5 of the Cannabis Industry’s Most Powerful Women

Despite the fact that cannabis has been part of our lives for hundreds of thousands of years, the industry is still fighting against the legislation, policy-makers, and anti-weed campaigns on a weekly basis!

While many states across America have now opened their arms to marijuana in some form, there is yet a long way to go.  Luckily there are many individuals who have strived for the plant to become recognized as a natural and beneficial part of everyday life. Amongst the wonderful developments in the law that favor the harmless plant, there seems to have been a surprising increase in female presence amongst the market. In fact, according to statistics, the number of women in executive positions across the cannabis industry is higher than the national average for all other businesses in the traditional economy!

While it is hard to single out any individual women from the large amount who are doing amazing things for the industry, we have managed to bring together five of the most influential women, who have worked wonders for the cannabis plant!

Jazmin Hupp

This list wouldn’t be an accurate representation of true female forward thinking without Jazmin Hupp. Founder and executive director of ‘Women Grow,’ which is aimed at connecting and educating both men and women on the subject of cannabis, she has worked tirelessly to make the industry more accessible and well-understood.

With a background in digital media for women, Jazmin has served as a strong role model for other businesswomen to follow in her footsteps. Her venture that supported women in developing their own growth venture has created untouched opportunities on the “by women, for women” model!

Jazmin has been recognized as one of the most powerful women in the pot business and has featured in The Economist, Fortune and even Forbes as the ‘mother’ of cannabis! Without Jazmin’s passion and drive to not only educate but empower others to talk more about weed, who knows where we would be now!

Hilary Bricken

Fiery and fearless, Hilary Bricken has been educating people on the legalities around the cannabis growth industry since 2010. Not only is Hilary a powerful advocate for cannabis, but as an experienced attorney she has allowed for some real change to happen.

On top of her legal presence in the cannabis world, Hilary is also the creator and chair of Canna Law Blog, which is the go-to place for those in the cannabis business to keep up to date with the ever-changing laws around the subject.

Often referred to as the leading authority on cannabis legal issues, Hilary has a reputation for being incredibly outspoken on the topic of cannabis, and she can often be found doing talks on the subject or writing her weekly column for Above The Law.

Not one to be messed with, Hilary has changed laws and empowered those who choose to enter into the cannabis business side of things!

Jane West

Founder, Chairwoman, and CEO, Jane West is a one-woman cannabis roadshow! Playing a huge part in the ‘Woman Grow’ group, Jane has a history of being loud and proud about her cannabis use. Previously shamed and fired from her job for publically vaporizing cannabis on CNBC, Jane did not allow this to stop her and has since gone on to be an integral part of the recent progress in the cannabis industry.

Jane not only works tirelessly to educate and inspire women to enter the industry, but creates and produces innovative and luxurious smoking accessories aimed at women.

Jane has gone on to show that strength and resilience can go along way, having since been featured in the likes of Leafly, HERB, Cosmopolitan and even Playboy for her unique and inspiring take on women and the cannabis industry.

Her belief that women will fuel the cannabis market, alongside her advocacy work in replacing prescription anti-anxiety meds, sleep aids and anti-depressants for wellness products makes her definitely worthy of our top five!

Amanda Reiman

Amanda is a female front-runner in the fight to change cannabis policy across the nation! With her position as the Californian manager of Marijuana Law and Policy for the Drug Policy Alliance, she has had a vital role in some of the most major policy changes that have taken place!

Originally working as a director of research and patient services for the Berkeley Patient Group, which was one of the first cannabis dispensaries to ever open in California, Amanda has since taken her passion and knowledge and thrown herself into research for cannabis as a treatment for addiction!

Amanda’s dedication to the research and science behind the plant is what she believes will be the driving force for more women to do the same. Amanda firmly believes that women are an integral part of the research into cannabis, and has gone on to lecture on the subject of drug and alcohol policy, substance abuse treatment, and sexuality and social work.

Amanda is one of the most well known and experienced female researchers with regard to cannabis being used as a potential treatment for addiction, and this along along with her policy change influence easily makes her one of the most influential women in the industry!

Emily Paxhia

Previously a brand consultant and market researcher for some big-name clients like American Express, Emily moved on to join her brother in the founding of one of the first (and only) investment funds dedicated strictly to the cannabis industry.

Founded in 2013, Poseidon Asset Management has grown to a large scale with the firm now overlooking more than 25 cannabis-focused portfolio companies across a range of diverse sectors.

With her passion that lies within the cannabis marketplace, Emily has also formed strong relationships with other like-minded business individuals in an effort to spread overall awareness about the healing potential of the herb.

Also, as a member of the board of directors for the Marijuana Policy Project, Emily’s work collaborating and educating other powerful businesses has allowed for a widespread understanding of the wonderful plant that is marijuana.

Final Thoughts on Women in the Cannabis Industry

In a largely male-dominated space, these five women have all done something unique and vital for the overall progression of cannabis.

While we continue to strive for universal understanding, individuals such as these are making positive changes in terms of legislation, finance, business, and scientific research. We can only hope that in the future, more strong and courageous women will put their stamp on this hugely up and coming industry.