) probably not nearly as severe as some other people’s out there).

My favorite thing about it is how incredibly mild it is – like I said, the effects just kind of slowly ooze their way in without you even really noticing. Also, I love how seemingly long-lasting the effects are. I’ve read that some people prefer vaping over taking the oil drops because they say vaping is more potent, but I also understand that the effects of vaping are much shorter lived.

Whatever the case, if you suffer from anxiety, panic attacks, depression, or insomnia, I would absolutely recommend you give a quality CBD oil a shot. I was certainly not quick to buy into the whole hype machine (I know that the cannabis industry is pretty crazy right now), but I can say as a first time user that it legitimately did work, and it caused absolutely no high or side effects whatsoever.

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CBD Oil for Anxiety – The Story of a First Time User
January 30, 2018
4.8 22
  1. Lisa Bombard

    Excellent article, thank you for sharing. Trying to do some research on CBD for anxiety for my teenage son

  2. Greg B
    It works

    No doubt it works. Wish it was available in every store!

  3. Elysha

    Thank you for sharing your story 🙂 The more people we get sharing real, positive experiences with cannabis, the quicker the powers that be will actually start to give it the credit it’s due

  4. Elizabeth

    I use CBD from ANTIDOTE for my anxiety and it’s helped me stop taking my anti-anxiety meds. I feel calm and grounded without the “foggy”, “drugged” feeling Benzos give you

  5. Karen

    Anxiety sufferer for over 10 years. Have only been using CBD oil for a couple of weeks now but am already noticing positive results on my day-to-day to stress. Using the 300 mg Purekana and hoping that I never have to go back to lorazepam

  6. Thomas malone

    Thanks for the post. I have been suffering from off and on anxiety since I was 16 years old. Was prescribed medication once many years ago, but thankfully have never taken it on a consistent basis. I have friends that are swearing by CBD and use it every single day for all sorts of things.

  7. Kevin C

    My major concern has always been side effects. the risk profile of CBD is supposed to be almost non-existent. We’ll see…

  8. Ron S

    No doubt in my mind that CBD can work for anxiety and also dozens of other conditions. I am just waiting for the day that the federal government admits it also 🙂

  9. Dylan

    In my experience anxiety is a different beast to any other mental disorder. Have taken medication before and sometimes it works great other times nothing. Really hope that CBD works consistently have heard great things but trying not to get my hopes up too high

  10. Michael G.

    Would love to see clinical trials some day on anxiety, but not holding my breath. We all know that approved anxiety/depression drugs have a stranglehold on the industry hopefully this changes soon. Would love to see an approved CBD-based treatment along the lines of Epidiolex

  11. Caroline Phipps-Carter

    I’m the same about taking any medication in case it makes me feel dizzy or light headed, which would then lead to massive anxiety. I am excited at my first bottle of CBD oil arriving in the post but I know I will put off taking it until I feel brave enough. I have been advised to just have one drop at a time and not the 15 that I see others take per dose. I would also like to take it daily as I do my vitamin B tablets. Thoughts anyone please?

  12. anii

    I am a chronic anxiety sufferer from last 2 yrs. First I will explain what is anxiety and then it cures.
    As anxiety is connected to the brain’s hippocampus regions. Symptoms of anxiety surface when neurons misfire. Recent research points to CBD oil assisting these neurons and thereby reducing symptoms of anxiety. CBD oil has also been proven to slow the heart rate and enhance relaxation. The combination of these three effects means that CBD does similar work to many of the medications that are prescribed for anxiety, except CBD does it naturally and organically, without a risk of side effects or dependency.

  13. Hollie

    Is is stupid that I get anxiety about the thought of trying CBD (to fix my anxiety) 🙄🙄 I get anxious anytime I take pills etc (antibiotics n stuff) I always worry as once it’s in my body, I can’t get it out…

    1. Donna D Handley

      OMG … Holly. I feel exactly the same as you… having anxiety to take pills etc. I have hemp oil sitting in front of me and I’m NERVOUS!!! I’m working up to take my first dose… sighhhh why does it have to be this difficult!!!

      1. Dawn

        I felt the same way. I had anxiety about taking CBD Oil. I have never used it before and of course, I have never even used marijuana. I was nervous that it had .3 THC in it. My husband had to keep reassuring me that it was okay for me to take. I’m as straight-laced as they come. I have an extreme type A personality. I tried it. It made me feel light headed and very sleepy. I took my second dose this morning. I honestly can’t tell that it is working. I haven’t yelled at anyone so maybe it is lol. I’ll keep taking it about maybe once a day. I don’t know about twice a day. It again, still makes me feel a tad tired. I have to function. I hope it works and is not all hype.

    2. Ashley

      Absolutely not! Or at least I hope not because I freak out too.

  14. Trishina

    I am looking into trying CBD oil. Do you feel like over time you didn’t have to keep using the oil, or is it something you have to continuously use to see positive effects?

  15. Susan

    I started using CBC oil about 3 weeks ago for anxiety and depression, and it has been life-changing! My anxiety is gone and I am happier and less reactive. I can’t say enough good things about it! No medications have helped me like this.

    1. Caroline

      Hi there what make did you use and how many drop a day! I suffer with stress and anxiety and would love to feel like myself again

    2. Sheila

      Susan, we’re you on medication for your anxiety before using cbd?

  16. Theresa Shaw

    Anxiety is terrible. I have been using Green Roads for years now. It works wonders.

    1. Gregory Laffey

      Second that!

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