Can CBD Oil Go Bad? (Tips for Maximizing Shelf Life)

Keep your CBD oil fresh and potent

All around you, it appears as though the power of CBD is taking the nation by storm. This is mainly thanks to its natural potential to treat various ailments, along with all of CBD’s positive health benefits. If you’re thinking of using CBD oil and wish to get the most out of your purchase, you probably have a lot of questions, like “can CBD oil go bad?”

Using CBD oil before the expiration date will give you the best possible results. You will be able to get the full benefits without worrying about other health concerns or problems that arise when products expire. Expired CBD oil will sometimes taste bad, but it could also be home to bacteria and mold if you wait too long past the expiration date to use the product.

Properly caring for your CBD oil products will help preserve the cannabinoid content and quality of other natural constituents. Just like any other medicine or supplement, CBD oil has a shelf life during which its potency stays at optimal levels. In this article, we will take a closer look at the shelf life of CBD oil and how to maximize the shelf life.

The Average Shelf Life of CBD Oil

Generally, the average shelf life of CBD oil is thought to range between 14 months and two years. But in reality, determining the shelf life of any CBD product is not that simple. How long CBD oil will last depends on numerous factors. These can range from the packaging and storage of the final product to the quality of starting materials that were used for the product.

While some extracts and infusions may experience quality degradation over a short time span, others may stay usable and fresh indefinitely. How long it takes to go through a bottle of CBD oil will vary drastically between users. How often it’s used and the serving size can be very different for each person, depending on what they’re using it for.

Taking proper care of your CBD oil will help to maintain its freshness and improve the shelf life. But it’s also important to keep in mind that the type of CBD oil or brand that you buy will affect how long it lasts for.

If you still have your bottle of CBD oil after two years, it’s generally recommended that you replace it, just because the oil may start to taste rancid.

Does CBD Oil Go Bad?

Just in case it’s not yet clear, yes CBD oil can go bad. But by purchasing a high-quality product and storing it properly, it should be good for at least 12 months.

Just like the nutrients found in food, the cannabinoids inside the oil degrade over time. This degradation of the cannabinoids isn’t dangerous or toxic, but it does cause the oil to be less effective.

Essentially, the active ingredients in the oil become ineffective and they no longer do what they are supposed to.

If you use CBD oil on a regular basis, you will probably run out of oil before you ever have to worry about its expiration. But regardless of how often you use your CBD oil, it’s still good to know how to properly store it to ensure that it remains as effective as possible while you’re using it.

Tips for Maximizing the Shelf Life of CBD Oil

Now, you are probably wondering what you can do to maximize the shelf life of your CBD oil. When stored properly, you can expect high-quality CBD oil to retain its potency for up to two years.

The biggest perceived enemies of CBD oil are light, heat, and exposure to air. Each of these elements facilitates the degradation of terpenes and cannabinoids and will enhance the process by which the concentrates change.

Like many therapeutic and food products, the perfect location to store your CBD oil is in a dry, cool, and dark place – like a pantry.

Here are the top tips for maximizing the shelf life of your CBD oil.

  1. Store Your CBD Oil Away from Heat

Heat can break down the molecules found in CBD oil. For this reason, you should avoid letting your CBD oil get hot by storing it in a climate-controlled environment. You need to make sure that the bottle isn’t stored near an oven, stove, or any other appliance that generates heat.

If you carry your CBD oil with you in your vehicle, be sure not to leave it inside. We all know how hot the inside of a car can become, especially in the summer.

  1. Store Your CBD Oil in Darkness

Light can break down many of the chemical compounds including cannabinoids. Also, light can alter the taste of the oil. Avoid storing your CBD oil near a window that receives sunlight or in a cabinet that is located near to appliances that produce heat.

Many brands now bottle their CBD oil in amber color bottles in order to shield light from the contents.

You can extend the shelf life of your CBD oil by storing it in a dark environment. A closed cupboard or pantry or even a basement is the ideal place to store your CBD for minimizing exposure to light and temperature regulation.

  1. Limit Exposure to Air

Just like with heat and light, exposure to air can also degrade the quality of your CBD oil. To avoid this problem, simply keep your CBD oil in its original bottle and be sure to tighten the cap properly when you’re finished using it.

If for some reason you need to transfer the oil to a new container, make sure that the container is securely sealed, airtight, and protected from light.

  1. Avoid Refrigerating and Freezing

Your fridge may seem like the perfect place to store your CBD oil since it’s a dark and cool place. In fact, you will come across various articles that suggest storing CBD oil in your refrigerator. However, storing it in a near-freezing environment can cause the oil to thicken, which will make it difficult to dispense from the dropper.

Freezing your CBD oil is also a bad idea, for one reason: Thawing. Once frozen, it can be difficult to restore the CBD oil to a uniform consistency. You might be left with a slushy mess rather than a smooth, easy-to-consume oil.

Final Thoughts on Whether CBD Oil Can Go Bad

Does CBD oil go bad? The answer is yes. But there are several ways that you can maximize the shelf life. Taking careful and proper care of your CBD oil will make a big difference in terms of its longevity and potency. Be sure to use these tips to store your CBD in a place that will help to preserve its constituents.