Is CBD More Effective for Pain Than Prescription Drugs?


Being such big advocates for the use of all-natural CBD oil, one of the things that we talk a lot about here on MarijuanaBreak is how effective CBD can be for a wide variety of medical conditions. We’ve written articles about how it has been used for cancer relief, chronic pain relief, inflammation, mental disorders, insomnia, diabetes, and so on and so forth – the list is seemingly endless.

And of course, one of the most talked about points with regard to the use of CBD oil is how it can potentially be used to either wean off or completely eliminate addictive, expensive, side-effect producing pharmaceutical meds. You’ve likely heard stories about people saying how they have completely switched from “such-and-such” drug, and exclusively use cannabis oil to achieve the same – or even better – results.

But just how true are these claims, honestly? It’s easy enough to find one single person that’s switched from a prescription med to CBD oil, and use them as a representation for “people” in general.

So with this in mind, we decided to take an honest look at using CBD oil in place of prescription meds. Believe it or not, there have actually been several clinical studies that have aimed to see just how effective the natural remedy is when compared to its pharmaceutical counterpoint, and we aim to see what exactly the results have said.

First Things First: CBD in a Nutshell

Before we jump right into talking about how well CBD oil can replace pharmaceutical drugs, let’s take a moment to talk about what exactly CBD is, for those of you that don’t know.

Basically, CBD is the “non-intoxicating” component of marijuana. Unlike it’s “cousin” THC, it does not produce a mind-altering high. Rather, it is believed to work with naturally-occurring chemical receptors inside the body to influence things like homeostasis, and promote healing through a wide variety of internal mechanisms.

For instance, one of its most well-known properties is its ability to act as an anti-inflammatory. Just as an anti-inflammatory alone, CBD has been known to treat an amazingly wide array of ailments, as inflammation is known to be the underlying cause of literally dozens of different diseases and medical challenges.

Moreover, its uses as an antipsychotic, antidepressant, anti-anxiety, and neuroprotectant have been well-documented. In short, CBD appears to be a “miracle” therapy of sorts that has seemingly no limits to the number or types of human medical conditions that it can offer symptomatic relief from.

Can CBD Be Used in Place of Prescription Meds? Let’s Look at the Facts…

So like we mentioned earlier, rather than simply saying “hey try CBD oil — you can use it to replace ANY pharmaceutical drug!”, let’s take a look at some actual studies that have been done, in order to determine just how effective CBD oil is in terms of replacing prescription meds.

  • Results from one survey show that CBD products allowed nearly 50% of users to stop taking traditional meds

One of the largest and most well-documented studies (i.e. it was covered by the likes of Forbes) that involved CBD and its ability to replace prescription meds, came in the form of a large-scale survey conducted by Brightfield Group and HelloMD. To clarify, HelloMD is an online community of more than 150,000 users that is designed to connect practicing physicians with potential medical cannabis users.

In the survey, it was determined that out of 2,400 HelloMD users, cannabidiol (CBD) products were used in 42% of them to effectively replace the use of conventional medications that were being used.

While a detailed breakdown of the specific medications that CBD replaced was not provided, it was revealed by HelloMD’s Chief Medical Officer Perry Sullivan that the most common conditions people used CBD products for were (in no particular order): joint pain, insomnia, anxiety, and depression.

Even considering the non-clinical nature of the survey, these statistics are no less than astounding as it more or less suggests that CBD products can potentially allow for nearly 50% of patients to drop their expensive, addictive, and side effect-producing depression, anxiety, and pain meds. This is no “fabricated” data – these were real life people with real life conditions.

  • A 2017 study reports almost identical results: 46% of patients reported using cannabis as a substitute for prescription drugs

In an entirely different yet nearly identical study results-wise, it was showcased in a 2017 Journal of Pain Research publication that out of 2,774 selected participants, 1,248 (46%) of them reported using cannabis as a substitute for their prescription drugs.

Also, just like in the previously-discussed study (which was published the same year in summer 2017), the most common conditions that were effectively treated with cannabis were pain, depression and anxiety – again in no particular order.

Moreover, the study also mentioned that data was emerging showing a drop in use of pharmaceutical medications in states where medical marijuana had become legalized – clear evidence that thousands of users have already effectively “switched” from prescription meds to some form of CBD therapy, whether that be in the form of CBD oil, edibles, topicals, or some other cannabis variety.

Anecdotal Evidence is One Thing, But You Can’t Argue With The Facts

While other clinical reports have shown similar data in terms of observing medical patients dropping the use of prescription drugs in favor of CBD, these two studies were by far the most direct and clear-cut, at least results-wise.

Of course, though, the numbers presented in the studies were just small samples of much larger volumes of anecdotal evidence that exist, which point to what we essentially have already known for years; that is, that a large percentage of individuals find CBD fully capable of being used to replace dangerous, addictive (and not to mention expensive) prescription meds.

Final Thoughts on CBD for Replacing Prescription Meds

Essentially, the facts are clear as day: upwards of 50% of medical patients that suffer from chronic conditions (i.e. pain, anxiety, depression and insomnia) can use CBD oil to replace their pharmaceutical drugs.

While this is by no means verified clinical data or a valid “statistic,” the simple fact is that science is science, and studies and surveys do not lie. So while the overwhelming amount of anecdotal evidence that has been accumulating in favor of CBD over the past few years may only account for so much weight in terms of “winning an objective argument,” we can now point to definitive cases in which cannabis has been shown to replace the daily use of prescription medications.

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