CBD-Infused Drinks are Going to Be the Next BIG Thing [Here’s Why…]

When the marijuana industry first began – the legal one, that is – the direction of the industry was obviously focused on marijuana cigarettes and other smokeables.

Over time, however, this has changed. With the rise of extracts, dabs, and other methods of taking CBD and THC without the hassle of having to smoke, as well as the danger inherent within smoking, people are able to consume in ways never before imagined.

Perhaps the most interesting and quickly-rising form of this is CBD-infused drinks.

Instead of having to discreetly apply a terrible-tasting CBD oil into your food, you can instead drink a CBD beverage and ingest the helpful CBD in a delicious, nutritious beverage.

They may seem strange, but it seems that these are going to be the next big thing.

Why Choose CBD-Infused Drinks?

The very idea of CBD drinks might seem strange to those whom have never used it. A CBD flavored beverage? Why would you want that?

While it is true that CBD is infamous for its unpleasant, profoundly pronounced taste, CBD-infused beverages are something entirely different.

They can be made with a variety of flavors and scents and infused with pure CBD extracts, allowing consumers to get the benefits of CBD without the unpleasant taste.

This variety of flavors allows for consumers to pick their preferred method of ingestion, meaning even more choice for CBD consumers. Previously, you had to either smoke a particular CBD-intense strain of marijuana or purchase flavored edibles if you wanted to experience CBD without any kind of taste issue.

Now, though, we have CBD beverages.

Additionally, there are a few major reasons to explain why CBD beverages are becoming popular: Changing youth culture, the decline of smoking, and the long awaited demise of the soda industry.

The Change of Youth Culture

Today’s youth is rather different, these days. This isn’t in the sense of the elderly lamenting how “today’s kids have it easier” – it is simply fact. People want different things than they used to.

A big part of this is the changing way in which people are viewing society. Instead of rampant consumerism, there is a gradual shift away from this and against a corporate world. Consequently, there is an increased attention given to products catered towards body wellness or positivity.

CBD beverages appeal to this market of those pursuing wellness, as it offers something that many consumers of this type of thinking want: Access to cannabinoids in an easy, convenient method of imbibing, and there is plenty of choice.

Long dead is the culture of consistently harming one’s body for the purpose of pleasure. Today’s young people seek to treat their body as a temple, to respect it and give it all the nutrients and medicines it needs to be perfectly healthy.

This is the reason why there seems to exist so many wellness stores, selling a myriad of different extracts, vitamins and dried substances, all to feed the desire for the people of today to be in touch with their body.

The culture of marijuana flows very well into this idea of caring for one’s self, thanks both to its historical popularity with hippies, and its demonstrated medicinal benefits.

This means that there is a huge gap in the market for an easy method of imbibing cannabis with flavor and a healthy mindset, a gap which is swiftly closing and being filled by the CBD infused beverage industry.

Health concerns behind other methods of imbibing are heavily at the forefront of this, most specifically smoking.

The Death of Smoking

As any watcher of the (practically fundamental) TV show Mad Men can tell you, smoking cigarettes isn’t really much of a thing anymore.

True, plenty of people still smoke when they’re younger, partly as an act of rebellion, but as people get a bit older, they move away from it in favor of something else.

Vape culture was the natural consequence of the health risks associated with smoking, as well as a desire to rebel against the leisure activity of choice of our fathers.

Instead of smoking every day, these days people vape. When it comes to marijuana, people can avoid the danger of combustion and the risks of tobacco by simply vaporizing their cannabinoids and gain their medicinal benefits that way.

However, even vaping is ceasing to be seen as a wholesome habit.

The waves of billowing, cotton candy-flavored smoke are gradually declining as more and more people prefer to treat themselves well and avoid anything smokeable.

This is because, despite what the advertisements tell you, frequently smoking anything, even in vapor form, is bad for your lungs. It can increase the risk of lung cancer, as well as just generally irritating your body. Additionally, we still don’t 100% understand vape pens.

Using CBD beverages, prospective cannabis users will be able to drink their medicine through a healthy, world-conscious beverage.

The types of people who engage in world saving, environmentalist habits – a significant crossover with marijuana users – prefer to only partake of substances that can be assured to be organic and be healthy for themselves.

Thanks to the types of people fulfilling the gap in the market for CBD beverages, these methods of imbibing cannabis are generally cruelty free, vegan and free from GMOs.

They perfectly appeal to the culture of “green living”, while also containing marijuana.

What’s not to like for today’s youth?

However, there is still one major, significant factor leading to the rise of the CBD-infused beverage industry…

The Death of the Soda Industry

Mankind has been drinking soda since the ability to carbonate things was invented almost two centuries ago.

Soda of all types is sold all over the world, from a sugary mixture of roots and plants to make root beer, all the way to pure cane syrup and the leaves of the coca plant in Coca Cola; soda exists everywhere.

However, the health conscious youth of today’s world have rallied against soda as a serious health risk.
Not only are people exposing themselves to unnecessary amounts of caffeine as a result of frequent soda intake, they are also experiencing a huge amount of undesired sugar intake.

Sugar, previously thought of as a neutral, useful substance in food and drink, is now being discovered as a major factor in gum disease, as well as its obvious associations with the rising diabetes epidemic.

To combat this, people these days tend to avoid soda when they can, instead drinking either water or other beverages they feel are healthier for them.

CBD-infused beverages are rushing ahead of things like Kombucha or other strange beverages with even stranger names to become extremely popular.

Providing both the medicinal benefits of CBD and the distinctive taste of marijuana, users are able to buy something they consider both trendy and healthy.

This mix of trend and health is instrumental to the success of CBD beverages, but what’s also becoming incredibly significant is the taste.

Surprisingly, some people really do enjoy the taste of marijuana.

The Taste

As strange as it might seem, marijuana is experiencing an explosion of artisanal growth. This means people growing and engaging in cannabis culture for more than just its psychoactive or medicinal effects – they actually want the taste.

In the same way that coffee or whiskey is frequently imbibed for its distinctive flavor – rather than its caffeine or alcohol content, respectively – marijuana is being enjoyed purely on its distinctive, bitter flavor alone.

Coffee shops in Amsterdam or other legal states used to be filled with tourists pursuing a high or a medicinal relief, but now are beginning to be filled with connoisseurs, sampling different strains for the purpose of experiencing different tastes and flavor profiles.

To match this, in precisely the same way that artisanal coffee shops are springing up everywhere, marijuana is being imbibed just for its different flavors.

Cannabis-infused drinks are a perfect way to cater towards this audience, as they provide distinctive flavors and profiles of cannabis in an easy to digest experience.

Instead of having to smoke cannabis, users can instead simply sip their favorite CBD beverage, marveling at its taste and helpful properties.

Even better, they can be flavored, artificially or naturally, with all sorts of different fruits and spices.
While it might not be everyone’s first drink of choice, cannabis drinks cater to a specific market, and that market enjoys them extremely.

Final Thoughts on CBD-infused drinks

CBD-infused drinks, as well as other cannabinoid infused drinks, are becoming an extremely large industry.

Though users have to contend with a small amount of cannabinoid loss due to the stomach’s relative inability to properly digest cannabinoids, cannabis beverages offer all the benefits of the drug without any of the uncomfortable problems with other methods of consumption.

If you’re a health conscious individual with an aversion to sugar or supporting unhealthy business practices, CBD drinks allow you to partake in a beverage with established medicinal benefits and an organic background.

Though the taste might not be for everyone, there is a huge crowd that are drinking a lot of these infused drinks.

The industry is huge and it is only getting bigger.

Who knows, they might replace soda as the drink of the choice!