5 Best Cannabis Strains to Get You TOTALLY Relaxed

It is a misnomer to suggest that all marijuana strains provide relaxation and couch-lock. First and foremost, sativa-dominant marijuana strains provide you with an uplifting high. Such cannabis spikes your energy levels and makes you more creative. Indica strains, on the other hand, are the traditional weapon of choice for relaxation. The intense body high takes hold and urges you to calm down and chill out!

However, choosing the best marijuana strain to get you relaxed isn’t as simple as indica vs. sativa. A strain’s THC to CBD ratio is also significant. As you should know, THC is the psychoactive compound in cannabis. While it is usually relaxing, an excessively high level could potentially give you the worst of both worlds. You could find your mind racing uncontrollably while being unable to move from the sofa.

What you need is a strain that has plenty of THC, but also a reasonable amount of CBD. CBD is a non-psychoactive compound that’s capable of counteracting the effects of THC. The combination allows you to benefit from a feeling of calm while also having the energy to get things done if need be.

Without further ado, let’s check out five of the best marijuana strains when you need to relax!

1 – Strawberry Cough (The Marijuana Strain that’s a Fruity Sensation)

Strawberry Cough (The Marijuana Strain that’s a Fruity Sensation)

This is an unusual marijuana strain for relaxing since it is sativa dominant (80%). However, it gets the job done. This strain is famed for its strong strawberry aroma and taste. It has a high THC content of up to 26% and also contains 1% CBN. Aside from the flavor, Strawberry Cough gets its name because it produces thick smoke. Even the most experienced tokers will cough when using it!

The precise origin of Strawberry Cough is a mystery, but it does appear to come from the Haze strain. The relatively high THC content means it could be a handful for inexperienced weed users. In general, however, it is an easygoing strain that provides you with a consistent effect. After the initial and inevitable cough, you’ll quickly grow to love Strawberry Cough.

It is a slow-acting strain, so don’t expect to feel the relaxing effects straight away. Eventually, however, your thoughts will become more positive. It will keep you calm and happy for the duration of the high. Despite this, Strawberry Cough also imbues you with a little bit of energy. The main side effects of this strain are dehydration and dry mouth.

2 – Mr. Nice (The Howard Marks Inspired Marijuana Strain)

Mr. Nice (The Howard Marks Inspired Marijuana Strain)

This indica dominant (80%) strain is named in honor of legendary cannabis activist and entrepreneur Howard Marks. His biography ‘Mr. Nice’ was released in 2002, and spoke in detail about his life as an international marijuana trafficker. The strain itself is a cross between G-13 and the Hash Plant, and it won second place in the 2004 High Life Cup.

Mr. Nice contains up to 19% THC with roughly 1% CBD and 1% CBN. It is an interesting and rare strain that tends to creep up on you. It rewards users with an intense high that’s mellowing, relaxing, and extremely pleasant all at the same time.

The fruity aroma is the kind of scent one would enjoy as they walk through an orchard. It provides you with a fruity and sweet taste recommended for evening use. Also, in addition to allowing you to cope with severe aches and pains, Mr. Nice helps with stress and anxiety. If you’ve had a rough day at work, don’t hesitate to light up a joint with this strain and benefit from a more positive view of the world.

3 – Willy’s Wonder (The Mysterious Marijuana Strain)

Willy’s Wonder (The Mysterious Marijuana Strain)

There is some debate over whether this indica dominant hybrid is named after Willie Nelson. It’s been around since the 1970s, and as most people know, Nelson is an advocate of weed. In any case, Willy’s Wonder appears to be a reasonably mild marijuana strain as it contains just 10% THC and 5% CBD. Surprisingly, it possesses a real knockout high.

Even so, it is a strain best used in reasonable amounts. In moderation, it tends to give you a head high that improves your sense of focus. Willy’s Wonder is initially uplifting. Soon, however, the cerebral high gives way to an overpowering sense of relaxation that courses through your body. It is a sure sign that the indica is taking hold.

If you were to focus solely on the numbers/cannabinoid profiles, you would expect Willy’s Wonder to be rather bland. In reality, it is so potent that you could end up with a severe case of couch-lock. We advise newcomers to avoid Willy’s Wonder because it’s so strong. For experienced users in need of a break after the day from hell, though, this strain will take you into another realm!

4 – Skunk #1 (One of the Most Influential Marijuana Strains of All Time)

Skunk #1 Marijuana Strain Review

If we were to crown a proverbial ‘king’ of marijuana, Skunk #1 would have to be a contender. It was first introduced in 1978, and it caused an immediate sensation in the cannabis community. This is an indica dominant strain (65%) and is the result of multiple cross-breeding. It includes traits of Colombian Gold, Acapulco Gold, and Afghani.

Since its inception, it has spawned an enormous number of variations. Nonetheless, the original Skunk #1 is still one of the best relaxation weed options on the market. Despite its reputation, the strain’s THC content is moderate at 19%. It also has a little CBD to lessen the psychoactive effects.

Skunk #1 begins with a head buzz that’s unusual for an indica dominant strain. Within minutes, your entire body becomes encompassed in a warm and fuzzy embrace. It is still one of the most popular strains in Amsterdam, and you can find it along America’s West Coast. It is also prevalent in Arizona and Colorado. In terms of potential side effects, Skunk #1 can cause dry eyes and dry mouth, so be wary and make sure to stay hydrated.

5 – Master Kush (The Indica Powerhouse Marijuana Strain)

master kush strain

This is an extremely indica dominant strain (90%). It was initially called ‘High Rise’ because it was born in a residential building in Amsterdam. As well as winning two Cannabis Cup awards, Master Kush is a favorite of Snoop Dogg. It is now one of the most popular and sought-after marijuana strains on the market.

It has a high THC level of up to 24% with a little bit of CBN and CBD. There are some unsubstantiated claims that Master Kush is a cross between Skunk #1 and Hindu Kush. Its high indica content means that it is capable of bringing your body into extreme relaxation mode within minutes of smoking it.

Like Willy’s Wonder, though, one thing is for sure: newcomers need not apply! While you want to get relaxed, you don’t need to be completely zonked out. Unfortunately, this can happen with the extremely potent Master Kush. All you need is a few puffs of this strain for it to take effect. When it does, you’ll feel a lovely tingle all over your body. If you’re an experienced user, Master Kush can be used several hours before bed. It keeps you uplifted for a while before allowing your body to settle down.

Final Thoughts on Marijuana Strains for Relaxation

Unfortunately, stress is inextricably linked with everyday life for an increasing number of people. There are some jobs where it is virtually impossible to steer clear of chaos. At least you know you can recover from the Rat Race by ensuring relaxation during your downtime.

These five marijuana strains mentioned above all do an incredible job of taking the edge off. Do yourself a favor, buy one or more of the above, sit down, light up, and relax!