Green Queen Strain [Marijuana Review]

With a strange, yet mighty name, Green Queen's effects are just the same; strange, powerful, and oddly awe-inspiring. Definitely, a strain worth giving a go if you get the chance.
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Easy to grow with basically no difficulties, this strain doesn't really require any kind of specialized knowledge. Grow it indoors or outside, wherever you like; just watch out for its incredibly noticeable smell!

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When it comes to respect, there are few strains that have earned a reputation as anything more than a pleasant, enjoyable, or therapeutic variety of marijuana.

However, there are a few strains out there that are worthy of the respect that both growers and buyers give them. One of them is the Green Queen strain, a marijuana strain that deserves always to be referred to by its proper title.

Let us take a look at the Green Queen strain and discover just what it is that makes it worthy of such regal titles.

What Is the Green Queen Strain?

green queen strain

JB Dank Nugs developed the Green Queen strain. It is an amalgamation of the famous Green Crack strain and the misty, cerebral Space Queen strain.

Both of these origin strains are exceptionally well known. Not just for their uniquely potent and immediately noticeable effects, but also their irregular flavor profiles and just how much they get you high.

To start with such a sturdy base can only mean that the Green Queen strain is going to be equally incredible, making it an absolute must-try strain.


Green Queen is popular for its intensely mental effects, inspiring your creative urges and leading you down a path of pure creation.

However, instead of immediately rushing forward in a blistering race to the nearest decorative easel or writing room, you will also notice an intense chill washing through your body. There is that characteristic series of tingling sensations that leave your fingers a little bit itchy and makes you want to sit down somewhere comfy and chill out.

The speed with which this high takes effect is a little bit alarming, seeming to almost knock you down as soon as you take a puff.

A big burst of pleasant, happy feelings follows, that can leave you feeling almost dreamlike, staring around you in confusion. This isn’t to say that it befuddles you, but that it induces the sensation of otherworldliness that can make you feel a little bit lost and confused for a brief moment.

The drive to create will be the thing that remains continuously, however. It persists all the way through the high and likely leaves you with a significant piece of finished creative work.

Of course, towards the end of the high, you will notice the indica elements of this strain. This means plenty of sleepiness and a just a little bit of drooping eyes, helping you feel calm, happy, and thoroughly pleasant.

Keep in mind, of course, that this strain is famous for the munchies it inspires, so always keep some filling and salty snacks on hand. If you don’t, then you should not be surprised if you notice teeth marks on your pillows at the end of the high.

What about its flavor? What kind of taste does this strain offer its users?


The Green Queen marijuana strain possesses a really interesting blend of different aromatic flavors that leave you wondering what precisely it is you smell.

There is a distinctly nutty tinge to the flavor profile, but it isn’t that salty, savory flavor you’d typically expect. Instead, it is far sweeter, tinged with intensely bright bursts of character that are almost fruity at times.

There is also a fair amount of acidic citrus and a bit of pungent pepper that makes the whole thing a mix of strangely spicy, yet sweet flavors. These aromas are far more pronounced once you break the bud up to smoke, but it smells quite similar from afar as when it is up close.

How about its actual taste? Does this exciting blend of flavors carry to its actual taste on the tongue?


The flavor as you inhale the smoke of Green Queen is decently similar to the aroma that you first experience as you approach this bud.

However, the taste has a distinctly more complete feeling than it does its regular aroma, bringing with it all the intensities and unique characteristics that its aroma merely hints at.

The pepper quality is far more pronounced, with a great deal of that slightly astringent spiciness that leaves your mouth almost a bit tingly, just like its effects on your body.

How about how it looks? Does this bud have any kind of interesting appearance to it?


Green Queen has a deeply intense, pleasant visual appeal, with a very potent green color that reminds you of deep woodland green.

The buds are pretty normal-sized, with their own levels of white trichomes and pleasant orange pistils that peek out from underneath. However, there isn’t anything especially significant about the specific coloration or appearance of the Green Queen bud.

The aroma is really what it is all about, besides its effects. Of course, if you really want to experience the smell of this strain to its fullest effects, you need to smell it when it is just growing.

So, how do you go about growing your own Green Queen?

Green Queen Strain Grow Info

The strange thing about the Green Queen strain is that there isn’t really much information out there about trying to grow your own.

You can likely find seeds wherever you think to look, assuming your local dispensary carries with it a decent stock selection. However, besides that, there isn’t really a huge amount of useful info available for those looking to grow their own.

This would imply either a complete lack of desire for home growers to even consider this strain or it would mean that growing your own Green Queen is quite easy.

Indeed, to be able to grow your own Green Queen, you only need to make sure you have an appropriate growing area set up and get to work. You can grow it either indoors or outdoors, as long as you ensure that your Green Queen plant gets sufficient light.

Green Queen has a pretty normal flowering time of around eight months. This means you can expect to get your tasty Green Queen bud in record time, without having to deal with anything as annoying as long waiting times or adverse heights.

Boosting Your Yield

The only thing you can do to help increase your Green Queen yield is to ensure you trim the tops of the plant in a process known as topping. This helps your plants develop more laterally, ensuring that more of your Green Queen’s efforts are focused on making you tasty and usable bud, rather than more plant growth.

Another consideration is to make sure that your Green Queen plant stays as dry as possible. This not only helps the plant’s longevity but also encourages the buds to develop their unique flavor profile properly.

Remember as well that this strain is especially pungent; this means you need to make sure that the smell does not attract the attention of passersby.

Once you harvest your Green Queen and get it in the drier, what kind of final cannabinoid content can you expect? Is there a sufficient level of both THC and CBD to enjoy when you smoke it?

THC Content – Highest Test

Considering the mesmerizing and relaxing effects of the Green Queen cannabis strain, it would make a lot of sense for it to contain extremely high doses of THC.

Well, logic does tend to prevail when it comes to marijuana strains and cannabinoids. Generally speaking, you will find around 20% THC in your Green Queen bud, though it can vary a little bit lower, producing a rough average of between 18% and 19%.

This is plenty of THC necessary to induce the desired, potent, and almost dreamlike effects that this strain is so well known for.

What about its CBD content, however?

CBD Content – Highest Test

When you get a decently strong strain with THC levels approaching or exceeding 20%, you usually expect at least some CBD to help balance out the effects. A bit of calming, gently soothing and therapeutic CBD to help counter the strength of the THC seems like it would make a lot of sense.

However, at least in the case of Green Queen, this isn’t the case. You won’t really find any CBD whatsoever in any particular sample, other than the merest remnant of below 1%.

Keep in mind, though, that just because there isn’t much CBD content does not mean that there aren’t plenty of useful medicinal reasons to enjoy Green Queen.

Medical Benefits of the Green Queen Strain

First and foremost, Green Queen is an excellent strain for those struggling with mental health. The effects that you feel immediately after smoking make it almost impossible to dwell on anything that isn’t totally calming, peaceful, and enjoyable.

Depression, anxiety, and general stress, as well as bipolar disorder and other mental problems, are all equally treated by this strain, allowing users to satiate themselves and feel relaxed properly.

Thanks to the intense feelings of munchies that this strain induces, it is also perfect for tackling issues related to a loss of appetite.

One of the conventional medical uses for this strain is in the palliative care surrounding cancer. While most people think of cancer symptoms as being a result of the disease, a large part of them are to do with the effects of chemotherapy treatment.

Appetite loss, pain, and general nausea are all symptoms of prolonged chemo treatment, and Green Queen can help treat them all.

Furthermore, those struggling with sleep can use this strain to both keep themselves awake and also fall asleep. This is because Green Queen induces a plentiful sensation of energy and creative drive at the start of the high, keeping you awake and alert, but then becomes calming, relaxing and tiring towards the end.

If you smoke a suitably large dose of Green Queen, you can safely drift off to sleep without a care in the world, enjoying the feeling of endless calm and serenity.

What about side effects, however? What kind of consequences can you experience from smoking Green Queen?

Possible Side Effects of the Green Queen Strain

The main thing to keep in mind with Green Queen is that it possesses a particularly strong coming down period that can leave some feeling a bit weary.

All strains induce a period of mental slowdown and gradual movement towards sleepiness, especially if you smoke a large amount of it. But Green Queen can feel a bit daunting once the high is over.

It is not much to worry about, though, so long as you keep a comfortable bed nearby to catch you when you suddenly feel like you want to close your eyes.

Furthermore, you can expect plenty of those terrible two traumas, dry eyes, and dry mouth at the beginning of your smoke. To help avoid these persistent problems, simply keep a moist towel on hand and keep yourself hydrated.

Other than that, there isn’t really anything you need to be worried about. This strain can hit you pretty hard if you aren’t expecting it, but as long as you keep your wits about you, you should be fine.

As Green Queen is a high THC strain, you definitely need to make sure that you do not take too much at once, for fear of overloading yourself and giving you feelings of panic or anxiety.

Final Thoughts on the Green Queen Strain

It seems strange to refer to a strain with a regal title, especially when some people actually do treat Green Queen as a bit of a figure of royalty when someone brings it out.

However, regal titles or not, Green Queen is a strain deserving of our attention. With plenty of mesmerizing and intense effects and a pungent and memorable flavor, this is a strain that can satisfy both those looking for emotional highs and those that want to experience the tastiest strains possible.

Make sure you pick up some Green Queen if you happen to find it on your visit to your local dispensary. Who knows? Maybe the grace of the great monarch Green Queen will grace your presence soon.