The Story Behind Some of Today’s Weirdest Cannabis Strains

With over 700 varieties of cannabis strains out there and a history that spans over thousands of years, it is no surprise that there are now some crazy buds out there on the market! With breeding and growing ever changing, it seems there is no end to new and exciting strains being brought to the industry. But with such a fast rate of production, how are these buds being named??

From Alaskan Thunder Fuck to Cat Piss, what is it that inspires people to come up with these crazy monikers? Well, in this article we dig a little deeper to find out…

Is It All In The Name?

The reasoning behind the name for anything can vary widely from one subject to another; each of us are named, and that name usually has some kind of meaning. Cannabis strains are no different, whether it is based on their geographical origin, their effects, or their physical appearance – there is often always a meaning behind the name.

However, not every strain is named with meaning; there are plenty out there that have crazy random names with no possible meaning attached. Here are some perfect examples of those crazy strains that nobody can quite figure out:

  • Steve McGarrett’s Hair (Hawaii Five-O, Really??)
  • Fire Alien Strawberry (Enough said. . .)
  • Nutcruncher (Ouch!)
  • Crouching Tiger Hidden Alien (We have no idea on this one)

This is just a small glimpse at some of the crazy strains where all meaning seems lost!

Of course, amongst the strains that seem to possess relevant names, and those who have no link to the bud at all – there are also the “emotional” strains and those that represent homage to someone else. Strains such as ‘Jack Herer’ and ‘Charlie Sheen,’ which are both namesakes of someone that can in one way or another be linked to the cannabis industry, make up a large percentage of the strains that are out there at the moment.

So what about those strains that have unusual names that aren’t meaningless? We have taken a look at five such strains whose names are a little ‘out there,’ and we think their stories will blow your mind!

#1 Cat Piss

Yep, you heard us right – Cat Piss is the sativa dominant strain that, in a nutshell, stinks of ammonia – much like cat urine! While it may seem crazy to name a strain after an animal’s bodily fluids, the strain has managed to become a great success regardless!

While this clone phenotype of Super Silver Haze may not smell great, it tastes super sweet with notes of pine, and delivers a wonderfully uplifting high!

So what’s with the name here? It doesn’t take Sherlock Holmes to guess the real meaning behind this strain’s name, but what it does prove is that you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover –- or at the very least, you shouldn’t judge a strain by its smell!

#2 Candy Cane Brain

Candy Cane Brain may sound pleasant and remind you of some kind of colorful, inviting sweets shop, but this indica dominant strain is not for the faint-hearted. The super-strength strain is named after its overwhelming and disorientating effects, and of course for its super sweet candy taste!

If there is one thing we have learned from Candy Cane Brain, it’s that some strain names can be deceiving. So we would recommend anyone looking at trying out a new strain to do their research first, and not go solely off the name!

However, if you are after a giggle-inducing yet highly bright and powerful high that will likely leave you quite confused for a bit – then this is definitely one to try!

#3 Romping Goddess

Partly named after the Cannabis Cup winning strain “God Bud,” Romping Goddess is an original creation that boasts strong euphoric effects that will leave you (we imagine) romping around for hours on end.

As the name suggests, the effects of this hybrid strain are incredibly energetic and playful, and with a 23% THC in its arsenal, you can see why this one is aptly named!

Flavor-wise it’s a fruity flavored strain with hints of pine that leave a bit of an aftertaste, but if you give it the chance it’ll no doubt see you coming back for more! The high is incredible and encompasses both mind and body, leaving you with a truly memorable high that you’ll be reminiscing of for quite some time.

#4 Agent Orange

This is an interesting one, because while Agent Orange may sound covert and even a little silly, there is actually some real meaning behind this name.

Interestingly most people assume that Agent Orange is named after its scent and flavor. However, it is in fact named in tribute to an ex-veteran who passed away from cancer as a result of the chemical defoliant of the same name – Agent Orange.

Although there is a genuine meaning behind Agent Orange, it helps that the strain itself is a citrus delight to the senses, and with wonderful fresh citrus smells and uplifting effects, it is a great mood-boosting strain!

#5 Alaskan Thunder Fuck

If you ask anybody what the most unusually named strain is, many will come back with this bad boy; the Alaskan Thunder Fuck! This sativa strain has been around for some time and is pretty legendary amongst cannabis smokers. It is also sometimes known as Matanuska Thunder Fuck, or more “discreetly” as ATF. It originated in the Matanuska Valley area of Alaska, and legend has it that it was initially a cross between a Russian Ruderalis before being cross-bred with Afghan genetics.

As you can probably tell, there is a lot of guesswork going on in terms of deciphering the meaning behind the ATF name. And in all honesty, nobody is entirely sure of its background. What we do know, though, is that it packs a powerful and intense high that is relaxing while being super euphoric.

So, why Alaskan Thunder Fuck? Well, if we had to take a stab in the dark, we’d say it’s because Matanuska is in Alaska, and the strain itself will most likely get you f****d!

Final Thoughts on Oddly-Named Marijuana Strains

Well, if you weren’t already aware of these crazily titled strains, you sure are now! From the slightly unusual to the utterly insane, each of these strains (among so many others) all have something unique to offer.

While it is always interesting to find out a little more background on the bud you are smoking, it can sometimes leave you more confused than ever! What we are more unsure of than anything, however, is how they will be coming up with names in the future! With new hybrid strains continually coming to the market, it will be interesting to see what sort of newly-spawned monikers emerge . . .