SAGE Marijuana Strain (2020 Review)

A great cross between two tasty landrace strains, this is an amazing strain to enjoy to let you experience the world of natural marijuana. It packs a punch, though, so make sure you are prepared for that!
Common usage
Chronic pain
Body high/numbing
Growing info
Hardy and resilient, this is a bud that you can grow wherever you like. Keep it outdoors and water it occasionally, or keep it indoors and play around with its coloration using different temperatures; it is totally up to you.

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Most marijuana strains have a reason and justification for their peculiar names. Whether they are named after their taste or their genetics, naming marijuana strains has always been a bit of a strange custom.

The SAGE strain is another one of those strains with a super bright name history, but with a strange choice of spelling. Named for its distinctive aromatic profile, this strain is not only famous for its significant effects and flavor, but also for its numerous awards.

This is a strain that you should absolutely give a try if you can get your hands on it. Of course, to know what to expect, you need to know what it will do to you. So, here is everything you could want to know about the SAGE strain.

What Is the SAGE Strain?

Born from a landrace strain with significant Afghani roots and one of the very first Haze strains, SAGE is all about natural cannabis sensations. Packing an absolutely monstrous level of THC and a massive burst of herby flavor, SAGE’s breeders designed it to be one of the most perfect examples of a hybrid to ever exist.

Most strains tend to try and stick to either sativa or indica with regards to their growing genetics and effects. SAGE, however, prefers to walk the line between them at a more leisurely pace.

SAGE is an excellent example of a strain that manages to be almost exactly halfway between both varieties of marijuana. This has likely happened thanks to its very specific breeding history, but regardless of the methods, it is definitely a strange experience. Smoking this strain is rather like smoking two different marijuana strains at once and experiencing both of their effects together.


After you first smoke some SAGE, your brain won’t really know what to make of it. The high sets in pretty fast, giving you the typical effects of both sativas and indicas together. You will notice a pleasant buzz in your mind, while also a relaxing body high that is typical of a standard indica.

You will almost feel like you are afloat, drifting peacefully on the breeze and basically never coming down.

It is definitely quite couch-locking, with a good deal of that inability to really focus or do anything, but it gets undercut by its sativa elements. There is an odd amount of mental acuity and visual clarity that leaves you both chilled out and a little bit confused at the same time.

You will find yourself wanting to get up and move about while also take a seat and chill out. The fact that these are so fundamentally opposed won’t really phase you, however. Instead, you will just try and fit it all into your smoking experience.

Another great feature of the SAGE high is the burst of creativity you will experience. You might find yourself wanting to complete a painting, or edit a video, or do any other creative task you’ve been feeling under-motivated for.

All of it combines to a high like no other, leaving you with both an intensely charged motivation and a gentle, simmering relaxation.

What about the aroma and flavor, however? Does the SAGE strain live up to its name when it comes to how it smells?


As the name of the SAGE strain might imply, there is an intense smell of sage behind this bud. It smells like rich, carefully maintained, and cared for sage leaves, bristling with flavorful intensity.

Another quality of the aroma is a distinct woodiness that remains underneath the primary sage-like aroma. It isn’t really quite a distinctive wood either; it doesn’t even have the noted characteristics of either soft or hardwood. SAGE’s aroma is a bit like pine, but also somewhat like oak or teak. Different people place it differently, but ultimately, the main smell to go alongside the aroma of sage is one of indistinct wood.

Despite how obviously one-note this strain should smell, it has such a rich depth of complexity that it is worth it for the aroma alone. People come far and wide just to get a whiff of this bud, primarily because of its ambiguity.

What about its actual taste? Does this aroma of sage and wood carry over to the tongue?


As you break your bud open and get it lit, the flavor will hit you full force right away. Even as you are bringing it to your mouth, the taste of fresh sage and dried wood will swamp your tongue. There is a really nice smoothness to this flavor that is almost a bit creamy. It is intense without being overwhelming at all, offering absolutely massive quantities of flavor all in one go.

In fact, it is so smooth and delicious that it actually won 2nd place in the 2001 Cannabis Cup competition for best taste test. This makes SAGE literally award-winning for its flavor. Even if you don’t want the unique and interesting effects of this strain, you have got to hunt it down just for its taste alone.

The strangest quality of the flavor of the SAGE strain is that, upon exhaling, you will notice a profoundly sweet sensation. Once again, this sweetness isn’t very specific or tied to a fruit or a particular candy.

It is, instead, just generally sweet. All these beautiful flavors melding together make something truly beautiful to behold once you get a chance to taste it.

What about its appearance, however? How does the SAGE strain look?


The plant of the SAGE strain is pretty typical looking. It’s beautifully fluffy and covered with lots of vibrant green leaves. The whole plant looks just like what you would expect any healthy marijuana plant out in the wild to look like.

The actual bud, meanwhile, is strangely similar to the plant itself. The primary colors are leafy greens and earthy browns, offering up an appearance like a small microcosm of the plant itself.

There is plenty of that delightfully sticky, resinous coating that denotes excellent bud quality. It doesn’t go so far as to make a white layer, but it is still noticeable and incredibly flavorful. There are also a few orange pistils that poke through to the surface, though not nearly enough to produce orange coloration.

The pleasant coloration and gentle coating of trichomes require careful maintenance during growth. This usually means careful regulation of the temperature, or otherwise just watching the plant carefully and feeding it with different nutrients as needed.

What can you do to get the highest quality SAGE bud possible, if you want to grow your own?

SAGE Strain Grow Info

As is typical with pretty much every single landrace strain, SAGE strain seeds are not only readily available, but they are hardy as well.

While it can be easier to simply find a plant already growing in someone else’s garden, growing your own SAGE from seed can be really rewarding. As it comes from landrace strains, this variety of marijuana is used to suffering harsh outdoor climates. This makes it very forgiving when trying to get it to germinate in adverse conditions.

Generally speaking, you can grow SAGE either indoors or outdoors with impunity. This is because of the fact that it is super resistant to temperature changes, especially those that occur during atypical seasonality.

Its hardy and resilient growing history means that it will stand up against all sorts of harsh punishment. This is actually in your favor if you want to create some fresh coloration as well.

To help modulate the coloring of your final SAGE bud, grow it indoors and really mess around with its surroundings. You need to increase and decrease the humidity, alter the temperature, and induce an artificial drought.

As long as you steer clear of shocking the plant so much that you damage it, you will be able to enjoy all kinds of super interesting changes in the final bud.

Yield and Harvest

To help encourage high final yield, top the plant as it works to grow tall leaves. This means snipping them off as they grow, encouraging it to instead diverge into two different growing paths. It helps to promote a more lateral growth pattern, which is better for sunlight efficiency in a growing setup. Even more importantly, this is also useful for encouraging a higher yield than it would in the wild.

While you will have to wait a bit longer than with other strains to get your SAGE bud ready for harvest, it is still worth it. Having to wait ten weeks indoors is a small price to pay when the final result is such high-quality and attractive bud.

Once taken off the plant and dried quickly to preserve their coloration, what kind of cannabinoid content can you expect from these buds? Just how potent a bud is the SAGE strain?

THC Content – Highest Test

SAGE cannabis is notorious for its weirdly dualistic effects, inducing various impacts. It is almost like someone looked at a menu of different marijuana effects and haphazardly combined them together into one big pile.

You don’t really get this kind of pronounced, noticeable list of effects without a sufficient quantity of THC to back it up.

SAGE bud tends to have a pretty high THC yield in most samples, with the highest on record being about 25%. Most examples are a bit lower, however, coming in at around 23%. This is still a massively high yield of THC, though, making it one of the stronger strains available today.

This means it is undoubtedly strong enough to merit concern if you are unsure of your THC tolerance. If you aren’t entirely experienced with marijuana and understand what it does to you, you might want to try and steer clear of the SAGE strain.

What about its CBD content, however? Is there any room for CBD left in the SAGE bud?

CBD Content – Highest Test

You might expect to hear this, but SAGE is another one of those strains that almost completely lacks any kind of CBD whatsoever.

Though it would be very nice to be able to enjoy such a natural strain with a natural cannabinoid content, there just isn’t any. Its creators bred all of the CBD out of it years ago, in an effort to create a genuinely potent marijuana strain that holds nothing back.

However, the desire for more CBD is undoubtedly there, as there exists a variation of this strain known as SAGE CBD. This variety is literally a cross between SAGE and a pure CBD variety, creating a potent blend of cannabinoids for all kinds of medical purposes.

While this does obviously demonstrate that people do want some kind of CBD intense experience, SAGE still remains incredibly popular just on its own. Plus, it has all kinds of beneficial therapeutic uses without that CBD.

But what kind of medical benefits does the SAGE strain offer? Does it bring anything medicinal to the table?

Medical Benefits of the SAGE Strain

SAGE is a strange strain when it comes to medicinal uses because it is so varied in its effects. While most marijuana strains share a few valuable benefits with each other, SAGE is one of the few strains that tries its best to meld them all together into one bud.

First of all, one of the most common uses of the SAGE strain is in treating depression. When you are feeling down about various things in your life, SAGE is incredible at not only lifting your spirits but also about keeping you moving.

This continuous forward movement is a big part of the SAGE experience, as it offers a surprising motivational force. Whether it is cleaning up your room or just wanting to get up and go, this strain will actually help keep you going during hard times.

This also applies to its creative effects as well. You will find yourself feeling extremely creative and enterprising, willing to go above and beyond to start and finish creative tasks. Whether that is sitting down and working on your novel, or just chilling out and painting, this is a great strain to get you there.

The lack of distractions around you as SAGE tunnels your attention makes it perfect for combating issues arising from pain and insomnia. Instead of continually noticing your pain or the various things keeping you up at night, SAGE will help you tune it all out.

While it does not completely knock you out as many other indica strains do, SAGE is excellent for helping you fall asleep. A determined relaxation and then a gentle sleep towards the end of the evening are almost guaranteed after enjoying some SAGE.

But what about side effects? What kind of negative consequences can you expect from enjoying some SAGE bud?

Possible Side Effects of the SAGE Strain

Considering SAGE presents itself as an incredibly common, almost disappointingly regular type of marijuana, it would make sense for its side effects to be pretty similar to other strains as well. To that end, you can expect the diabolical twins of marijuana side effects – dry mouth, and dry eyes – to hit you with full force.

Some people actually find the intensity of these side effects to be too much to handle, so stay on top of it. Keep some water nearby, and make sure to stay hydrated.

You will also likely get a mild sensation of dizziness that hits you somewhere in the middle of the high. This can be a problem if you are feeling motivated and energetic and moving about, as you will suddenly want to sit down. Don’t worry, though; this is only temporary and will pass very soon, so just take a seat and let it happen.

Finally, there are some people that experience excess paranoia or paranoid episodes when they imbibe too much marijuana. SAGE is one of those strains famous for inducing these feelings, so if you are of the type to experience these unpleasant feelings, definitely try and stay away from this strain.

Other than that, though, you will be fine as long as you carefully modulate and control the amount of SAGE you imbibe.

Final Thoughts on the SAGE Strain

With the name of SAGE, you might expect this bud to be a little bit boring. Herbaceous, flavorful, and probably decently good for you, but other than that, a bit boring, right?

Contrary to immediate assumptions, however, SAGE is dazzlingly attractive. With a whole host of unique and beautiful effects, as well as absolutely tons of tasty flavors, this is a strain that everyone needs to try.

It isn’t every day you get to experience an incredibly natural, wild landrace strain like this. So, try and enjoy it for what it’s worth and experience the natural world of marijuana the way it was meant to be enjoyed.

Just take care, and don’t smoke too much at once. You might find that you have bitten off more than you can handle for yourself.